Amir Mansour: "If you look at my knockouts, guys are leaving the ring on a stretcher!"
Amir Mansour: "If you look at my knockouts, guys are leaving the ring on a stretcher!"
By Michael Carpenter Harris II, (Interview from Jenna Jay) Doghouse Boxing (Nov 18, 2012)

“Hardcore” Amir Mansour

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"Hardcore" Amir Mansour is a 40 year old undefeated heavyweight southpaw, who hits as hard in both hands as the ten years hard time he did between 2001 and 2010 for felony drug possession. Ten years of hard time in prison was not enough to tame this hardcore beast who once released, went on a seven fight rampage knocking out six of his seven opponents. Dominick Guinn being his only opponent to survive to hear the final bell.

"Hardcore" held the NABO heavyweight title, now held by Seth Mitchell (*Editor's note: Yesterday night, Mitchell lost his fight to Johnathon Banks - Jenna's interview was conducted before last night's fight), before he had to vacate due to a probation violation. And as Amir Mansour told the prolific Jenna J. of OnTheRopesBoxingRadio fame, he wants his title back! “I think he (Seth Mitchell) is eventually going to have to fight me. He’s got the title but he didn’t beat the champ for the title.” stated Amir. “I still have the WBF Intercontinental title. I plan on defending that title early January and then after that I may fight Michael Grant for the WBF world title, but I really don’t know. I would rather fight Seth Mitchell.”

Amir also took the opportunity to highlight his knockout power, “I can end a fight in any round, and I have punching power in both hands. What’s missing in the heavyweight division and the reason why I was able to go from zero to the top ten in the world within twelve months is because I was giving boxing people something that this division has been lacking, which is serious, hard hitting knockouts.”

Hardcore Mansour also took time to address what he thought about Seth Mitchell’s punching power, “Seth Mitchell is one they are portraying to be a hard hitting knockout artist but I don’t think he has ever fought or knocked out anybody notable.”

Amir continued, “If you look at my knockouts, guys are leaving the ring on a stretcher. They are not getting up at the ten count, or called off leaning on the ropes, these guys are going to sleep! So, I know I have extraordinary power.”

For all the critics of Amir Mansour regarding his age, he had this to say in reply, “What normally burns a fighter out at this age, it’s because they had such a long amateur career, then they been in all these wars throughout their career and in the gym and I haven’t had that disadvantage. Anybody want to test me in speed and power we can do it.”

Amir summed it all up to Jenna by stating, “I’m just genetically gifted.” Jenna also got some insight on the strategy that Amir  Mansour would utilize if he were to face the heavyweight juggernauts’ who are the Klitschko brothers, “I would fight either one of them the same way. I would stay in their chest. I wouldn’t let them use their reach against me and I would just beat’em. Beat’em to the body, arms and head, and once I start going upstairs in the later rounds I believe I could stop either one of ‘em.”

Before ending his conversation, Amir had one more statement toward Seth Mitchell when asked about his eagerness to face the reigning NABO champion, “I would really love that fight. Of course I would love that fight. I don’t think HBO or Golden Boy would allow Seth to fight me. We wanted to fight Seth for the NABO title but they didn’t want to fight us for the title, and then once I won the title and I had to vacate it, they didn’t see a problem fighting for it then when I was out the picture. I would love to see that fight. Skill-wise and conditioning-wise, I don’t think he has a chance against me.”

Hardcore Amir Mansour is as hard and as confident as his name implies, and when he returns to the ring next year he intends to make a major splash.

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