Interview with Prince Badi : There is No one Like Roy Jones Jr.
By Mike Casile, PBR (July 22, 2006)
Prince Badi "The Boxing Prince" Ajamu (25-2 14KO’s, 1 DRAW), is in a unique position. If he beats Roy Jones Jr. On July 29th, he will end the career, of one of the most dynamic fighters, in the history of boxing. He sees himself as a versatile fighter that can adapt on a dime, and the “Prince “from Camden Nj. is looking to be King.

PBR: Do you need to smother his speed, the same way Antonio Tarver did?

It depends on what kind of fight he fights, I honestly don’t know. I never fought anybody in his position. He is coming off three losses, I’m sure he is going to take something from each loss.

PBR: You seem like a decent puncher, do you think you rely on your punch too much

I am a well rounded fighter; I feel I am peaking at this point in my career

PBR: Has Roy had anything derogatory to say about you?

NO, he has been very cordial, very nice.

PBR: Do you wish he would? Does that give a fighter something extra?

I have all I need.

PBR: Who have you fought, that you can compare to a “Roy Jones”, is there any other fighter, you can pull something from?

There is nobody like Roy Jones. I would say nobody.

PBR: IS this whole situation overwhelming for you?

I haven’t regarded it as such, up until you asked the question. (chuckle)

PBR: You have said this fight is devoted to your grandfather’s first cousin Floyd Patterson, do you feel that the emotion of that statement gives you something extra?

Well, you need all you can get against Roy, but it’s true, I am fighting for him, and all the fighters from the Philly area who never got here.

PBR: Good Luck, and give him one for the Fighting City of Philadelphia


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Prince Badi is promoted by Silverhawk Boxing, managed by Rider Boxing, and trained by Buddy McGirt. For more information about Prince Badi to

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