The Mayweather's Need a Message... Enough is Enough!
By Mike Cassell (Sept 24, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
The following is commentary by Mike Cassell / The Philadelphia Boxing Report /Fighting City radio show. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of  DoghouseBoxing.

By Mike Cassell: Contrary to what is said, undefeated welterweight phenom and self described pound for pound king Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. loves being in the spotlight. The whole “love me daddy” routine is so inexplicably
obvious, as he wrestles, dances with the stars, and makes a total ass of himself on the Emmy winning HBO sports documentary show 24/7. And when nobody wants to film him, his own racist hate filled internet video blogs. He seems to despise the very people and organizations that he desperately needs to get the attention his daddy Floyd Mayweather Sr. obviously never gave him. In the twisted and often confused world according to Floyd “Money” Mayweather... the media lies, HBO is racist and Bob Arum is a pimp. Yet he feeds the media daily with his own brand of racism, he fights on HBO exclusively making more money than any fighter alive, and he negotiates with Bob Arum (Top Rank) to make the biggest payday of his life, and possibly in the history of boxing. The sporting public sometime confuses our athletes with people who may be enlightened intellectually. Although it may be the case for a very chosen few, most athletes just run, jump, tackle, throw or punch really well. They do not necessarily have the mental capacity to communicate to the masses verbally. Do we actually care what Brett Favre has to say? Or do we want to watch him throw a football? Floyd "Money" Mayweather’s twisted ideal he has created for himself is about a million miles from what he actually is. He isn’t a talented personality. He is a really good fighter. He needs to understand that he doesn’t have the ability to capture the public interests dancing, acting, wrestling or singing. The only thing they want from him is to be fighting, which he doesn’t really seem to want to do. I think once he is able to get past his own warped image, he will be able to move forward as a great fighter. That is, if he doesn’t do anything stupid like getting arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend and stealing her cell phone. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
Burning down the house
In the movie scent of a woman, Al Pacino had one of the greatest lines ever in the history of cinema. “If I were the same man I was 5 years ago, I’d take a flame thrower to this place!” Great line, but its ironically backwards for Mayweather Jr. If he were the same man he was five years ago, he would be with Bob Arum, and he would fight the best fighters in the world. In 2010, he seems to be just… Well…... taking a flame thrower to this place! For all his talk and incoherent rambling, he doesn’t seem to really want to do what everybody else wants to pay to see him do, and that’s fight. He asked for Olympic style blood testing from Manny Pacquiao as he outright accused him of doping in the media. He claimed that he is going to clean up boxing, which is about as likely as Lindsay Lohan skipping Oktoberfest. After a circus of media trash and lawsuits filed, Manny agreed to testing, but then something strange happened. "Money" Mayweather disappeared, and reappeared with Don King. Yes, I said it. Don King. The arch nemesis of Bob Arum, and of course one of the more credible and honest promoters in boxing. Now, I didn’t go to M.I.T, but I don’t think even the brightest rocket scientist can solve that mystery. Either Bob Arum is really really bad, or Don King is altruistic and really really misunderstood, or Floyd Mayweather Jr is just incredibly stupid. Mayweather, 33, is keeping a low profile in Las Vegas since prosecutors slapped four felony charges on the fighter after a domestic dispute with his longtime on-and-off girlfriend and the mother of two of his children, Josie Harris, allegedly turned very bad .

Mayweather, 33, is keeping a low profile in Las Vegas since prosecutors slapped four felony charges on the fighter after a domestic dispute with his longtime on-and-off girlfriend and the mother of two of his children, Josie Harris, allegedly turned very bad.

Do the right thing.

Mayweather and his uncle/trainer, Roger Mayweather, are scheduled to appear in court to face separate felony domestic violence charges that, if found guilty, could land them in jail for a very long time. Roger Mayweather, who is 49, goes on trial in October on charges that he punched and choked a female boxer in a Las Vegas apartment. But no matter what happens, everyone still wants to see the “big” fight. We all want to see Manny and Floyd put them on and lay it down. The president of HBO sports will be waiting like a lap dog for the Mayweather trial to end and the media will follow every minute of it, for all the wrong reasons. The only positive thing that this trial and saga should shine some light on, is that women are being abused in this country by athletes who believe their talent should give them a pass. Michael Vick was involved in doing some horrible things to pit bulls. I know his behavior was erroneous and wrong, but he was treated like he was the head commandant at Auschwitz by the media and fans alike. Can’t lose that advertising, can we? But in world of PPV, there are no advertisers to worry about. Vick lost all his money, his reputation and a paying job that would make his children’s children live like kings. In this Mayweather mess we have a case of two men, raised the same way, with the same attitudes toward women, who allegedly beat them when they do not get their way. Michael Vick was a pariah, who had to beg society for another chance. What will these two thugs get for their alleged brutality toward women?

We need to ask Ross Greenburg, the president of HBO sports how beating women might affect the PPV numbers? Thank GOD Mayweather didn’t train and abuse pit bulls. Then he would really be in trouble. Greenburg is a nice enough guy, but he should send a message. Let’s face it, he is the closest thing to Roger Goodell (NFL commissioner) that boxing has. He decides what fighters get the big money and become superstars. If Mayweather Jr is found guilty and gets off with a slap on the wrist, Greenburg should grow some, and ban him from HBO. Boxing gets beat up for doing all the wrong things. Let’s put substance over symbolism this time. Make Mayweather and his Uncle Roger work their way back if either is found guilty. Let’s show as much concern for treatment of women, as we do for the treatment of our pets, no matter the cost.
I want to see Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather as much as the next guy, but not enough to lose my soul. How about you Mr. Greenburg?

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