Interview with Roger Mayweather Sr - On Floyd Jr, Boxing, plus the Next Mayweather in Line and Much More!
By Chip Mitchell, Doghouse Boxing (March 9, 2010)  
I had a chance to ask Roger Mayweather a few questions in Washington, DC at the Lincoln Theater. The house was packed as part of the promotional tour for “Who R U Picking?” the battle between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and “Sugar” Shane Mosley on May 1st.

Chip Mitchell: Roger, for the past few years Naazim Richardson has been mentioned as a trainer of the year candidate. My question to you is.....

Roger Mayweather: (cutting in)... Man, look man. Don’t even ask me about nobody coming close to me. I do that sh-- with my eyes closed. I do more with mother------s with my eyes closed. I’m not worried that sh--. Don’t even ask me about another dude.

Chip Mitchell: Okay, let me go another route with this. You are an unofficial boxing historian. Let me ask you a question about Charley Burley. How...

Roger Mayweather:
(cutting in)... Charley Burley is one of the greatest fighters ever. I know about Charley Burley. Charley Burley beat Archie Moore. But he lost to Ezzard Charles. But he still would have whooped the #1 to the #10 heavyweight in the world.

Chip Mitchell: My question is how would Lil Floyd have fared against Burley?

Roger Mayweather: Aww it would be a difficult fight. He’s a great fighter! You talking about a guy fighting at 154 pounds fighting mother------s 200 pounds. Aww sh-- man, that’s one of the greatest fighters ever.

Chip Mitchell: Okay, now to the task at hand. Many experts believe Shane Mosley has the speed and power to dethrone Lil Floyd. What is your response to that?

Roger Mayweather:
I ain’t never seen power win fights. Skills win fights. SKILLS win fights. My nephew is the most skilled mother------ out there in the sport of boxing. Shane got skills too. But he’s got different types of skills. Shane’s a great fighter. Shane’s a good puncher. But you still gotta find something to hit. He ain’t gonna hit on my nephew like he hit on them Mexicans.

Chip Mitchell: Who are your favorite fighters, past and present?

Roger Mayweather:
Greatest fighters in my time?

Chip Mitchell: Sure, in your time is fine.

Roger Mayweather:
The greatest fighters come from my hometown. Period. You know who that is right?

Chip Mitchell: Midwest. Joe Louis. Guys like that.

Roger Mayweather:
Who else?

Chip Mitchell: Uhh, Ray...

Roger Mayweather:
(cutting in)... Ray Robinson, Aaron Pryor, Ezzard Charles. The greatest fighters come from where I’m from.

Chip Mitchell: During some 24/7 episodes, we’ve seen your son lace them up and...

Roger Mayweather:
(cutting in)... He LOVES boxing!

Chip Mitchell: (cutting back in)... Is your son next in line?

Roger Mayweather:
He loves boxing. So I mean unless he decides to do something else he’s going to be a fighter too. I’m trying to teach him the right things. He already knows about boxing. But we got to keep adding things to it and adding things to it. As long as we keep adding to it, he’s gonna be okay.

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