Ken Shamrock: “I’d fight Frank if I was in a wheelchair”
Interview by Matthew Degonzaque and Nate Edwards (May 30, 2008) Doghouse Boxing
Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with MMA legend Ken Shamrock for a one-on-one to touch ground on various subjects, including the new Lion's Den opening up in Arizona, his current lawsuit with the UFC and the bad blood and possible future match up between him and his brother Frank. Shamrock who is coming off of a recent loss to Robert Berry at Cage Rage 25, gave Matt excellent insight into his future and what he hopes to still accomplish in the sport of MMA. This interview is a Doghouseboxing/Primesportsnetwork collaboration.

MD: Today for our first guest in our shows history we are talking to a true pioneer in our sport who has been around since its inception over a decade ago. If you look up some of the most watched and highest grossing fights of all-time you will see this man's name consistently. He is a former world champion and has fought some of the biggest names in the history of the sport. Fight fans I am proud to bring to you todays guest 'The World's Most Dangerous Man' Ken Shamrock.

Thanks for having me on and thanks for the introduction.

MD: No problem, you deserve it.


MD: Let’s go over some of the recent events that have gone on in your career. Most notably you recently filed a lawsuit against your former employer the UFC for breach of contract after they released you after your
third fight with Tito Ortiz in October of 2006. Can you tell us first off why you decided to sue and what you hope to accomplish with this lawsuit?'

Well first of all, I really can't talk much about it because we are in the middle of it and anything that is said can be used against me or for me, but its definitely been filed and I can give you the reason, they did not obligate their contract so that's that. We are gonna be in court and once we get into it and get the just of it out of the way then we can talk a little bit more about it but until then I've gotta decline to talk about it because it could hurt me.

MD: Can you tell us what your current relationship is with UFC President Dana White? Are you still on speaking terms?

No, I did try to text him a few months ago trying to put this behind us its business you know, and tried to keep that friendship alive somehow or another and come to some agreement, but I think Dana is too caught up in his business and himself, so I don't believe that right at this point and time that Dana White cares to talk to me or even have anything to do with me.

MD: Before you were released from your contract with the UFC last summer, there were rumors going around that you were supposed to fight Michael Bisping in London. How accurate were those rumors?

As far as I was concerned they were very accurate. Thats what I planned on, that is what was offered and that's that. I don't know what the deal was but again that is something I can't get too much into because obviously that is going to be part of what we are going to court on.

MD: Alright, well there are some other things I want to talk about as well. In recent news you have had a little bit of a war of words with your brother Frank Shamrock and lately it seems you have both shown an interest in fighting each other. After Frank's recent loss to Cung Le overall how much is there a chance that a fight with you and your brother will take place?

I think that will be something that will be worked out definitely. I mean its not about winning or losing anymore, its about fighting fights that I want to fight and Frank has made it over and over again with his disrespect towards me and the family that had raised him and helped him become who he is today. So as long as Frank keeps expressing that and keeps on expressing the will to fight me I am definitely open to it. Just because he lost to Cung Le makes no difference to me I'll still put a fist in his face.

MD: Do you guys have any idea when the fight might take place? I remember Frank said there is a good chance that it will take place at the beginning of 2009. Is that accurate at all?

Well I'm sure Frank is going to push it back as far as he can maybe he will wait until I'm 50 that way atleast he will have a chance.

MD: So the fight really does have a chance of taking place, it hasn't all just been hype?

Absolutely, I'd fight him if I was in a wheelchair and I'd still win.

MD: (Laughs) 'It would definitely be interesting to see. What weight would that take place? At 205?

Yeah, we would meet at the middle because I walk around at about 220lbs and Frank walks around at probably 200lbs so it makes sense for us to meet at the middle that way neither of us have to strain to get to a weight.

MD: If you don't get the Frank Shamrock fight are you going to continue to fight at heavyweight or do you plan on going back down to 205 in the near future?

No, I haven't thought anything about that. Right now I am at the end of my career so I am going to take fights that make sense and enjoy myself. So this fight makes sense and I would definitely enjoy it.

MD: There is another thing I'd really like to talk about that is really important to the sport, Arizona has recently passed legislation sanctioning Mixed Martial Arts events can you tell us your role and how big it was in continuing the success of MMA sanctioning across the country?

Yeah, myself and Bill McFarlin along with Rob Donahue and a few others have had meetings several times because we are opening a camp down there with Scott Peters. Being there with the gym and all we wanted to be able to promote fights to help promote the gym so we met with the chief of staff Victor Ritchie and the commissioner John Montano. In order for us to come to these guys to tell them how it would benefit them and how it would fit into Scottsdale, Arizona you gotta bring up numbers, you gotta bring up how the events can bring money into the town, how it would be good for the community, and those are all things that we put together as a scope of what it would do for Arizona, When we did that the athletic commission and the Governor all approved of seeing the things we want to do for Arizona by putting the event on and the things Arizona can do for the event. It just seemed to be wanted there because there are so many schools there and people want to see something more professional. You have Edwin Dewees and a couple others like Don Frye who come from Arizona in which they don't have a professional event so we wanted to bring that to Arizona with having a gym there. So far it looks like its passed, the Governor signed it and its passed and were gonna be there and we were very much instrumental in making that happen.

MD: Last question Ken before we sign off, is there anything else you would like to tell your fans out there?

I just appreciate over the years with the good times and the bad times that the fans have supported me, we've been through it thick and thin and I really appreciate it and God Bless. Hopefully I will be back in the ring soon fighting in a big fight and I've loved it, I appreciate the fans most of all.

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Big thanks go out to 'Big Dog' Benny Henderson and Melissa Ingram for getting us the contacts and interview with Ken Shamrock.

Interview transcribed by DHB Writer Nate Edwards.

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