The Real Bite on Mayweather-Mosley: The Doghouse Boxing Staff’s Fight Predictions!
Compiled By Brandon Estrict (May 1, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Chee, DHB)  
Rob Scott, Emcevents/Doghouse Boxing:

With Shane, the fight isn't over until it's over. Floyd should be wary until the final bell and never rest. Unlike Clottey, Shane will embrace this opportunity, and capitalize when, and if, he can.

I predict the winner will look good in doing whatever they do. In other words, if Floyd wins, I see him out boxing Mosley...and looking good doing it. If Shane wins, I see him landing that shot that will change/win the fight...and him looking good doing it. I don't see a close fight. Whoever is on their A-game will win. Many think Mosley can't muster up an A-game that rivals Floyd's at this stage in the game, but believe me, he can shock the world. The same for those who doubt Mayweather; he can shine, and this is his opportunity to silence many of his nay-sayers.

Bottom line: whoever wins deserves more credit than will be given. On this night may the best man win; but also on this night, the winner, especially if won in spectacular fashion, should be considered the best welterweight in the world....because in no way will it be handed, they damn sure will have earned it.

Who do I pick? Us, as the viewers, because this is going to be a great fight.

Danny Serratelli, Doghouse Boxing/Brick City Boxing:

This fight is an exciting tactical match up if the best "Sugar" Shane Mosley steps into the ring this evening. Older fighters who have been around and have been in many tough fights have a tendency to over train or show up on and off. Despite the fact that he looked like a speed demon against Margarito, he could have done that at 70%, and against Floyd he will need 110%. However, Shane has fought the higher level of opposition, has proved he can overcome adversity and at his best, like “Money” Mayweather, is also an A level fighter.

Early the fight will be a chess match, but Shane must win early rounds. It will be very difficult to mount a comeback against a fast defensive fighter like Floyd. If Shane is up or even by the midway point he will force Floyd to fight late. If Shane is desperate late Mayweather will control the 2nd half of the fight. My bet is that Shane wants this so bad and that he and Naazim have a plan. I predict a close fight where both fighters have their moments and believe they did enough to win at the final bell, but Shane’s determination and controlled aggression is enough to tilt the decision in his favor by the narrowest of margins.

Shane Mosley by close decision

John Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing:

In the early going the fight will be very competitive as Money tries to figure out Sugar. Shane will have some good moments, he needs to be very aggressive and back up Floyd and fire. I can see him connecting more than some of Mayweather's other opponents, so Money’s chin will be tested. That’s the only way I believe Shane can win, by knocking out Floyd...and I wouldn't be shocked if he did!

But common sense tells me that around the 7th or 8th round Mayweather will take over with his slickness and razor sharp ability. He will win most of the later rounds and cruise to a close decison victory.

Floyd Mayweather by close decision

Coyote Duran, Editor-Max Boxing/CD Creation Nation:

I’m not on board with the thought that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is entirely untouchable. If you have that “O” and you stick around Our Sport long enough, odds are good you’re gonna lose it, sooner or later. To date, Mayweather has never faced a fighter like Mosley, therefore has no idea how to deal with a fighter like Mosley. You wanna know how Mosley has netted three losses? He fought guys who posed him a risk. Vernon Forrest, Winky Wright and Miguel Cotto- all contemporaries that “Sugar Shane” took the risk in facing. In Mosley, Mayweather is now facing his own version of Forrest, Wright and Cotto. Now it’s really time to step up. I see Mosley eating through Mayweather’s timing and connecting with right hands when others frequently couldn’t, thanks to a heaping helping of jabs setting up the upstairs work. This is Mosley’s fight to win and he’ll do it by at least a split decision.

Shane Mosley by split-decision

Anthony Cocks, Editor-Doghouse Boxing:

Tough fight to pick, but I'm leaning towards Mosley.  If De La Hoya can trouble Mayweather with a jab and workrate alone, and Judah can give him fits with his handspeed, I think Mosley can outhustle and outmuscle Mayweather over the distance.  Give me Mosley by close decision in a fight where Mayweather's accurate but conservative punch output costs him the fight.

Shane Mosley by close decision

Bob Carroll, Doghouse Boxing/Co-host of Big Dog Radio:

This fight is the matchup of two very savvy boxers. At times, the build up of a fight like this can be the best part, as the two fighters believe the hype of each other, then play it safe. I do not think this will be that type of fight. Floyd Mayweather knows that there is a lot of money and fame on the line with a win over Shane Mosley. A loss will cost him a drop in money and status against Manny Pacquiao. Shane on the other hand is still trying to stay on top of the sport and prove that he is the match-up that would make more sense against Pacquiao.

The fight will be a slow pace through the first two rounds, with Mosley taking the edge, counterpunching being the difference. In the mid rounds the fight will start to open up and Mayweather may start to feel a bit comfortable. That is where the mistakes will start for Floyd. Mayweather will start to feel he can stay on pace and try to be fancy. The more experienced Mosley will start landing on Mayweather and begin to dominate the fight. Mayweather, never being that seriously dominated in a fight, will start to try to slug with Mosley. Mosley will see the Mayweather guard coming down and bring the pain.

In the end, a bloodied Mayweather will either be stopped in the the championship rounds (11-12) or will lose to Mosley by UD.

Shane Mosley late TKO

Brandon Estrict, Doghouse Boxing/Garden State Fight Scene

You can take Shane Mosley’s five losses right now, throw them in a pillow case, slam them against the wall a few times, and chuck them as far as you can. They mean nothing in this fight. The men he lost to were either bigger and longer than he was and had a great jab (Vernon Forrest), bigger and stronger with a great, authoritative jab(Winky Wright), or heavy handed and could match him for strength (Miguel Cotto, who many feel he actually earned the decision against).

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t fit into any of those categories, save for maybe the jab. Floyd, when he decides to employ it, does have a very sharp jab.

Not only that, when guys get up to fight Floyd Mayweather, the same way guys get up to play Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, or Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. They’re competitors by profession and know they’re on the big stage with all eyes on them when they’re in with the best. I’m predicting that we will see the best Shane Mosley that we’ve seen in many years, if not ever. They say every veteran fighter has a great fight left in him.

That said, it won’t be enough. One thing Mayweather does have in abundance, that those other guys that beat Shane didn’t (as much), is speed. Something Shane Mosley has always struggled with, even going back to his early days when a guy by the name of Stevie Johnston use to give him fits in training for the Olympics in 1992. Sort of the same way Karl Dargan is reportedly giving Shane everything he can handle and then some in preparation for this fight.

I see Mayweather, relishing the opportunity to stick it to his detractors, putting on the performance of his career. As Larry Merchant once pointed out, “he’s always come up his biggest, in his biggest fights.” Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo II, Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, and Ricky Hatton were the trial horses. I felt he beat Oscar much more cleanly than many others believe, but I won’t use that fight as I felt he could’ve done much more. Safe money says Floyd by unanimous decision, but if he goes to the body and presses the attack as he’s promised, don’t be shocked if Floyd becomes the first man to stop the future Hall-of-Famer Mosley.

Floyd Mayweather by UD

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