Interview with Lance “Mount” Whitaker
By Rahmon Ford, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 21, 2009)  
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing current Heavyweight contender Lance Whitaker (33-5-1) 27kos. Whitaker prepares to fight Mathew Ellis Friday night, August 21, 2009, at the Performing Arts Center in Redondo Beach, California.

RF: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you before your fight. How’s training going for you?

Training has been going good. I’ve got good sparring, about 60 rounds or so. I’ve been working on my jab, my cardio. Training has been good.

RF: What do you know about Mathew Ellis?

Um, he has two arms and legs! (Laughs) All I know is that I’ve worked on my jab and combos, and that I won’t look for the knockout, but if it comes, it comes.

RF: Back in 2001, you lost a close, competitive fight to Jameel McCline, who went on to fight for a championship. That was almost eight years ago. Do you feel you’ve matured as fighter since then?

Yeah, I’ve definitely matured over the years. In that fight, my weight was a big factor for me. I was under weight. Now I’m more disciplined, but yeah, I’ve definitely matured since then.

RF: Back in 2005, you lost to Sultan Ibragimov, who went on to win a portion of the Heavyweight crown. You didn’t fight again for over two years. What happened? Would you like a rematch?

I was just relaxing and taking some time off, that’s all. I was just resting up, but I didn’t retire. Only if there’s something to gain would I want to fight him again. Is he ranked? Does he have a belt? What does he have?

RF: Out of your five losses (2 by Ko) How many do you feel were incorrectly scored?

Lou Savarese. The count was extra long, bout 22 seconds after I knocked him down. The ref, Steve Smoger helped him.

RF: What were some of your childhood boxing heroes growing up? What got you into boxing?

I liked Sugar Ray, Ali, and George Foremen. I like the individual sport part of it, the one on one part of it.

RF: Describe your fighting style to those readers who may have never seen you fight.

I’m a boxer/puncher. More of a puncher!

RF: Given the current state of the Heavyweight division, do you think you can fight for, and win a belt?

Oh yeah, sure! All I have to do is keep fighting and winning. Then fight someone in the top ten.

RF: Why did you change your name to “Goofi”, may I ask?

That was just publicity!(laughs) It was just for the publicity.

RF: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers and your fans?

Mount Whitaker is BACK!! You’ll see something different this time. You’ll see more combos, a better jab, better conditioning, and more aggressiveness. I’d like to also thank my team: Bill Marshall, my fitness trainer, Mike Wood, my strength trainer, “The Machine” Bruce, and my driver Mr. Wallace Grissette.

RF: Thank you and good luck!


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