Matthysse Sends Corley Down Nine Times, Wins Regional Title
By German Villasenor (Jan 23, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
In the main event of the Golden Boy Promotions/Arano Box-Telefutura/HBO PLUS-televised main event on Friday night, once-defeated super lightweight Lucas Matthysse, 28-1 (26), put up an impressive display of liver shots to former WBO world champion, DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley, 37-16-1 (22), sending him down nine times in eight rounds on Friday night at the Polideportivo, Vicente Polimeni in Mendoza Argentina.

Coming off a controversial loss at the hands of Zab Judah, Matthysse fought carefully in the first round, with Corley coming forward, getting off first with clean shots early in the first round, with the Argentinean managing to cut Corley underneath his right eye.

Matthysse received a warning for holding Corley's head and punching in the second round, as well as repeated spinning of his opponent.

Matthysse worked the body well, with quick, hard shots, as the 36-year old Corley did his best to stand and trade with the younger man.

The Argentinean kept working Corley's body, staying in close and wearing him down throughout the next couple of rounds, mixing in some straying low blows along with the legal ones at the end of the fourth frame.

A left to the body put Corley in serious trouble, nearly sending him down at the onset of the fifth. A follow-up three-punch combo, with the last two to the body, forced Corley to take a knee, with a bleeding nose added to the injuries.

Corley went down once more at the end of the round, courtesy of another vicious left blow to the body. He beat the count and was saved by the bell.

Corley began throwing wide shots, trying to stay far away, with Matthysse closing the gap, landing jolting shots and forcing the former champion to hold in spots. Corley would go down once more via another left hook to the body. After getting up, Corley would nearly go down once more as Matthysse kept digging in with wicked body shots.

Corley went down once more, taking some head shots in the corner at the onset of the seventh frame.

Matthysse sent Corley down again with a borderline liver/back shot moments later. Corley would drop again near the end of the round via another body blow.

The very game Corley went down to a knee again in the eight, as Matthysse landed a shot to the pit of the stomach, then push down on his back, to which Corley complained.

Another hook to the liver sent Corley down again against the ropes.

The fight was finally stopped as Matthysse threw another shot, missing, with Corley slipping on the end of the ring as referee Herman Guajardo waved off the bout.

With the win, Matthysse takes the vacant WBO intercontinental super lightweight title.

Tapia Stops Barboza in Wild, Foul-Filled Slugfest in Four

In a battle of fellow Argentinean super featherweights, Pablo Barboza, 13-1 (7), came out like the proverbial bat out of hell, landing wide shots from the southpaw stance, cracking Claudio Tapia, 19-10-4 (6) occasionally, as Tapia slid along the ropes.

Tapia turned the tables very late in the opening round, catching the herky-jerky and hyperactive Barboza with a left hand high atop the head, staggering him momentarily.

Barboza was given a very stern warning for several low blows landed in the second frame.

The southpaw came out charging again in the following round, nailing Tapia several times with hard shots to the face, chasing down him down and adding headbutts to his repertoire.

Another hard low blow forced referee Francisco Wolfart’s hand, taking a point away from Tapia, to no avail. Upon re-engaging in battle, another Tapia shot landed low, with the third man in the ring breaking the action. Tapia went down once more from a blatant low blow, resulting in a point off Barboza’s total. (Curiously, the referee forced Tapia to get on with the fight, ignoring the five-minute break rule for a fallen fighter to get back in the fight. Is this something that goes on in Argentina only?).

During the televised replay, one of the low blows landed was shown to have been a legal shot on the pit of the stomach.

As if Tapia had had enough, firing straight shots away and putting up his shots together, the fighter sent Barboza down hard on his back in the fourth. Upon regaining the vertical, Barboza advanced throwing wild shots. As Tapia remained composed, he would land several uppercuts and a glancing right cross to the head, sending Barboza down to the canvas once more in the round.

Barboza failed to beat the count.

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