Is Floyd Mayweather More Hype than Fight at this Stage of His Career?
Is Floyd Mayweather More Hype than Fight at this Stage of His Career?
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 7, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Floyd Mayweather
Floyd “Money” Mayweather, 43-0 (26), is 35 years old with 4 fights in the last 5 years. He hasn’t fought out of Las Vegas in his last 8 fights with only American referees. We all know what happened in the Victor Ortiz fight.

Mayweather knows how to pick his fights and who to avoid. Ask Paul Williams and Antonio Margarito who tried to get a fight with Mayweather. If it were not for a “Las Vegas” decision back in April of 2002 Jose Luis Castillo would have given Mayweather his first loss. He paid for it in the re-match.

Remember how Zab Judah made Mayweather look foolish for the first 4 rounds? How about the De la Hoya fight? Oscar was ahead 4-3 when he “decided” not to throw the jab again? Larry Merchant questioned him in the ring about it and Oscar said “it was really working good wasn’t it Larry?” The late, great Manny Steward replied to that at ringside by saying “that wasn’t a very good answer coming from someone with the experience of Oscar”.

How about light welterweight Ricky Hatton who in his 47 fight career has only fought past 140 once and that was in the Mayweather fight? Same with Victor Ortiz who never fought over 144 and was coming off the Andre Berto fight after being floored twice. Again, another blown-up light welterweight?

Mayweather skips 2008 and comes back with a “built-up” lightweight in Juan Manuel Marquez who only had 2 fights in the lightweight division after moving up from super featherweight never fighting over 135. He comes in at 142 while Mayweather is in at 146. In the Shane Mosley fight he takes on a fighter who hadn’t fought for 16 months. A year later Manny Pacquiao beats Mosley on points better than Mayweather did.

Speaking of Pacquiao there is no way Mayweather can decide on the terms in that one. Pacquiao was the man until the 2 judges who favored Timothy Bradley were more or less questioned by top official Harold Lederman prior to the bell ringing that night asking “what are they doing here?” It was obvious someone wanted Pacquiao out of the picture so he and Mayweather would no longer be rumored to meet again and again.

So Mayweather defeats Miguel Cotto at light middleweight. Cotto had beaten Margarito and Ricardo Mayorga who were not exactly boxers but sluggers. Cotto couldn’t handle the speed of Mayweather who unlike Pacquiao couldn’t stop Cotto. There is no way at light middleweight does Mayweather step into the ring with WBC middleweight champ Sergio Martinez. Though Martinez hasn’t made 154 since 2009 he hasn’t ever weighed as much as 160 either. In a fight like that Mayweather would be in with someone who has moves and punching power combined and would be much better at the lower weight of 154.

I’d be surprised if Top Rank hasn’t already signed Mayweather with Bradley. After all Bradley has only fought over 140 twice! I hear Mayweather and 50 cent have separated. Maybe “Money” should take on a new nickname like “2 cent”! Seems whenever he put’s his 2 cent in the media runs with it!


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