York Hall Report - John O'Donnell and Tyson Fury Victorious
By Iain Dolan at ringside (Sept 14, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Another lively York Hall crowd saw West London's John O'Donnell (10st 7lb 2oz) take on new Jersey's tough Terrence "Heat" Cauthen (10st 6lb 15oz) in a 12 round welterweight encounter on Fridy night. With legendary US broadcaster Al Bernstein at ringside and Showtime banners everywhere, it felt as though a little bit of Las Vegas had come to Bethnal Green. Both fighters showed positive intent from the opening bell and a right hook from O'Donnell caught the eye in the 1st. Cauthen came back in the 2nd and probably edged the session by landing more leather but then O' Donnell gradually began to assert himself. Fighting from an
almost hunched, chin down/hands up style he was proving very difficult for Cauthen to hit cleanly and was always busy enough himself to nudge ahead on the referee's card over the next few rounds. There was plenty of action and scoring punches from both fighters but neither managed to put a serious dent in the other.

Perhaps sensing that the fight was slipping away from him, Cauthen showed more aggressive intent in the 8th landing a good right hook and followed it up with a slick combination in the 9th. He also began to circle away from O'Donnell's right hook which had been landing too frequently. However, John still managed to land plenty of scoring punches even though few had much sting in them. Both upped the pace for the last couple of rounds but try as he might, Cauthen could never really turn the tide. He was competetive throughout, in excellent condition and always fought with ambition, but just didn't have enough. 118-112 to O'Donnell seemed a fair reflection of proceedings to me.

Before the main event, Manchester behemoth Tyson Fury (18st 11lbs) was given a good examination over eight rounds by American Rich "Super" Power (15st 11.5lbs) in a fight that sounded as though two comic book heroes were the protagonists.

Power entered the ring looking ripped and ready but was upstaged by Fury who stepped over the top rope to accentuate his enormity should anyone have needed a reminder. Tyson looked to assert his jab from the off and connected with a couple, following up one of them with a nice straight right. Power was game but struggled to get past Fury's jab until he landed a stinging right hook in the 3rd. By this Time Fury had asserted some authority and was scoring points almost at will against a very game but much smaller opponent. Tyson landed a right hook to the head in the 4th and also several hurtful looking body shots to try and take Power's legs away. However, Fury was blowing a bit himself by the end of the round and his overall condition looked questionable at this point.

Settling back behind his jab, Tyson tried to find a way to get his man out of there early but, despite, clearly being exhausted himself, Power continued to hang in there, frustrating Tyson and throwing back shots of his own when the opportunity arose. A right hook from Fury in the 7th looked to be the beginning of the end for Power but he showed enormous spirit it rally and see out the round. The final round was a scrappy affair with Tyson still trying to find the finish and Power just wanting to finish on his feet. Power just about survived and deserved to see out the fight as he'd shown a lot of heart throughout against the far bigger man. Fury was awarded a shut out of 80-72 which illustrated his dominance.

Earlier in the evening, Colchester's Lee Purdey outpointed Ghana's Theophilus Tetteh 78-75 over six threes at Welterweight, Daniel Cadman of Waltham Abbey scored a 1st round TKO of Wallsall's Matty Hough at Super Middle (scheduled for six rounds) and Tyson Fury's young cousin Phil Fury take a 40-36 decision over Birmingham's Andrew Patterson at light middle.

Another good evening at York Hall even though it wasn't a sell out and it was good to see the two main "house" fighters lined up against opponents who were fit, quality operators and ambitious. Competetive fights are Hennessy's trademark and long may that continue.


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