Wlad Klitschko speaks out on David Haye - Plus notes on Zab Judah, Cory Spinks, Mike Jones and More
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (April 13, 2010) Special to Doghouse Boxing  
Well, it looks like David Haye’s smear campaign on the Klitschko brothers has served it’s purpose. Because now Wlad, the WBO and IBF champion, is making the rounds, calling various writers, releasing Youtube video’s making it very clear he wants ’the Haye-Maker’ next. I was one of those he called (he even woke me up from a much needed nap) to state his intentions. And I have to say, the usually gentlemenly Klitschko had a certain edge to his voice I had never detected before.

He want’s Haye now, or forever hold his peace. He says he’s even willing to bypass whatever mandatory obligations he might have to make to consummate this fight.

So, will ’the Boy Who Kried Klitschko’ in 2009, step up to the plate? My full story on this goes up on Wednesday.

- Heard that Top Rank was looking at Luis Abregu as a possible option for Mike Jones, to open up the June 5th telecast at Yankee Stadium before Cotto-Foreman. But Gary Shaw says he has other things in mind for his guy, who before last week, thought he had an assignment with Tim Bradley.

I was told more than once that Zab Judah was brought up by Top Rank for either Jones or Lamont Peterson, but the Top Rank brass is a bit worried about the element that Judah might bring out.

- Saw on Fightnews about the recent arrest of Cory Spinks. I can tell you this, anyone that knows anything about that situation will tell you that they are not surprised in the least by these recent developments. There’s a good reason why his trainer/mentor Kevin Cunningham walked away from that situation when he did....

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