Random Thoughts Heading into the Boxing Weekend
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (April 24, 2010) Special to Doghouse Boxing  
I can’t wait to for tonight's show at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. where Chris Arreola and Tommy Adamek headline, with jr. midds Alfredo Angulo and Joel Julio kick things off on HBO. But here’s the thing, I heard ticket sales are just OK. Goossen-Tutor would be happy to have anywhere between 10-11,000 in the arena.

But if you would’ve staged this in Newark, NJ, where Adamek is quite the draw, you would’ve been guaranteed to have 20,000 in the building. But, because Arreola is with the real HBO (the Heymon Boxing Organization), Main Events had no choice but to come west with their guy, if they wanted this fight. See, this is a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. And it’s one of the problems with this business.

- I still think Arreola wins this fight, but coming in at 250, it proves my theory correct, that whatever weight Arreola’s people say he is going to come in at- add 10 pounds to it. But really, he does look like he’s in pretty good condition at 250. But I still think he’s optimum weight is around 240, but like I’m prone to say- it is, what it is.

- The reason I’m told Angulo was late to the weigh-in (and therefore fined 10-percent of his purse by the California State Athletic Commission) is traffic. But here’s the thing, as long as a representative of Angulo is there, why should Julio be punished by not being allowed to hit the scales on time? That doesn’t seem to make any sense and it’s seems patently unfair.

- I like Mikkel Kessler to beat Carl Froch in Denmark in their ’Super Six’ tilt. I think Kessler has a much easier style to contend with this time around and I just still think he’s a far superior technical boxer. Also, Froch has kept his unbeaten mark by the skin of his teeth recently. This time around, I think he gets defeated decisively and he will run into the jab and right cross of Kessler all night as he comes right in.

And if my prediction comes true, it shows once again why the ’Super Six’ is so great, it would be another fighter who loses his ’o’ in this tournament.

- I think this is a great weekend of boxing. You have three fights being televised between HBO and Showtime, and you can make an argument that any of the three will be the most entertaining. (April 23rd, 5:31 pm, Pacific).

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