Maidana “Backs” out of Bradley Fight…How ‘Bout Alexander?
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (May 4, 2010) Special to Doghouse Boxing  
A press conference was scheduled on Tuesday afternoon for the highly-anticipated junior welterweight bout between WBO titlist Tim Bradley and Marcos Maidana, which was to have taken place on July 17th at the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage, California. Unfortunately, a press release came out on Monday afternoon announcing that this bout was canceled because Maidana- who had already postponed one date- was pulling out of the fight citing a back injury.

And Gary Shaw, who co- promotes Bradley with Thompson Boxing, wasn’t buying it.

"He’s a chicken," Shaw told Maxboxing. "He had a back injury. I found out how it happened- when he had his last fight in Argentina, he had to carry that bum for three rounds."

Shaw, never one to mince words, was just getting started.

"Marcos Maidana has no one on his resume but Victor Ortiz. The first time he’s got an opportunity to prove himself, prove his mettle, he pulls out with a back injury. They were going to reschedule for June; Golden Boy asked us if we could go to July to give him a little extra time,” continued Shaw. “We moved to July and then, 12 hours before the press conference, we get a call. He missed his flight and then in the same sentence, he can’t fight because of his back. Maidana’s a liar. He doesn’t have a back injury. He’s a coward; he’s got no nuts; he’s got no heart."

OK, well…moving on, how ‘bout a showdown with Devon Alexander, who is slated to appear on HBO on August 7th? Both have HBO slots, but no dance partners, as of now.

When asked about that possibility, Shaw stated, "We’re not afraid of Devon; we just don’t think it’s a big enough fight right now. Devon’s not that well-known; I have a lot of respect for him; I have a lot of respect for Kevin Cunningham [Alexander’s manager], even though Cunningham said some nasty things about me. I still respect Kevin. But I’d like to wait for a fight or two to make it a much bigger fight."

The equally out-spoken and boisterous Cunningham responded, "I disagree with that. I mean, look, the fans and the media alike both recognize Tim Bradley and Devon Alexander as the two best junior welterweights in the world. What the fans and the networks should want is the best fights." Cunningham, a bit of a boxing historian, then pointed out, "Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard, Hearns was 22, Leonard was 25 when they fought. A big fight is a big fight. Everybody knows that these two guys are the two best junior welterweights in the world and Devon’s here with a date and no opponent. Now, Tim Bradley has no opponent and a date. Hey, let’s make it happen. If the networks want to make big fights coming off the big Mayweather-Mosley fight, boxing has a lot of momentum right now.

"Why not make a huge fight between the two best junior welterweights in the world?" asked Cunningham.

Problem is, this fight probably needs some time to marinate, but you’d figure that this fight would draw well in St. Louis, where Alexander seems to be following in the footsteps of Cory Spinks, who drew big in the “Gateway City.”

"I wouldn’t go to St. Louis," Shaw said, flatly. "Why would I go to St. Louis? My fighter’s the champion; my fighter, right now, is number one at 140 pounds, in everybody’s mind. So Devon Alexander, we would welcome him to Agua Caliente when it’s time to do the fight."

But Cunningham counters, "Why would we want to go to a venue that holds 2,000, when we can go to a venue that seats upwards of 20,000? And there’s a good chance that we’re going to do close to 20,000. But if that’s going to be their new excuse to avoid Devon, we’re willing to meet him at a neutral site like Vegas, at one of the Vegas casinos. I think the media, the networks, and the fans should not allow Tim Bradley, Gary Shaw and Cameron Dunkin to continue to claim that they’re the best at 140-pounds and they continuously avoid Devon at the same time. That should not be allowed."

At this point, Cunningham’s voice started to rise.

"It shouldn’t be tolerated; it shouldn’t be allowed. The fans shouldn’t accept it and I think HBO and the fans should demand Tim Bradley takes this challenge from Devon Alexander. If he wants to claim he’s the best, Devon, is the only champion at 140 that’s unified. So until Tim Bradley beats Devon Alexander, he can’t claim that he’s the best junior welterweight in the world."


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