Boxing Notes on Lennox Lewis, Freddie Roach, Max Kellerman, Howard Stern’s Artie Lang and More
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (May 10, 2010) Special to Doghouse Boxing  
I’m going to miss Lennox Lewis on the HBO “Boxing After Dark” telecasts...uh, actually, I’m not. But I’m going to miss gems like when he said, recently, that Alfredo Angulo was trying to land the punches he was throwing against Joel Julio. Right, because a lot of other boxers try and miss their punches. Or the fact that a Russian fighter was from Russia. You just can’t beat that kind of insight. But seriously, the problem was that while Max Kellerman has continued to improve and sharpen his game, no such development took place with Lewis- who seems like a nice guy- but behind the mic was “LL Fool J.” Lewis was George Foreman without the folksy humor or the grill, for that matter.

I know HBO wants a “boxing guy” to replace Lennox, and renowned trainer Freddie Roach was given a test run this weekend with Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant. I worry about Roach’s availability (he is the busiest trainer in the sport) and he doesn’t have much on-air experience. But Freddie knows the game and pulls no punches. I think Sugar Ray Leonard would also be a good option. He has done this before, has aged well, is still a legendary name (and HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg wants an A-lister in that role) and he keeps up with the sport. Besides, it’s been a loooong time since he took his fight with Terry Norris over to Showtime (which got him bounced at the network long ago) and Seth Abraham is no longer running the show at HBO.

But I got an idea that is outside the box. And I know how much my old friend, Greenburg, values my opinion. But how ‘bout comedian Artie Lange? Seriously, if Dennis Miller can do “Monday Night Football,” why not have Lange sitting next to Max and Bob Papa? He may not know much about “The Sweet Science,” but as it turns out, neither did the guy he would be replacing. Just think about how funny that could be, although Lange might have more to work with Lamps and Merchant. Say what you will about Howard Stern’s wingman, but the guy did the impossible- he made “Joe Buck Live” funny and memorable. Yeah, yeah, I know Greenburg banned him from the network; he can easily be un-banned.

C’mon, it’s not TV; it’s HBO, right?

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