In Cat’s Corner: A Conversation with Dannie Williams
Interview by Lou Catalano, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 25, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
“Dangerous” Dannie Williams

Fresh off his highlight-reel knockout of Antonio Cervantes on ESPN 2, “Dangerous” Dannie Williams discusses the fight and the aftermath of his first televised performance.

Lou Catalano: Obviously this was the most important knockout of your career, where does it rank in terms of your personal favorites?

Dannie Williams: I’ve had a few of those one-punch knockouts, but since this one was on TV and everyone got to see it, I’d say it’s my favorite.

LC: You knocked Cervantes down in the first round, and you seemed to land the right hand anytime you wanted; did you know you were going to get him out of there quickly?

DW: Actually no, not really. I thought the first knockdown was a bit of a flash knockdown, I didn’t think he was really hurt; I just gave him a quick right hand-left hook and he went down. I just kept my composure and took my time with him.

LC: You feinted with the jab upstairs and then downstairs, and then came over with the right hand. Did you see something early on that made you feel like you could catch him with something big?

DW: Actually I was just setting up my work. I wanted to jab up and down to get him to drop down a little bit so I could come over the top with the right. It was just a great shot I caught him with.

LC: The knockout punch was one of the loudest punches I’ve ever heard watching a fight on TV. You turned around right after you hit him like you knew he was done, was that how you felt?

DW: I kind of felt like a baseball player hitting a homerun. Once they hit it off the bat and connect, they know it’s gone and they just walk off. I just kind of walked off and smiled, because I knew it was gone…

LC: You made Steve Smoger’s job pretty easy…

DW: He whacked the back of his head on the mat, and once he did that, there was really no reason to count. He probably could’ve counted to a thousand! I’ve got the fight on DVR in my house, and I’ve watched it every day probably four or five times, and it’s amazing to see myself on TV, it’s a great feeling.

LC: Bernard Hopkins was the guest commentator. Did you get to talk to him at all?

DW: Yeah, he said that maybe Kelly (Pavlik) was watching at home, and that maybe the knockout will motivate him to come back, and then we both can do the damn thing!

LC: How does it feel knowing that you will probably be in the running for knockout of the year?

DW: Man that’s great. Anything I can do to help further my career. I’m just happy I was able to do it on ESPN. If they put me on ESPN, HBO, or Showtime, I’m going to do it all over again.

LC: You mentioned to me before that you wanted two more fights this year, is that still the goal?

DW: Yeah. I’m looking to fight and defend my title probably in mid-October, and then fight once more after that. But if I can’t get another fight, then I’m still satisfied with what I’ve done this year.

LC: Eloy Perez, who is the only fighter you’ve lost to, did an interview where he said that every time you win, it makes him look better. Do you think about that fight a lot, or about a rematch?

DW: Well I’ve moved on, but I’d love to get him again and get him at 135. He didn’t really talk bad about me, but yeah I’d love that fight. I wish I could make 130 again and make it right, but I know I’d knock him out. If he comes up to 135, I promise you, he WILL get what he deserves, which is what he should have got at 130.

LC: Juan Manuel Marquez is the Ring Magazine champ in your division, 135. He’s fighting Pacquiao in November. Is Marquez someone you’d want to fight?

DW: I’d love to fight Marquez. Really, I want to fight everybody in the division until I become the undisputed champ. But I’m going to take my time and wait for my number to get called. Hopefully I can get back on TV real soon and maybe fight in a main event. I’m ready for it.

With one punch, Dannie Williams went from being a regional prospect to making the top ten list on ESPN. He’s taking the new found recognition in stride while planning to be the future “King of Pop.” He promises to keep swinging until he gets there.

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