Only Manny Pacquiao to Blame for giving Shane Mosley a shot He Doesn’t Deserve
By Mike Samuels (Jan 4, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Howard Schatz)
The announcement the boxing world was waiting for finally came to fruition last week, as the self-proclaimed “People’s Champion” Manny Pacquiao officially declared Shane Mosley the winner of the Pacman sweepstakes.

This news is hardly unexpected. With Floyd Mayweather seemingly more interested in allegedly slapping his baby mamma around than participating in regulated prizefighting, the lackluster reasons for the mega fight that everyone wants to see not happening do not fall squarely on Pacquiao’s shoulders.

We can blame a whole host of peons, big wigs, and never-beens for Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s failure to come to terms to make the mega-bout happen.

What the sport can’t do, however, is place blame on anyone other than Manny Pacquiao for giving Shane Mosley a shot he clearly doesn’t deserve.

The fight with Margarito was overlooked by diehard fans because of the assumption that Pacquiao would make things right with his next opponent – a selection 99.9 percent of the masses did not believe to be Floyd Mayweather.

Newsflash: That’s not happening.

Shane Mosley is an undeserving faded champion known by casual fans as a guy who beat Oscar De la Hoya twice, albeit with plenty of controversy involved.

It’s interesting that Freddie Roach is now clamoring over the Pacquiao-Mosley fight. This coming from the same ‘Trainer of the Year’ who openly blasted Floyd Mayweather last year for facing Mosley, despite his destruction of Antonio Margarito a year prior to that.

Roach made it his full-time job to inform the public Mosley was coming off a failed bout with Andre Berto along with a long string of inactivity going into the Mayweather fight.

Fast forward to the present day and Roach is noteworthy of an Oscar for his brilliant acting job in trying to please Bob Arum by making people believe the man once known as “Sugar” Shane is as worthy as any other top contender not named Floyd Mayweather.

The excuses never seem to end.

Floyd Mayweather didn’t want the fight – let’s blame him for facing another faded ex-champion, who with all due respect, has as much hope to pull the upset over Roach’s prized pupil as Larry Merchant has to get through an entire broadcast making perfect sense.

A third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez at a catch weight wouldn’t provide enough of a selling point for casual boxing fans ... but it’s no problem for Arum to stage a mega fight at Cowboys stadium with the one and only, Joshua Clottey ... right?

The assumptions that Pacquiao is clueless as to who he engages with inside the squared circle are ridiculious. Yes, the man lives in a different world in the Philippines – he practically walks on water. But don’t allow his icon status and exciting fight style to sway the reality of the situation.

That being, of course, Manny Pacquiao is sitting on the throne – he’s the best the sport has to offer and he calls the shots. Everyone in the sport from junior lightweight to middleweight would jump at the opportunity to gain or cut any amount of weight to cash in on Arum’s golden child.

If Pacquiao wanted to fight King Kong, chances are he would get it with the snap of his fingers.

A mismatch in the world of boxing is nothing new. Ever hear of Roy Jones Jr.?

When a fighter such as Pacquiao begins to dominate fighters who are at least considered the crème of the crop by boxing scribes around the sport, it’s only natural for people to expect a champion to continue the pattern. Often times it doesn’t happen in that manner – see Floyd Mayweather over the last six years.

But Manny Pacquiao has never been thought of as Floyd Mayweather. He’s always been the people’s champion, the fighter that went against the grain when it came to promotional politics and greed. This isn’t to suggest his entire career needs to be picked through with a fine-tooth comb. Too many times people jump to that conclusion when a fighter doesn’t fight the best possible opposition on a fight-after-fight basis.

Pacquiao gets a pass for cashing in against Margarito and now Mosley – a financial pass. Who wouldn’t take big money for little risk?

But the perception of the “people’s champion” is changing with the wind. It’s not because of hate but rather disappointment. And frankly, boxing fans are entitled to be disappointed with this outcome.

Well, everyone not born on the native island, anyway.

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