What About Headgear in Professional Boxing
By Daniel Miltz, Doghouse Boxing (June 23, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Does boxing have a difficult problem with relatively questionable severe brain injuries that results in long term mental sickness. To support the question into this query, what about physical damage to the body caused by the extreme punching power of the pugilistic combatants?  Can anyone interpret why the boxing delegation does not issue a regulation for compulsory headgear for professional boxers?

By meaning, doesn't refuge of the pugilist come first and foremost?  So, these are the things that should be answered in a most respected way.  Namely, when there is something good in the sport, it's important to point that out.

Boxing beats up your brain even with the headgear on. A boxer having a neurological disorder is not just an endangerment for professional fighters. There is also a danger of brain damage for the fighters in the amateur divisions even with the use of head padding. Boxing is one of the most physical sports of mankind. Fighters have to practice their art with painstaking diligence on a daily basis with strict workouts, and to have special protective gear to save them from brain injuries.

To further continue into this interrogation;

Firstly, I must say, there is a tolerable amount of bruising that the head can experience before accumulating significant damage.

Secondly, headgear does almost nothing to protect the brain and neck! Thirdly, it is just mainly to prevent the face from getting lacerations. Then furthermore, while the approximation of mandatory headgear constitute good sense, I don't think it will materialize until there is a Federal Boxing Regulatory Commission. And if it comes to regulating the sport in this type of fashion, the fans will lose interest. The appeal of boxing is that it's an outlaw type of sport.

On the contrary, can boxing survive if headgear is implemented?  Many trustworthy boxing aficionados and enthusiasts will answer: "Why would we want to see pro boxers wearing headgear, leave it in the amateur divisions"!... "It would discompose the purity of the sport".

To conclude, in my good sense. I would question... Is Headgear The Answer.?  I would say, “NO”.

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