The Problems Of Boxing Today
By Daniel Miltz, Doghouse Boxing (June 25, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Most of boxing's troubles today come from the absence of a real, substantial managerial body. Of course, a promoter granted his direction will choose to guard his investiture, and, yes, even the paladins of the sport themselves will venture down the road of inferior opposition if given the alternative. With a quartet of a sanctioning physical structure that nobody cares about or takes in earnest, the bookers have free reign to pull strings and to take benefit.

There was a time when boxing standings was easy to figure out. Boxing is going downhill because they have too many titles and people think it's rigged for some fights. This is one sport that may be in serious trouble. 

To market boxing, you first need interesting individuals. Fighters that will consistently draw in the fans. Boxing took a turn during the decades of past. It is not the juggernaut it once was. Imagine back in the 1910 and 1920's boxing was considered the national sport...!

In the perfect world of boxing a REAL sanctioning body would've forced Mayweather-Pacquiao, and say, - "face the designated fighter or you pardon "your's truly" and get lost from the business completely."... Period! - That simple!  However, boxing is the wild west and these renegade promoters can position and barricade an entire division if he accumulates the bodies to do so. Until the booker decides that he has exploited the fans for all he can amass. Does it sound familiar?

Meanwhile, real talented warriors sit on the skirts, wasting their natural ability on insignificant time slayers while others sit outside the fold, decaying away, because the other booking agent guys won't fight them.  

Imagine the Red Sox saying on a scheduled game day that they don't want to play the scheduled team, but play someone else they think they can beat. A real sport has a coherent narrative to it, a sequence it has to conform to..!  From what I see, boxing has none of that and never had it. In a perfect world of the "sweet science", boxers would be fighting ASAP to see who gets the next shot in line.

More and more, boxing is becoming an exercise in seeing how much the boxing devotee will take before finally giving up...!


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