Brandon Rios: "My goal is to fight Danny Garcia for the WBC title belt, because that's the belt I want!"
Brandon Rios: "My goal is to fight Danny Garcia for the WBC title belt, because that's the belt I want!"
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 13, 2013) Doghouse Boxing
On the Ropes Radio -  184 - "Bam Bam" Brandon Rios
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The light welterweight division has become one of the hottest divisions in boxing, and Brandon Rios is one of the newest faces to the weight class with his eyes clearly set on anyone that holds a title. In part 2 of my "On The Ropes" interview I discuss with Brandon some possible fights that could be in his future, and who he would ultimately like to face. Rios also discussed his trainer Robert Garcia's big 2012, and some of the boxers who work with him such as Nonito Donaire and Mikey Garcia. Additionally Brandon talks about the biggest shock of 2012, Manny Pacquiao's KO6 defeat, giving his views on Pacquiao's future and more! Here is what he had to say.
Jenna Jay: Last year was a great year for your trainer Robert Garcia, and many had him as trainer of the year. What is your vote on that?

Brandon Rios: I think they should give it to him now, cause he did a great job with not only me, but people don't know that he also did a excellent job with Luevano, his brother Mikey, brought Kelly Pavlik back, he is now 3-0 under Robert, he got Nonito the fighter of the year, he also trains Maidana, so he's done a great job I think, he's training very well, he loves what he do and this is his passion, he loves boxing. I think now is his time to shine. Robert made me, I made Robert. I was the first one to come on with Robert, and I'll be the last one to leave him.

Jenna: Now you just mentioned Nonito Donaire a second ago, he is many people's fighter of the year. Do you believe he deserves that honor?

Rios: Yeah, it's true. He fought 4 times last year and with great opponents, so he deserves fighter of the year. It's great, he's been doing a great job, and Robert is helping him out, they have a great game plan all the time, so there is nothing we can do about that.

Jenna: Alright, well Brandon I want to get your views on something that happened just last month, and it was something that shocked a lot of boxing fans. Manny Pacquiao getting knocked out in 6 rounds to Juan Manuel Marquez. What are your thoughts on that result?

Rios: Marquez trained his ass off! He did everything right, he had the right training, the right resume, the right strength and conditioning coach, he did everything right in that fight. He wanted to prove to the world that he did beat Manny Pacquiao those 3 times, so he wanted to show the world that he came in there with a little more game plan and a little more confidence and a lot of power. He knew that Manny Pacquiao lunges in with his right and Marquez just waited for the right moment and countered with that straight right and Knocked him out!

Jenna: People are wondering if he will ever be the same after that type of knockout, and I'm wondering if you think he will?

Rios: You know it's very hard to say that he will be the same or not. There is a lot of people that don't come back the same. I wish him the best in his future, with his family and his health. But we will see, hopefully he comes back and becomes a champion again, and be the best pound 4 pound like he was before at one time, so hopefully he comes back and god bless his health and hopefully everything is well.

Jenna: Ok, back to you Brandon. The talk is that there could be a rematch with Mike Alvarado next, what have you heard.

Rios: That's the talk the rumors, we are not 100% sure, I still have to call my manager. I'm just getting back in the gym after a long vacation, the longest I have took off, 2-3 months I have not been training, so I'm just getting back in the gym. That's the rumor, that's the talk going around and if the money is right, and they pay me what I want, then why not give him another shot. He feels that they stopped it too soon, so let's do it again. This time it will be different cause I already know how to beat him, I already know what to do, so I think it will be a different story this time. Let's do it again, we put on a great show, so why not again.

Jenna: You said you are just getting back in the gym, how soon do you think you can get back in the ring?

Rios: Whenever they tell me the fight is done. The date they gave me was March and April, those are the two dates they gave me, so whenever they say, I'm ready! It won't take me that long to get back in shape, I'll be in shape soon, I'll be ready.

Jenna: What are your goals for 2013, and are there any fighters out there you would like to see yourself in the ring with?

Rios: My goal is to fight Danny Garcia for the WBC title belt, because that's the belt I want. I would love to fight Lucas Matthysse. Any champion at 140 I would like to fight them. I'm the new one coming up, and I want what everyone has and that's a title and I want those titles. Nothing against nobody, I have nothing against anybody, I'm in a sport that everybody wants a title and if you have a title, that's what I want!

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