Arthur Abraham Interview: On Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, Andre Ward vs Chad Dawson, Robert Stieglitz & much more...
Arthur Abraham Interview: On Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, Andre Ward vs Chad Dawson, Robert Stieglitz & much more...
By OnTheRopes Boxing Radio for Doghouse Boxing (Sept 3, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

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by Jenna Jay (Exclusive Interview by Jenna J, Doghouse Boxing.) My latest episode of "On The Ropes" boxing radio featured an exclusive interview with the reigning WBO Super Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham. Abraham, who is coming off an impressive performance last week against Robert Stieglitz, discussed the victory, reigning a world title belt, his future plans, thoughts on Floyd Mayweather - Manny Pacquiao, and also his view on trying to avenge some of his boxing defeats. Here is what Arthur had to say.

Jenna Jay: I am joined by the new WBO Super Middle Weight Champion of the World Arthur Abraham! How’s it going Arthur?

Arthur Abraham: I am doing really well, I actually got back from another interview with my coach, I am just so happy to be world champion once again.

Arthur Abraham
Jenna: Well let’s talk a little about that Arthur, your coming off an impressive performance from this past weekend. You beat Robert Stieglitz to take the WBO title belt. You had your back against the wall for this fight, how do you feel now that this is all over?

Abraham: I am just really happy, I am feeling really well, but I got a little bet of sore on my muscle after the fight, but besides that everything is great.

Jenna: Lets talk about the fight a little bit. You brought a little bit of different strategy into the fight with Robert Stieglitz. It seems like you were actually planning to go the distance and take rounds. Can you tell us little bet about the strategy you had for this fight?

Abraham: I just try to change a bit, because I didn’t want to be as passive anymore, but I am still was throwing punches to show him that I was still there, I was actually planning on from the beginning on going the distance.

Jenna: Going into this fight Arthur, I mentioned before that you had your back against the wall. Some people were doubting, some people thought maybe Stieglitz would be able to outbox you. Can you tell me just a little about the feeling you had going into this fight, and did you really believe if you did not win this that you would have to retire?

Abraham: Obviously, everybody thought that I would only win this only by knocking him out, but I actually wanted to outbox him, I wanted to show him that I am technically gifted, and that is exactly what I did, and I showed everybody that I am not just about big punch and I am actually really good boxer and I am really happy about.

Jenna: Going into the final rounds of the fight, it seems like you felt that you had everything in control that you had piled up enough of a lead to give that final round away. What was your feeling going into the final round?

Abraham: I didn’t really feel anything at that point, I just went into the last round and just to get in there and do what I do best, and obviously I knew that I was probably front on points, but I went in there trying to make no mistakes and not give it away, and give my best as I do.

Jenna: What was the feeling you had once the cards are read, and you were announced as the new WBO SMW titlist? It had been 3 years since you held a championship belt, what was that feeling like for you?

Abraham: It was just amazing feeling, just amazing.

Jenna: Lets talk little about your options after this fight here. The world is open to you at this point. And the fight a lot of people are talking about that they like to see you in, is a fight with former champion with Mikkel Kessler. Does that fight interest you at all?

Abraham: I don’t think about that, my management deals with that and I just box whoever gets front of me.

Jenna: Alright, lets move things to the division itself. Super Six is long over with, you have Andre Ward who is considered the champion at this point. Carl Froch has won a title belt by beating Lucian Bute. What do you think about the curing state of the Super Middleweight division?

Abraham: The Super Middleweight division is really strong at the moment, everybody who is number 1 is the champion, they are all tough opponents and you can’t underestimate any one of them.

Jenna: Andre Ward has upcoming fight that’s getting a lot of interest his taken on the light heavy weight champion Chad Dawson, at 168 pounds, just curious what your thoughts are on that fight?

Abraham: It’s going to be obviously a really hard fight, but I think Andre Ward is going to win on points.

Jenna: Lets just turn things a little bet away from you yourself and some of the guys at 168. In previous appearances you had you on the show I asked you about some of the biggest stars in boxing; Mayweather and Pacquiao. You mentioned before how much you wanted to see the Mayweather - Pacquaio fight. Just curious as time has gone by do you think that fight has taken to long to come together? And do you still have the same interest in it?

Abraham: Of course I want to see that fight I think the whole world wants to see the fight not just me.

Jenna: Has time changed at all who your taking in that fight or do you still favor the same fighter?

Abraham: Definitely Mayweather, he is on a different level.

Jenna: I just have couple of more questions before I let you off the line. You know I mentioned to you before, what’s next for you, how soon do you see yourself getting back into the ring?

Abraham: December 15th in Nuremberg.

Jenna: Now, Arthur being the fact that you had gone through a rough patch in your career, you had some loses, if you could have one particular opponent to have another fight with, a rematch with, a chance to redeem yourself in the right with, who would that guy be?

Abraham: All 3 of them one after another.

Jenna: So you had no particular preference. In either of any of those performances, do you have any regrets about thinking that you could of perform better in either of those fights?

Abraham: It doesn’t matter who, if you lose you always make mistakes. All that’s important is that I can redeem myself.

Jenna: Final question for you Arthur. You have a lot of fans out there, you made a lot of your fans happy with your performance from this past weekend, anything you want to say to them?

Abraham: To all my fans out there in America, France, Italy, I promise you that I am going to do better, I promise you I will be the best, and I am just really happy that I can make you happy again.

Jenna: Arthur it’s been absolute pleasure having you return to the show once again. I would also like to thank Benjamin for translating the interview, and I wish you all the best of luck going forward Arthur.

Abraham: Thank you very much.

A special thanks goes out to Tim for helping to bring this interview to the boxing readers.

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