Freddie Roach Interview: “I think if Manny Pacquiao gets in the best shape he can, we will finally close the book on Marquez”
Freddie Roach Interview: “I think if Manny Pacquiao gets in the best shape he can, we will finally close the book on Marquez”
By OnTheRopes Boxing Radio for Doghouse Boxing (Sept 5, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Exclusive Interview by Jenna Jay, In my most recent edition of “On The Ropes” I had a chance to catch up with hall of fame boxing trainer, Freddie Roach. He is considered to be one of the best trainers as well as one of the biggest figures in the sport today. His status in the game runs high due in part to his skillful training of some of boxing's biggest names and the battles he has been fighting outside the ring. Freddie gave me some unique insight on a variety of subjects going on in the sport, including the future of his of his most famous fighter, Manny Pacquiao.  He also discussed the rumored 4th fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. He spoke out on the possibility of a Floyd Mayweather - Pacquiao showdown and recent negotiations for that fight. Roach also gave some insight into his future with Amir Khan and gave his thoughts on Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson. All that and much more! Here is what he had to say in part one of my two part interview.

Jenna: Rumors are that a 4th fight between Pacquiao and Marquez is close to being done for December. What are your thoughts on Manny Pacquiao meeting Juan Manuel Marquez for a fourth time?

Roach: Well, it’s a very difficult fight, and the thing is that Marquez does have a hard style for us, so we just have to get in the gym and work real hard for this fight, and Manny really needs to focus. It’s a very difficult fight style wise for us, he does give us problems, but I think if Manny Pacquiao gets in the best shape he can, we will finally close the book on Marquez.

Jenna: What do you think Pacquiao has to do to get that definitive win that he has been unable to get in the first three bouts?

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Roach: Well the movement of Marquez, he is very slick, he knows how to get Manny to move into the right hand and we just got to nullify that. We just have to find a way to avoid that lead right hand. We have not found a way yet in three fights, but we better get it done in this fight or we won’t win this one.

Jenna: If Pacquiao beats Marquez, people of course will be talking about a Mayweather fight once again. I’m wondering if you think that fight is still as anticipated as it would have been if it happened a few years ago?

Roach: Ah, no. I think it’s slowed down a little bit, though I still think that fight needs to happen and what they are telling me is with 50 Cent involved in negations that they are talking. I talked to Bob (Arum) yesterday and he told me that negations for that fight are going on. Michael Koncz has been speaking with Mayweather trying to make the fight happen, so there has been some communication there, so that’s a good thing and hopefully the fight will happen. It’s a fight I want to see and everybody else wants.

Jenna: Do you think either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather need that fight to cement their boxing legacies, or do you think what they did is enough to stand on its own?

Roach: Their both great fighters. Floyd’s undefeated, Manny has won 8 world titles, they have had great careers and so forth, but you really need the icing on the cake, and that would be that fight. If Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather come up in a conversation, it would end with ‘I wonder why they did not fight each other’. That will always be there if they don’t fight, it will be a question mark and they need to get that fight done.

Jenna: Another thing I would like to get your opinion Amir Khan last bout and if you think you will be working with him again?

Roach: Well I’m not sure yet. I have heard rumors that I will be or won’t be, but you know he got too aggressive in that fight and wanted to exchange too much with a good puncher. I thought all he had to do was use the left hand in that fight and box his opponent and he could have made the fight easier I think. But he did get caught and those things do happen. I hope to be working with him in the future, but I have not heard definitely yet.

Jenna: People like to say that Amir Khan showed too much heart in the Garcia fight and would do better if he did not fight like that, do you think he shows to much heart in there?

Roach: He loves to exchange, he likes to rumble, he could of made that fight a whole lot eaiser on himself, staying in the pocket too long was a big mistake with a big puncher and he just needs to settle down a little more, use his boxing abilty and his foot speed also. He is a great athlete, and I’d love to get a rematch, make that fight one more time, but we will see what happens

Jenna: There is an interesting fight coming up with Andre Ward and Chad Dawson meeting in the ring. What are your thoughts on that one and who are you taking.

Roach: That’s a great fight. That’s like a pick em fight to me. Chad Dawson he’s moving down in weight and how much that’s going to affect him I’m not sure, they say he makes weight pretty easy - the 168lb limit. But you got two very good boxers going in there, and people ask me what kind of fight it’s going to be, I say ’it’s going to be a great boxing match, it’s going to be a real boxing persons fight’, cause there is two great boxers in there and they both know there skills and the science of the game. I can’t wait to watch that fight.

Stay tuned to Doghouse Boxing for part two of my Exclusive interview with Freddie Roach.

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