Shane Mosley Interview: On a possible comeback, training fighters, Pacquiao-Marquez IV, Andre Ward, boxing’s future and much more!
Shane Mosley Interview: On a possible comeback, training fighters, Pacquiao-Marquez IV, Andre Ward, boxing’s future and much more!
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 23, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Shane Mosley
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I recently had a chance to catch up with former 3 division world champion 'Sugar' Shane Mosley on my boxing radio program "On The Ropes". Mosley last appeared in the May 5th of this past year in a losing effort to Saul Alvarez, a fight that resulted in Shane announcing his retirement from boxing. Shane discussed his last fight, his decision to retire from sport and the possibility of comeback. He also gave his views on the upcoming fourth bout between Pacquiao and Marquez, Andre Ward p4p ranking, and what boxing could do to fix some of its issues. Here is what Shane had to say...

Jenna Jay: Shane, the last time boxing fans saw you in the ring was against Saul Alvarez in a fight you lost, can you tell the fans why you decided to retire after it?

Shane Mosley: I think Saul Alvarez is a great young champion, he did a lot of great things in there, I just felt like my body was getting a little bit older, but I was tired then and now I’m just thinking things over. I feel good, I still go to the gym and train.

Jenna: You mention that you still train, they say boxing is the hardest sport to retire from due to the fact you can make so much money for one nights work. What do you do if someone offers you a big payday to return to the ring?

Mosley: Well at this point in my career my life is not really about money anymore, I made a substantial amount that I could live off of. It’s just that I love this sport, I mean I just love getting in the ring and training and stuff. But if they do throw a substantial amount of money my way I will be willing to get in the ring with anybody. I’ve been sparring around with different kids and stuff and I feel good still.

Jenna: From what you are saying Shane, it seems you have not closed the door to possibly making a comeback?

Mosley: Well you never know, I mean things could happen. Maybe I will just leave it alone and let my son do it, he’s training hard and getting something out it. I’m just looking forward to being around boxing period. I love this sport, I Iove everything about it. My sons boxing, I’m training kids in the Mosley boxing gym, I’m in the gym every day.

Jenna: You mentioned Shane Mosley Jr. You train him with your father. What’s it like training your own blood to enter the ring?

Mosley: He loves the sport. He loves to fight and it’s just kind of reliving the boxing world again. When you are a trainer, you are actually fighting yourself. So training my son I have to find ways of making him better and making him improve mentally, physically, emotionally, things I have been through I can kind of relay those things to him and tell him. He can kind of relay to me, as I can relay to him. I can tell him what I believe he is feeling, and what he’s going through at certain points of the training, cause I have been through it before, I know the danger that he can be feeling. I think he’s been doing very well, progressing and hopefully he can make the 2016 Olympics and then turn pro.

Jenna: Well besides training fighters, you also do commentary. Can you give your analyst prospective on the upcoming fourth bout between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez?

Mosley: You can tell that Marquez is very determined, he’s really trying to get this fourth fight, a fourth win. I think it depends how hungry Pacquiao is to get a win, or actually get a knock out to make it clear cut. But it seems that Marquez is very difficult cause of his style, and styles make fights. It’s probably going to be another great fight.

Jenna: I recently had your trainer Naazim Richardson on my show, and he was talking about Andre Ward. Naazim said that we have not seen the best of Ward, but there is not fighter out there that will be able to challenge him enough to bring the best out of him. Do you believe that is true?

Mosley: At this point, yeah. He’s so far ahead of everybody, he is very in tune with himself, he works out very hard, he’s very serious about the boxing game. There might not be another guy, he kind of like Roy Jones, when Roy Jones was at his best, but there was nobody around that could fight him, nobody else in his league, Ward is kind of like that. I believe he dominates so good that he could be in the top 3 P4P best, or even 1 or 2.

Jenna: What do you think about the current state of boxing and it’s future?

Mosley: I think it should do very well, as long as we get these promoters together and help boxing be more publicized. I think that’s the real trick. Back when boxing was in supposedly in it’s heyday, back in like the 80’s, 70’s when they were on ABC and CBS it was being publicized a bit more, now it’s only HBO and Showtime, and just a hand full of fighters that get shown on TV, the marquee names that are making money. We need more fighters to be seen and visible so the sport can grow.

Jenna: Shane you left that door open to a comeback, what do you think would actually bring you back to fighting in the ring?

Mosley: I’m not sure, I just love to fight, just love being in battle. I’m just still kind of working around, training with different guys, training my son and even being in the ring now, and working with different guys. Just being in the ring sparring I make people say ‘WOW’ they don’t believe it, so we will see what happens.

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