Roger Mayweather: “Floyd’s going to get back in the ring. He’s still better than 90% of the mother*ckers out there!” Part 1 of 2
Roger Mayweather: “Floyd’s going to get back in the ring. He’s still better than 90% of the mother*ckers out there!” Part 1 of 2
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 13, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
On the Ropes Radio #181 -  Roger Mayweather
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By Jenna Jay, Doghouse Boxing. In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the ongoing beef between boxer Floyd Mayweather and rapper 50 cent. The two were once close friends, but as time has gone on things have turned sour and a potential working relationship with TMT promotions has also fallen apart. During my latest edition of “On The Ropes” I had a chance to catch up with Mayweather Jr’s uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather to discuss the situation between his nephew and 50 cent. I also got Roger’s views his nephew’s future in the ring and what potential fights he sees out there for Floyd. Here is what Roger had to say in Part 1 of my 2 part interview.

Jenna Jay: Roger we have heard a lot about Floyd in the press of late regarding 50 cent and their beef, but what I want to ask you first is have you see your newphew in the gym at all, and if so how has he been looking?

Roger Mayweather:
My nephew hasn’t been in the gym. He been out of town, I know he been out of town cause every time he calls me he says he in Chicago, he’s in Michigan. He’s been traveling, but that’s what he do.

Jenna : Are you at all surprised that he did not want to get right back to boxing when he got out of jail?

I don’t think that he did not want to get back to it, I guess that he after being in jail for the time that he was, I guess he wanted to go somewhere else that did not remind him of the jail cell. He went other places. Floyd has been boxing literally all his life, he’s been boxing ever since he was able to stand up, that’s what he been doing. Obviously he went to jail, he did a few days in jail and when he got out I’m sure he wanted to go somewhere that did not remind him of the jail cell or anything that reminded him of jail. That’s part of boxing, that’s part of life period. I figure he just took off, and found something else to do that’s obviously different then the jail cell and that’s what he did.

Jenna: People were expecting him to join 50 CENT in that promotion arrangement when he got out, and all of a sudden you see those two not only not working together, but also no longer being friends. What do you think happened there?

I knew that shit was not going to happen anyway. It wasn't gonna happen anyway! The reason why shit don’t happen is cause when you have two people that are just alike, two people that want to be boss, the shit ain't gonna work. That’s all it is, and it didn't work. That’s it.

Jenna: So you think the reason it did not work is because they both wanted to be the boss?

My thing is obviously it had to be something, otherwise why wouldn't they come to an agreement. If they did not come to an agreement, than there has to be a reason why they did not come to an agreement. And since they did not come to an agreement - people are going to sign this fighter and they are going sign that fighter, well why did you not sign all them fighers then? There must of been a reason why. Things did not happen the way they thought it would.

Jenna: Do you think it’s a shame that they had their friendship fall apart over this disagreement?

No, it’s no shame that their friendship fell apart over it. Obviously it was not meant to be. See certain things are not meant to be anyways. It’s a different part of the world in boxing when you make an agreement, and paper has to be signed, than you find out how much friendship you got with somebody. That’s what it boils down to.

Jenna: Do you think your Nephew still loves boxing the way he use to?

That ain't it. My nephew loves boxing like he started loving boxing. The thing with my nephew is with boxing is he don’t want anyone trying to tell him how to run his shit. He know all about boxing, so he ain’t trying to have someone else trying to run his shit for him, he’s the one that started the promotional thing, and when he came around with 50 cent and they did not come to an agreement. BOOM it just fell apart. He obviously said he thought he could run it better than anybody else can, and I think that’s what happened more so than the disagreement.

Jenna: Floyd is turning 36 next year, do you actually expect him to return to the ring?

He’s going to get back in the ring. Floyd’s still better than 90% of the mother*ckers out there. Floyd would still whoop Pacquiao’s ass, he would still whoop Timothy Bradley’s ass. He would do that for sure. So when you talk about 'if Floyd can do what he did before’ well maybe he can’t do what he did before, but he can do well more than what they can do. You saw what he did to Ortiz didn’t you, you saw him whoop Cotto didn’t you, and I did not see Floyd test positive for steroids in him did he? Alright then, I think he can put a little more hurt on someone. Put a little hurt on Bradley and Pacquiao. Them the two fights he has to have, and it will clear it up right there.

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