Roger Mayweather: "If Floyd wouldn't fight Pacquiao he would go down in history as a scared motherf*cking champion" Part 2 of 2
Roger Mayweather: "If Floyd wouldn't fight Pacquiao he would go down in history as a scared motherf*cking champion" Part 2 of 2
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 15, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
On the Ropes Radio #181 -  Roger Mayweather
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By Jenna Jay, Doghouse Boxing. The fight in boxing the world has long wanted to see has of course been Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. As time has gone on, that fight has become more and more unlikely with both fighters seemingly never agreeing to terms. Recently on my 181th edition of “On The Ropes”, I had a chance to catch up with the trainer of Mayweather Jr., his uncle Roger, and I discussed with him the possibility of that fight and also some of the problems that might prevent those two from ever entering the ring together. Roger also touch on recent negations for bouts with both Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. Roger also gave his views on his nephew's status as a fighter and whether or not he believes Floyd has showed any signs of decline. Here is what Roger had to say in Part 2 of my exclusive interview. (*You can also hit the audio player on this page and listen to the full interview. Below the audio player and at the bottom of this interview are links to part one of my interview with Roger. Enjoy!)

Jenna: You mentioned Manny Pacquiao, he actually has business at hand and has to beat Marquez in their upcoming fourth fight, which clearly is no easy task. Do you think he will do it?

Well, as long as they allow him to take those steroids he will. Long as they allow him to take those pills he will. But I know one thing, his last fight, didn’t he lose to Bradley? I know everybody said that he won, but you know how that work, Bradley is with Bob Arum, and Arum has both of them guys so they have to fight Floyd.

Jenna: You said that Bob Arum has both Pacquiao and Bradley, doesn’t that mean the fight won’t happen, as Bob and Floyd don’t have the greatest working relationship?

No, they do. They all good, don’t you worry about that. They want to do this fight, I know because I sat there and spoke with Bob Arum for a couple of hours with my Nephew. I already know, I already know they can make both those fights. Him and Bradley and him and Pacquiao.

Jenna: How long ago did you sit down with Bob Arum?

Probably about a little over a month ago.

Jenna: So a month ago Floyd was talking about fighting both Pacquiao and Bradley?

Floyd’s gonna fight em, why wouldn’t he fight them? Anytime you are getting that type of money, how the hell are you not going to fight them. He has to fight Pacquiao cause that’s the fight people want to see and people talk about. If he wouldn’t fight Pacquiao he would go down in history as a scared motherf*cking champion, wouldn’t he? If he didn’t fight Pacquiao, OK then. My Nephew ain’t scared of no Pacquiao.

Jenna: Roger do you think they will come to an agreement, as the problems before have been drug testing and money.

Problem ain’t no money, my nephew is undefeated! He’s an 8 time world champion. It ain’t going to be no problem about money cause everybody knows who’s going to get the most money cause who’s got the best record? Who won the world titles? OK then, that’s who going to get the most money.

Jenna: Well Pacquiao came out in the press and said that Floyd treated him like a bum only offering him 40 million with no PPV.

You ain’t ever made 40 million. He has not made 40 million period. He’s been getting 20 million dollars. So what you crying about.

Jenna: It seems Pacquiao is not happy with the money amounts and that’s the reason the fight won’t happen.

The fight will happen. If we give him that 40 million, 45 million it’s going to happen, 45, 50 million he’s going to fight for it. You think he ain’t?

Jenna: No, I honestly don’t think he will if he doesn’t get his side of the PPV.

He will take it, if he don’t then his ass don’t want to fight no way. He don’t want it no way if he don’t take that 40 million dollars.

Jenna: You have been talking about Pacquiao and Bradley being the only two fights for Floyd, but do you see anyone else out there or are those really the only two fights for your nephew?

Well I just say that cause Bradley got a win over Pacquiao and Pacquiao is the name as far as fighting go. I’m sure there could be some other fights, but those would be the main fights right now as I look at it, those will be the main fights for Floyd in the next 3, 4 , 5 ,6 months. Those will be the fights.

Jenna: Alright, will I have one final question for you Roger. Being that you are the Uncle and trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr., the fact that you do get into the ring with him and do the pad work, have you notice any signs of decline in and the recent times you have been in the gym with Floyd?

No, not yet I haven’t. Not yet have I seen no decline, I have not seen his work ethic change. I mean he do pretty much what he was doing before. I don’t got to tell him you need to hit the bag, you need to do this, you need to do that. I have not seen that yet. I have not seen it yet as far as his fighting, but time will tell you what he’s got left. But you can only really see that in the ring, against somebody he’s fighting against. That will tell you how much he’s got left or what he ain’t got left. But we’ll see..

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