Roy Jones Jr: "I think Paul Spadafora is one of the best out there and a guy that maybe the most formidable opponent for Floyd Mayweather"
Roy Jones Jr: "I think Paul Spadafora is one of the best out there and a guy that maybe the most formidable opponent for Floyd Mayweather"
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 1, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
On the Ropes Radio -  Roy Jones Jr.
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Tonight former 4 division world champion Roy Jones Jr puts on a boxing promotion that features former Lightweight world champion Paul "The Pittsburgh Kid" Spadafora returning to action for his second fight in 2 years. I had a chance to catch up with Roy to talk about the fight card that is set to take place at the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in Chester, West Virginia and will air live on GOFIGHTLIVE.TV. Besides talking about the event, Roy also discussed the possibility of a Spadafora-Mayweather fight that he hopes to makes sometime in the near future. Here is what Roy had to say.

Jenna Jay: Roy you have an upcoming boxing promotion coming up, can you tell the fans a little bit about it?

Roy Jones Jr:
I got a boxing event going on this weekend. I mainly have the comeback of Paul Spadafora, he's fighting Solomon Egberime, a guy from Austria who's a very good opponent, ranked #13 by the WBO. I'm looking forward to seeing Paul back in action cause I want to get him back in the 140 pound mix as quick as I can.

Also on the undercard, I got Jake Giuriceo versus Peter Oluoch and Monty Mesa Clay rematch against Emmauel Lucero, which was a war the first time it happened, so I'm looking forward to that, as a matter of fact you can go on
GOFIGHTLIVE.TV and watch the fights this Saturday night. Paul Spadafora, as some might know, has the second best undefeated record in boxing, 46-0-1 with the only person having a better record then that being Chris John who is active now, so we got a lot to look forward to and you will certainly get your moneys worth if you go to GOFIGHTLIVE.TV and buy this fight.

Jenna: Speaking of Paul Spadafora, a lot of people are actually familiar with him due to a popular youtube video of him sparring Floyd Mayweather Jr, and seemingly getting the better of him. Do you have aspirations of making a Spadafora-Mayweather fight sometime in the future?

Jones Jr: Most definitively. My main aspiration is to hopefully get both of them to 49-0 and see who can get to 50 first. Get Mayweather 49-0, and Spadafora 49-0 and see who can get to fifty. That would be a perfect promotion.

Jenna: Paul has had quite a few outside the ring problems that have prevented him from getting in the ring, but being that he is now rated, and is fighting a rated opponent, do you think if he wins fight he has coming that it will put him in line for a title shot?

Jones Jr: Yes I do. It will be just what he needs, and put him right in line and you know there is a lot of guys out there that don't have nothing that would look forward to a good fight with Paul Spadafora. Him being a former IBF light weight champion, being an undefeated fighter, they want to give him his first loss, so I think this will put him right in the mix for a title shot.

Jenna: Roy for all the people that decide to tune into the GOFIGHTLIVE.TV fight card, what can they expect to see?

Jones Jr: Well two things, first thing is Paul is one of the slickest, coolest, smoothest operators in the ring that I have ever seen, and I think this guy he's fighting is going to put a lot of pressure on him and make for a great fight. Also the Monty Mesa Clay fight is a rematch of a fight that has already taken place once, and it was a great fight so I expect it will be an even better fight this time, I think Monty is even better shape then he was last time, so I'm looking forward to a great fight from him too. And Jake Giuriceo is always an action packed fighter, not the most skillful fighter on the block but always has action packed fights cause he fights till the end, so I'm looking forward to a great night of boxing, only $13.99 to watch it and you will certainly get your moneys worth cause there is former lightweight champion, who I think is one of the best still out there doing it and a guy that maybe the most formidable opponent for Floyd Mayweather

To watch this fight card that airs tonight December 1st at 7:30pm ET, just follow the link and click buy

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