Floyd Mayweather Sr: "Pacquiao is not going to be the same fighter he was. I think Pacquiao should go and be the Hawaiian President"
Floyd Mayweather Sr: "Pacquiao is not going to be the same fighter he was. I think Pacquiao should go and be the Hawaiian President"
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 18, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
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It's now been just over a week since we witnessed one of the most shocking conclusions to a fight in recent boxing history, and even with this time that has passed, there are still quite a few questions about the fight that was "Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez IV". Some people have suggested that Pacquiao should retire, while others have insinuated that Marquez might of cheated in some way, but one thing is for certain... the fight people have long wanted to see in Mayweather vs. Pacquiao has forever been changed. During the 183rd edition of "On The Ropes" I had a chance to speak with boxing trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr. We discussed the result of this fight, and how it has impacted the boxing scene. Floyd also touched on the future of Pacquiao, and if he will ever be the same fighter again. Floyd spoke on the possibility of training his son Mayweather Jr., and so much more. Here is what Floyd had to say in part one of my two part interview.

Jenna Jay: Floyd you have had a little bit of time to reflect on Pacquiao-Marquez IV. What are your thoughts on that fight today, and it's surprising finish?

Floyd Mayweather Sr: I think that Pacquiao was winning the earlier rounds, but he got dropped early too though, so I'm pretty sure he did not win that round, but pretty much the rest of the fight he was winning. Pacquiao did little something that was changing the fight; he was doing some fainting, fainting his head, he was fainting there fainting here, he was making Marquez come at him, and than Pacquiao was clocking him, Pacquiao killing him with the punches. And I am going to tell you right now, what he did...that didn't come from Freddie Roach, because out of all those years he’s been fighting with Freddie Roach, I’ve never seen him faint like the way he did when he fought last. He was really setting up Marquez, catching Marquez punches, 2-3 punches, he was catching Marquez just like that, fainting here fainting there, and that’s what he was doing. 

Freddie never taught him that before, Freddie don’t know anything about that. One thing is that you don’t teach what you don’t know. Somebody else came to the gym, and gave him some knowledge about what he did. I think whatever he did, whether he was using, Marquez was awfully slow, and Pacquiao was going for the KO, Marquez was going for KO, and Marquez has got very, very slow since his time they fought first time up. Until now, and like I said even though Pacquiao got dropped once he before, he was clearly winning the fight totally, but like I said Marquez was strong with whatever he did his weight, and whatever he did with it, I don’t know.

Jenna: Floyd, In the aftermath of the fight, you see people trying to place blame for Pacquiao's defeat. In your honest opinion, who do you think should be blamed more for the loss?

Mayweather Sr: I can’t say it’s on Freddie Roach, I can’t say it’s on Manny. It just happened. He got dropped earlier in the fight if you remember, then down the line Pacquiao started to do really good,  he was then fainting the jab, hitting him with 2-3 punches, and every time he was doing that, he was doing really good, but that’s not the work of Freddie Roach I am telling you. I’ve never seen that in my life, and you can’t teach what you don’t know.

Jenna: You mentioned something earlier about Marquez, and it's something that Freddie Roach actually came out in the press about, saying that he suspected Marquez was using something due to the way his body looked at the weight. What did you think about Roach coming out with this before the fight?

Mayweather Sr: We went through the same shit, what they gone through same shit, same stuff, why the hell you want to sue some for talking about saying something, now his ass about to get sued.  If you say something bad about somebody else, and he’s got all this money, and beat all these fighters that he wouldn’t normally beat, if he hadn’t had something stuff in him? Now Freddie Roach has got something to say about this, because of one fight, because  the guy who use to beating everybody and knocking all these big guys, now he got knock out someone damn near his size, now all they talk about is which one is using this, which one using that, but there is nothing to talk about now between him and my son, that's over with.

Jenna: I have to ask you about that Floyd, because for 3 years all people have talked about was a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, and now with this result, no one is going to want to see it, how much of a waste do you think it is that this fight was never made when it could have been?

Mayweather Sr: A lot of money wasted. It’s a fight that my son could of definitely won if Pacquiao would of taken the test. My son could of definitely beaten Pacquiao, you see how he whipped Marquez who would want to see my son and Marquez fight again?

Jenna: No one would want to see that fight Floyd, so that asks another question, and that is who is there out for your son to fight now?

Mayweather Sr: There is some big challenges out for my son. Being that my brother (Roger) is sick, that he's sick, the other day someone was reading off the computer or whatever it was that my son wanted me to comeback and train him, because my brother is sick.

Jenna: Your son contacted you about training him?

Mayweather Sr: My son has not contacted me. I guess I probably should check too, but being that my brother is sick, he probably going to need me to help, and that’s what my friend was reading to me the other day. Me being the father, and a trainer, him being my son, I have no problem with training and helping, however it goes… my son doesn't want his daddy to treat him like some 10 year old, but guess what? I am still going to be respected as a father-however it goes.

Jenna: Floyd you have seen a lot of great fighters come and go over the years. After seeing the type of loss Pacquiao suffered, do you think he can comeback from it and still be an elite fighter?

Mayweather Sr: I would have to say no. When you get knocked out like that, pretty much everything is over. When you get knock out like that, when you start fighting and stuff, and when you get hit with a good punch, another good shot another good punch, you say oh shit, you realize you escaped that one, and you realize you can’t escape another. I am just saying that, not that it can’t happen again. Pacquiao is not going to be the same fighter he was... I think Pacquiao should go and be the Hawaiian President or whatever it is, whatever that he wants to be, and go on and do that, because he is done all that he could in Boxing.  If he fights Marquez again, Marquez is real tough,  so I think the same thing could happen again. I think the Pacman needs to shut it down, but than again he do have another option, he got a contract  drawn up that say they have another rematch. My opinion is that it’s your money or your brain, and who wants to catch brain injury if you got money.

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