Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I think this would be the right time for me and little Floyd to come together as father and son, and make this attack"
Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I think this would be the right time for me and little Floyd to come together as father and son, and make this attack"
By Jenna Jay, OnTheRopes Boxing Radio, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 19, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
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In the aftermath of Manny Pacquiao's TKO6 defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, the talk amongst boxing fans shifted and people began to ask how that result will impact the career of Floyd Mayweather Jr, as one shot silenced all talks of a Pacquiao-Mayweather bout. So the question really is, what's next for Floyd?

In part 2 (see below for part 1) of my Exclusive “On The Ropes” interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr, I asked him what fighter he would like to see in the ring with his son next. I also talked with Floyd about the fighters he is currently working with, and who he thinks he might be helping in the near future. Additionally Floyd discussed why he believes there have been so many upsets in 2012 and much, much more. Here is what Floyd had to say.

Jenna Jay: Floyd, it is the opinion of a lot of boxing fans that Marquez should have won all four fights. Being that Marquez now has a definitive win over Pacquiao where do you think he ranks all-time amongst Mexican fighters?

Mayweather Sr: You got a lot of Mexicans to be honest, that you compare that too, I couldn’t say he was the greatest one, you guys got like Chavez, we’re talking about a guy whose had 100 fights, we’re talking about guys like, there were quite few others, a lot of them are coming up, I don’t know too many big ones we got, but we use to have quite a few back in the 70’s, 80’s like that and 90’s you know, you know we had really good Mexican fighters then. I would say he will be ranked amongst the many.

Jenna:  Let's turn things to you as a trainer Floyd. You recently started working with some new talent, like Andre Dirrell. Can you tell me a little about some of the new fighters you got under your wing?

Mayweather Sr: I got Andre Direll, I might be working with Kid Chocolate, I already worked with him for a week, and he already got better in a week. I am not saying this is going to happen, but a lot of people are telling me that Gamboa needs a lot of defense. A lot of people are telling me that I need to get with Gamboa. All of them are saying that. But we will have to wait and see what's happening.

Jenna: You are also working in 50 cent's new gym, can you talk about that a little?

Mayweather Sr: Yeah I am working out of his gym. I am working with another young lady there, there is another young lady who works with all my fighters in there. And there is more to come everyday, a lot of fighters, they come to me, it's like I said, things happen like they do and it is, it’s Floyd Joy Senior time.

Jenna: You have Andre Dirrell, and it is my view that he could be the biggest threat to Andre Ward. Do you think he could beat Ward?

Mayweather Sr: That’s what I am working, that’s what I am putting in his head. I got to do it that way. Me and him, I am not going to tell you everything we’ve been working, but everything is coming now, everything is coming much better. I think he is going to have very good chance. And I really believe within myself right now today, I think of the fighters today, the best two fighters today, are my son and Andre Ward. Those are the two best fighters today. Those are the fighters. Floyd is second to none. There is Floyd and then Andre Ward. But a lot of depends on how Dirrell responds. I am just going to tell you this right here, I ain’t got all these wins and ain't I got all these people calling me for nothing, there is got to be a reason, there is my way the highway or the no other way, if you listen and do what I tell you, you will be successful, but I can’t make nobody do anything, it’s on them at the end of the day. They got to want to win, and if they want to win, I am the guy to give them the knowledge.

Jenna: Speaking of training fighters, Freddie Roach has had a bit of a rough patch of late, now losing his last four big fights. Why do you think he had a tough time recently with his fighters?

Mayweather Sr: All the accolades and 5 time awards, all of that stuff is being pulled off him. I can see what he is doing now, he could never out train me. Because he never had that knowledge that I have, that kind of knowledge to train fighters. There has never been jealous bone in my body, over the accolades he’s got. Lord knows my heart. We do the same things, but I do them better. He’s taking losses, because things are breaking down, that’s what’s going on. I never worried about nothing, it’s just was a matter of time, it would be Floyd Joy’s time. I  never worried about it, never worried about it today. I never got no awards, I got runner up one time, I had me runner up against somebody, I think Shane Mosley daddy won it that year,  but none of them could out do what I do, it’s so plain to see a blind man could see, you can come see for yourself, and you can be the judge, if you know anything about boxing. Who you going to say the best to you? If you judge me and any other trainers out here, it’s me. But there ain’t nothing to really talk about, its just about me taking care of business, taking care of my place and that's what I'm going to do.

Jenna: Back to your son, talks are now that Floyd Jr. would face either Saul Alvarez or Robert Guerrero. Who do you like for him next?

Mayweather Sr: If it’s Canelo or if it’s the ghost, whatever it’s true or false, with my son, whether it’s true or false, I think this would be the right time for me and little Floyd to come together as father and son, and make this attack. We need to pull together, and do this attack together. Go back like it was when we won the title.

Jenna: Final Question for you Floyd. There has been a lot of upsets in 2012, a lot of top fighters beaten. Why do you think we have so many of these upsets this year?

Mayweather Sr: I am going to be honest with you, you know why there is so many upsets, because there is no good trainers no more. There is no one that really knows the game or has the knowledge about the game. You have to have good trainers and you have to have good fighters too, sometimes fighters be good but the trainer might not be good, sometimes the trainer might be good the fighter might not be, but most of the time right now we don’t have any trainers, like I said before , the whole thing is first of all, everybody trying to fight off drugs right now, ain't nobody doing the good all hard work like they use too, run, come back, run with bar bells in your hands, right forward, backwards, sideways, spiriting, ain't nobody doing that; they taking the pill the liquid drink get super strong and go knock somebody out, make them where they can take a better punch or make them punch harder than the other guy, that’s pretty much what’s happening today, that’s why boxing is going bad, boxing is definitely not what it was before, when I was coming up back in the day, where men work extra hard like Ali and Joe Frazier, back in times like that, Sugar Ray Robinson Joe Louis, it's totally different now. 

It doesn’t sound like boxing no more.  I’ve been in boxing pretty much all of my life, it’s a bad thing right now. I think boxing is declining. And they’re going to let that stupid foolish game that comes on right now, the one MMA, and we know they be do everything, they beyond the fighters, they do things way beyond a fighter can do. You need to clean the game up, that’s the only way boxing can come back alive the way it use to be. You got to clean this stuff up. Make this people, you doing this you doing that, you take the test, you don’t take the test you don’t fight for a certain amount of time, put they're asses out for a year or two. You have to find some sort of rule or regulation that stands! That’s what you have to do. This thing will get right, that’s the way I feel about.

Floyd Mayweather Sr: "Pacquiao is not going to be the same fighter he was. I think Pacquiao should go and be the Hawaiian President"
By Jenna Jay

Special thanks to Tim and Ruben for helping to bring this article to boxing readers.

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