Interview Don Trinidad: Trinidad vs. Wright: New York Press Conference
By Ric Solivan, (February 23, 2005) 
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“I do not under estimate “Winky” he is a great fighter, however May 14 will be a great night for me. I have faced six southpaws in my career and he will be the seventh... the seventh one I beat!

The Trinidad vs. Wright press tour made its scheduled stop in New York City. The event turned out to be a very professional and entertaining affair which was not as heated as some perhaps had expected. All the players involved did their very best to reassure the press and public on hand that this will be a fight to remember and a defining moment in the career of the bout’s victor. Both Felix “Tito” Trinidad and Ronald “Winky” Wright made assurances of a victory although Tito stole the show with a very eloquent speech and promise of using the dangerous south paw as a stepping stone to Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins.

Promoter Don King took advantage of the event to build a bit of momentum for the inevitable Felix Trinidad vs. Bernard Hopkins rematch by both praising and challenging the undisputed middleweight champion.

“I think Bernard is a great fighter, but Tito is also a great fighter. The first time around the playing field was not even, and I’ll tip my hat to Bernard is he can do it again. He (Hopkins) got there 20 minutes before the fight while Tito experienced that holocaust that took place between September 11th to the 29th.” Recalled King of the fateful days leading up to the fight.

“Before he (Tito) went into to the ring he had already lost focus, he was so involved in helping following the terrorist attacks of 911 that he simply lost focus. On top of that, you had Bernard who stepped on his flag; spoke badly about his country and the Puerto Rican people that Tito just went into the ring to knock him out. He was not doing the normal things he does, no lateral movement, no counter punching, he just wanted to knock Bernard out and it worked against him. Tito was not ready.” eloquently expressed the promoter.

Finally, King praised Trinidad’s character by saying “Tito is a wonderful fighter, a patriot, Tito may have lost a sports title that night but he won a championship in humanity”.

When Tito Trinidad’s time came to take the podium he was both brief and direct in what he had to say to his opponent, his fans and the media. “I do not under estimate “Winky” he is a great fighter, however May 14 will be a great night for me. I have faced six southpaws in my career and he will be the seventh...the seventh one I beat!

“I will be ready I am sparring against southpaws and I can hit them very, very well believe me. I have a lot of respect for him but I will have none in the ring come may 14th.”

Don Felix was very serious and warned Wright’s advisor Gary Shaw to stop sugarcoating the situation for his client. “When Gary Shaw show took the stage earlier he said he has never seen “Winky” Wright hurt. Nevertheless, I do not need to remind him of the time he spent close to Vargas’ corner when he fought Tito. He is trying his best to keep his fighter positive because he knows first hand about the damage Tito inflicted on Vargas.”

On the subject of Wright being a south paw, the elder Trinidad said “Tito has fought against what I regard as talented and difficult southpaws in Hector “Macho” Camacho a three-time champion and Pernell Whittaker, a Five times world champion in different categories, this fight will end the same way.”

Finally Don Felix warned Team Wright that should they lose he wants hear no excuses “This fight will be at 160, Tito made 15 consecutive title defenses at 147, and after that when Tito went up to 154 “Winky” was already there and had always been there always, but at the time he had just lost to Fernando Vargas. Because when Tito moved up, we said we wanted to face the very best, we challenged Vargas instead, but if “Winky” had beaten Vargas, Tito would have already faced and beaten “Winky”. So as you can see sometimes losing is winning because you got this opportunity now. I’m sure he can go up in weight just like Tito did and he will get beaten not because of the weight but instead by the quality of the fighter in front of him that night in Tito Trinidad”

On the question that they have chosen unwisely, Don Felix had this response “Have we made a mistake in choosing Winky, no we have made our choices with our feet on the ground. I must also say that Gary Shaw is right when he said Winky has never been hurt in a fight, but come May 14th he will get the chance to see him hurt…Badly. We have a lot of respect for him but business is business and he will face one of the best fighters of this decade and perhaps of his generation.”

TainoBox caught up with Don Felix before the press conference and her is what he had this to say:

Ric Solivan: There is a big difference in style, talent and speed between Ricardo Mayorga and Ronald “Winky” Wright, was this match up chosen for a particular reason?

Don Felix:
Were dealing with a very different type of fighter than Mayorga come May 14. Ronald
“Winky” Wright is a boxer with good technique, where as Mayorga was a raw power puncher who was very strong. However this fight will show to the world the type of extraordinary fighter Tito is.”

Ric Solivan: With the renewed interest in Tito by Bernard Hopkins, seeing as he has put Tito on his top slot How soon could the fight take place following what we understand will be a victory over Winky Wright?

Don Felix:
I believe that if everything goes well May 14 that fight could take place in September or October,

Ric Solivan: What can we expect to see from Tito in a rematch against Hopkins?

Don Felix:
With the help of god we plan to demonstrate that Tito Trinidad is a better fighter than
Bernard Hopkins, and that the Tito who shows up to fight that night will be the Tito that we all know and have seen in the past. The reason we want to get that rematch is to demonstrate that very fact to the world.

Ric Solivan: Don Felix is there anything in particular that you want to share with the readers of

Don Felix:
I’d like to say thank you to all the readers of TainoBox and to al Puerto Ricans around the world for there support. Everywhere we go there are always Puerto Ricans there to support us and we appreciate that. We also want to thank TainoBox for bring boxing from Puerto Rico to fans from around the world.

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