Interview with Steve Cunningham - Cruiserweights Invade Canastota
By Rob Tierney (June 23, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Last weekend, the top dogs in the cruiserweight division invaded boxing's hometown to help honor the 2010 inductees. The division's best including Marco Huck, Troy Ross and Steve "USS" Cunningham were on hand to pay tribute to the sport's past while discussing the sport's future specifically in the cruiserweight division. I had a chance to speak with Steve Cunningham on the future of the division and his recent victory over Troy Ross in Germany. Here is what he had to say:

Rob Tierney: Hello Steve! How are you doing this afternoon?

Steve Cunningham: I'm doing great.

RT: I see you are here with your son at the International Boxing Hall of Fame. How does it feel to be back in boxing's hometown?

It's nice. It's a familiar feeling. I've been here before so now I'm a little more comfortable with it.

RT: Okay, well I am sure the Hall of Fame is glad to have you back.

It's great to be back.

RT: Most fight fans know by now that you are coming off a big win over Troy Ross for the IBF cruiserweight championship. Considering that there are some fans who have not seen that fight, would you like to speak to that a little?

Yeah, I scored a 5th round TKO over Troy Ross. It was due to a cut. I landed a nice shot right on his eye and it cut him. He couldn't continue.

RT: Outstanding!

Yeah, he scored a knockdown in the 4th round. It was a bit of a flash knockdown. Still, for people who know me they know that this kind of thing doesn't mean anything to me. I got right back up and continued to work.

RT: So it was a close fight before the stoppage?

Actually, we got a look at the judges' scorecards after the fight. In fact, they scored the fourth round 10-9 despite the knockdown because I was winning the round before the knockdown and I was beating him the entire round after the knockdown.

RT: So you were in control?

Yeah, and that just goes to show how the tempo of the fight was going. We went into the bout to dominate and control him and possibly stop him later in the fight. I didn't know it was going to happen like that though. But a TKO is a TKO.

RT: Perfect! Now you are a belt holder with the win over Ross?


RT: There is a rumor going around that Marco Huck might be up here this weekend. He holds the WBO belt. Is a unification bout with Huck something that might interest you in the future? I understand though that you already hold a win over him.

Yeah, you know it is interesting to me solely just to unify. It may be interesting to him for a shot at revenge. You would have to ask him that question. Of course I would fight him because he has a belt. Whoever has a belt then that is who I want. That is the goal. UNIFICATION!

RT: Outstanding Steve! Now let me ask you a question.


RT: How tall are you?

About 6 foot 3.

RT: Okay, the reason I ask is that there are a lot of former cruiserweights like David Haye and Tomasz Adamek, a former opponent of yours, that are currently campaigning at heavyweight. You have the height to compete in that division. Is a jump up to heavyweight something that might interest you in the future should you clean up the cruiserweight division over the next couple of years?

Yeah, it's always a possibility. However, as I said before there is still a lot of work at Cruiserweight that needs to be done before I can think about that. That's the goal right now.

RT: Fair enough! Even if nothing is signed, can you share any insight on who you might fight next?

I don't have a name yet but I'm the World Champion right now so it's anybody and everybody. That's what's on my plate.

RT: Sounds good! In closing, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans, your supporters and your friends from your hometown?

Yeah, I just want to say thanks for the prayers and thanks for the support. Tune into for some video blogs and more information.

RT: Thanks again Steve. I am sure fans will tune in to find about more information on your future fights.

Thank you!

Cunningham's options at cruiserweight vary. A future rematch with Marco Huck could be of fan interest, as would a fight with Australia's Danny Green. Considering how close Cunningham's encounter was with Tomasz Adamek and how well Adamek is currently doing at heavyweight, a jump to boxing's glory division remains a viable option for the 6’3” Philadelphia native as well. Whatever the future may hold for the future IBF champion, fireworks are for certain. Steve Cunningham remains a dominant force in the sport of boxing and fight fans should bank on seeing him in the future.

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