Intreview with Scott LeDoux: Minnesota's Best Kept Boxing Secret
By David Ruff (Feb 23, 2011) Doghouse Boxing  
Scott LeDoux, heavyweight contender from the '70s and '80s, has done color commentary work for ESPN2, is the head of the Minnesota Boxing Commission since it's been revised, has boxed 11 world heavyweight champions, has done work for muscular dystrophy and various other charities. He's also involved in politics in the Minnesota area, and at one time or another has trained boxers. He's fought the likes of Ken Norton, Greg Page, had a draw with Leon Spinks (Michael's brother), fought in South Africa, and just has done some pretty darn good work in boxing generally. He at one time was considered a "great white hope." After talking to Scott a couple of times, he seems like he has no regrets about his boxing career. He also does full-time work as a realtor, besides other jobs. One must say, Way to go! for what Scott does. Wishing other heavyweights of his era would do the same. Scott basically knew when it was time to quit, after the Frank Bruno fight. He also has done some work in professional wrestling, with the AWA out of the midwest. He's had about 100 wrestling matches. Here are some questions I posed to Scott. He answered them very graciously. Way to go, Scott, and keep up the good work!

David Ruff: How did you first get started in boxing? I started as a freshman in college at UMD after my freshman year of football ended. I had a guy ask me to box with him since he had no one to box with and a fight comming up. I thought it was a no brainer, not. He had some training and I got embarrassed so I kept going back.

D.R.: Who are some of your favorite boxers?

Scott LeDoux:
Marvin Hagler, Ernie Shavers, ALI, Duran, Bad Benny Brisco.

D.R.: What is your favorite boxing movie or book?

S.L.: Rocky I. It was as real as it gets.The scene after a club fight where promoter takes out the locker fees etc.

D.R.: Who were some of the toughest fighters you boxed?

S.L.: Ron Lyle, Ron Stander, Rodney Bobick, George Foreman, Leon Spinks, Ali, Mike Weaver, Kenny Norton, Larry Holmes, Gerrie Coetzea, Greg Page, Frank Bruno and sparred with Lennox Lewis and spared with Mike Tyson for 2 months when I was 42 and he turned 25 during traing camp.

D.R.: Since being a boxing commissioner, how would you change boxing for the good?

S.L.: Show the Judges scores after each round.

D.R.: Do you feel there are any good heavyweights today?

S.L.: Minimal talent.

D.R.: Do you work with any boxers?

S.L.: No, as Executive Director of the Boxing Comminssion in the State of Minnesota it would be a major conflict of interest.

D.R.: Do you still train?

S.L.: I went 5 rounds on the heavybag last week and lost three of them. I was the judge and it did not help.

D.R.: Do you have another job besides being a boxing commissioner?

S.L.:  I'm a County Commissioner for the Anoka County and I'm also a realtor for Keller Williams and also sit on the Racing Commission for Canterbury Downs.

D.R.: Do you have some positive thoughts that you could contribute to the story of your career?

S.L.: To never give up on your goals. Who would thougt that a small town guy would be in the ring with 11 world champions.

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