Mike Stewart Pulls Out Bout with One Punch to Close the Show at Dover Downs
By David R. Ruff at ringside (March 5, 2010) DoghouseBoxing  
It seemed like a pretty good sellout crowd; everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.  It was an evenly matched card all the way around, in a decent setting.  Plus, the bouts were televised through the Internet, and they had eight active and competitive bouts.  Larry Tornambe was the ring announcer.  Ed Sutor, the president and CEO of Dover Downs, presented the fight-of-the-night trophy.  Shannon Tiberi sung the National Anthem.  Steve Triple S and Vic Dewysocki were the referees.  Lisa Butler is the PR person for Dover Downs.  The promoter was Gloria Hamiuelet.  Larry Tornambe and Henry Milligan, former national amateur heavyweight boxing champ, did the color commentary on the Internet. 
Bout 1: Four rounds, welterweight.  Bernard "Road Dog" Miller, Lewes, Delaware, 162, 48 years old vs. John "Jawbreaker" Colvin of West Virginia, 158, 30 years old.   Round 1:  Miller forces action, looks good for his age.  Miller good punch to the jaw; Miller forces action.  Good action in this round.  Round 2:  Good action.  Colvin's nose bleeding, Miller pushing fight.  Miller down.  TKO 2.  Colvin stops Miller in a good bout.
Bout 2:  Six rounds, welterweight.  Mondre Pope, 143 of Virginia, vs. Julias Edmunds, 142 of Philadelphia.  Round 1:  Pope pushing action with hard punches.  Pope has good combinations and pushes the fight.  Edmunds digs to the body.  Round 2:  Nip and tuck so far.  Pope pushing the harder punches, still pushing at end of round.  Round 3:  Pope still pushing the harder punches but nip and tuck; both inside close; bout still good; both in close by end of round.  Round 4:  Edmunds in close, but good with both parties.  Both in tight, but nip and tuck.  Both in tight at end of round but both exchanging punches.  Round 5:  Both still in close; still back and forth.  Edmunds in close, a lot of holding.  Pope hard punches, Edmunds on top.  Round 6:  Edmunds still on top, pushing the action.  Pope hard punches, both holding.  Edmunds pushing action at end of fight.  Unanimous decision:  Edmunds wins.
Bout 3:  Heaveyweights.  Dan Biddle of Hockessin, Delaware, 195, 25 years old, vs. Eddie Otts of Salisbury, Maryland, 36 years old.  Round 1:  Biddle pushing action but stands too straight up; still pushing action; catches Otts with a punch, knocks him down.  TKO 1.  Biddle wins but needs a lot of work.
Bout 4:  Super featherweight.  Ronica Jeffrey of New York, 27 years old, vs. Angel Dladney, of Columbia, South Carolina, 22 years old.  Round 1:  Both nip and tuck; good action; both pushing action at end of round.  Round 2:  All action.  Dladney knocked down twice with two good punches.  TKO round 2.  Jeffrey wins--with these two women not having to be ashamed of anything.
Bout 5:  Light heavyweight.  Anthony Caputo-Smith of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, 175, 24 years old, vs. Jason Johns of Danville, Virginia, 172, 23 years old.  Round 1:  John starts out fast.  Smith looking for bombs, gets it; Johns down in round 1. Johns gets up.  Smith still pushing action, but good bout at end of round 1.  Round 2:  Both pushing action.  Smith waiting for bomb; gets it in round 2.  Johns down, then up.  Smith still pushing.  Good action by both at end of round.  Round 3:  Johns down.  Gets up again.  Johns lands good shot.  Good action by both.  Johns down again.  Johns pushing back, but Smith gets good hit.  TKO 3:  Smith wins.
Bout 6:  Light welterweight, four rounds.  Mike Denby, Felton, Delaware, 142, 34 years old, vs. David Hopkins of Roanoke, Virginia, 143, 27 years old.  Round 1:  Both start out fast, Denby pushing action; both nip and tuck; Denby still pushing action, even at end of round.  Round 2:  Denby pushing action, but still a good fight.  Hopkins catches Denby.  Denby still pushing.  Hopkins backing up.  Round 3:  Hopkins pushing action, but Denby on top.  Nip and tuck, but Hopkins still pushing action.  Both pushing at end of round.  Round 4:  Hopkins still pushing action, stalking Denby.  Good fight.  Hopkins has Denby backing up.  Hopkins goes down, Denby stalking.   Hopkins wins by majority decision.
Bout 7:  Middleweight, six rounds.  Co-feature fight.  Mike Tiberi of Smyrna, Delaware, 163, 21 years old, vs. Michael Rayner of Fayetville, North Carolina, 164, 32 years old.  Round 1:  Both feeling out, not much action.  Round 2:  Tiberi pushing action, using jabs.  Round 3:  Tiberi still pushing action.  Round 4:  Rayner pushing action; Tiberi picking up the pace.  Both nip and tuck at end of round.  Round 5:  Back and forth; Tiberi using jabs; Tiberi good left-right combination.  Round 6:  Tiberi still pushing action, using jabs.  Not a bad bout.  Rayner coming back.  Tiberi working at end of round.  Tiberi wins unanimous decision.
Bout 8:  Main Event.  Welterweight, eight rounds.  Michael Stewart, New Castle, Delaware, 147, 32 years old, vs. Brandon Baue, 146, 23 years old, Troy, Missouri.  Round 1:  Baue cut; thinks it was a head butt (rubbed his head and pointed to the ref); lot of blood.  Both pushing action.  Both get hit.  Round 2:  Both in close; not much action.  Both still pushing some action.  Round 3:  Baue pushing action; close round.  Stewart gets hit at end of round.  Round 4:  Baue pushing action.  Stewart not looking good at all.  Stewart getting hit at end of round.  Round 5:  Baue pushing action.  Stewart's timing off, but manages to catch Baue with one clean hard shot to get a KO win in round 5.  Talk about luck!  Stewart pulled the cat out of the bag.
All in all, a lot of good action at Dover Downs.

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