Henry Milligan, Wilmington Heavweight of the Hot '80s
By David Ruff (April 10, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
When I first met Henry Milligan it was in the 80s at the Jackson St. Boys Club. He was a good looking kid. More like a guy you would see at the beach, not a boxer. But he wanted to box as he told me and he played a lot of sports as he put it. I would see Henry work with a lot of boxers down Jackson St. He also boxed this writer a lot.

Henry was making a name for himself in the Wilmington area. In and around the Tri State area, Milligan was KO'ing everyone he faced. He was also getting a lot of good ink by stopping boxers in one round. Everyplace in Wilmington he would box
at was a sell out. At one point he was 10 and 0, all first round KOs .

Milligan went on to win the Nationals to beat Henry Tillman for the Heavweight Title at that time. This would set up a bout with the great Mike Tyson for a spot on the 84 olympic team; everyone in Wilmington at the time wanted Henry to beat Tyson but Henry got stopped in a very game try on A.B.C. TV. Everyone in Wilmington watched.

Milligan went on to go Pro, and went back to stopping boxers in the Wilm and Tri State area. Milligan’s amateur record was 41 wins, 6 losses, 31 kos--21 in the first rd. His Pro record was 17 wins, 15 kos, lost 3. Milligan did box for the I.B.C. Title but was stopped in 8 in Aspen CO. Milligan has even done movie and tv work and says he would love to star in a movie if he could. He has also been in People Magazine and Sports Illustrated. He said Tyson and Tillman gave him tough bouts. After seeing Milligan (on Feb 26, 2010), he still looks great, and still looks like he could box anyone today.

This writer would like to thank Henry for letting me do this story and for also boxing him; you’ve made me proud and put Wilmington DE on the map.

How did you get started in boxing?

I was always a good athlete, but best at one on one sports like wrestling, and figured if I could face somebody one on one in an enclosed area, I could whup almost anyone

What was your amatuer record?

41-6 w/ 31 kos, 21 in first round.

What was your pro record?

17 - 3 w/ 15 kos

What book or movie do you like on boxing?

A book called 'The Contender'.

Who was the boxer that gave you the hardest fight?

Mike Tyson and Henry Tillman (who beat Tyson and won Olympic gold) gave me my hardest fights, although I beat Tillman.

What would you do to make boxing better?

I would have fighters wear bigger gloves, not a lot bigger, but 2 - 4 ozs bigger.

What's the postive thing about you career?

I became a household name in Delaware and surrounding areas

What's the negative thing about your career?

I got cut too easily

What have you been doing since your not boxing?

I am a personal fitness trainer, and use boxing to get clients in shape!

In closing do you have anything you would like to add?

I would love to star in a movie!

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