Q&A With Larry Holmes
By David Ruff, Doghouse Boxing (May 24, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Larry Holmes
Last Friday night, Larry Holmes was doing commentary for a new cable network names Wealth, with co-commentator Mike Mittman. The main event had fallen through, which put Mike Stewart, a Delaware fighter, on the main event, with Veronica Jeffries on the semi windup; they do like her in Dover. I asked Mike Mittman, could I do an interview with Larry Holmes, and he kindly said yes. I gave Holmes my ten questions, and he answered them very graciously, and he seemed very excited about coming to Dover. They seem to have some very good cards in Dover. I hope the network, with Larry, will come down again. Larry really doesn’t do anything with boxing today; he just does his commentaries and a local TV show in Easton, PA that goes nationwide.

Here are the ten questions and his answers:

1. How many amateur fights did you have? Did you win any titles?

22 fights, 4 Golden Gloves titles.

2. What’s your favorite book or movie on boxing?

My book, Against the Odds.

3. Who was your favorite fighter when you were growing up?

Ali, Frazier, Louis.

4. What do you think of the Klitschkos?

I’m not impressed.

5. Who was your toughest fight?

Kenny Norton.

6. How would you change the state of boxing today if you could?

Lot of things. I think they are making good changes—just have to enforce them.

7. Do you have any dealings with boxing today?


8. Do you think they’ll ever do a movie about you?


9. What did you think of your bout with Muhammad Ali?

Good fight for me. Ali was not as great as he thought.

10. Any positive or negative thoughts about your boxing career?

No negative. All positive.

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