Bruce Trampler: One of Boxing’s Leading Matchmakers!
By David Ruff (Aug 4, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Bruce Trampler got into boxing by writing a term paper for school on boxing. That’s when he met Billy Douglas, Busters father, when he was boxing as a middleweight in the 70s. The bug on boxing bit Bruce. He then began helping Douglas get bouts. Billy felt that Bruce should have some fights. So Billy got Bruce into the Ohio Golden Gloves. Bruce had about seven bouts and not doing bad. Bruce has also done some writing on boxing. He did stories in some of the leading boxing magazines including one on Bruce “The Mouse” Strauss. This writer has read it and I think it was great. Bruce has also done some screen plays. His main thing is working
as a matchmaker for Bob Arum’s Top Rank Boxing. Bruce has been with Top Rank for some time now. He’s one good matchmaker. This year, 2010, Bruce was inducted into the IBHOF for the work he’s done in boxing over the years. Way to go Bruce--you know the sport of boxing.

DR: How did you get started in boxing?
Got started in boxing as a fan in high school, writing down fight AP results from newspapers because there was no BoxRec or any such internet service so we recorded 'em ourselves ... went to first fight 7/67 Frazier-Chuvalo but had been reading Ring Magazine in H.S. library for a few years as most major publications of the time (Sport, S.I.) didn't pay much attention to the sport ... my father took me several times to Madame Bey's training camp (also called Ehsan's) in Chatham Twp, NJ to see Carlos Ortiz and Hurricane Carter and others work out ... Ortiz was getting ready for Ismael Laguna at Shea Stadium, so by being quiet and polite, I started meeting managers and trainers ... also met Johnny Persol at the old Gil Clancy Gym on W 28th St in NY, nice guy ... they all were or they could have chased me right out of the sport ... went to Ohio U in Athens, was planning to interview a fighter (Bill Douglas, father of Buster) and found he didn't have a manager so I acted as de facto adviser and helped the struggling bomb-thrower and eventually became his manager.
DR: Did you do any boxing yourself?

Douglas thought I should have some amateur experience so I fought 3 times in Columbus, Ohio and the others in Athens winning 5 and losing 2.
DR: What movie or book do you like on boxing?

Love Fat City, Requiem for Heavyweight, The Harder They Fall, and several Tom Hauser books.
DR: What boxer do you like the most?

Bill Douglas, Johnny Tapia, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Alexis Arguello, Roberto Duran, Ali. I know I left someone out.
DR: What was it like going into the IBHOF?

I’m still numb and excited about it. I had never been there but friends say it is a wonderful experience.

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