Boxing: Antonio’s Reliable Source on Britanny Murphy, Elin Nordegren, Emma Watson plus...and Yes, Boxing!
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 8, 2010)  
I want to start this week by wishing all of you had a Merry Christmas, and that all of you have a happy and peaceful year 2010. Without question, this is my favorite season of the year because, #1, you get to see all the hot models dressed like Ms. Santa and his daughters on television, the internet and newspapers, and in person. #2, I definitely prefer the winter to the summer! In the winter, you can wear a jacket or go inside somewhere and still you can feel a bit breezy. In the summer, unless you have a swimming pool, the only thing that helps you beat the heat is a cold drink and that’s only for a few seconds. Unless you have an air conditioner too, which my home’s owner does not want me to have installed.

I also want to thank my brother Jose and my sister Nilda for giving me presents that I did not expect, and that have come in handy to me. I have an anecdote about that: The night of December 24th, I told my niece Nina, who is about to turn 5, that I was going to have to go to bed early too because I was the oldest “kid” in the world on “Santa’s list” and didn’t want him to catch me up. I was just kidding, of course! But when my brother and sister handed me the presents the next day, I told Nina “see! I told you Santa was bringing me presents too!!” She may be almost 5 only, but she is very smart, so she looked at me puzzled before asking “What the heck???”

And, well, the holidays go on and now we still have New Year’s and, in the Hispanic world, the Three Wise Men Day also. To us, Latinos, Three Wise Men Day is a holiday celebrated on January 6th, with different types of celebrations from January 5th during the night all the way to the 6thon the afternoon, employing traditions that go all the way from family competitions to cutting grass for the camels, in places that include Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico and the South American countries. To most Latinos then, January 6th represents both a second Christmas day, and the official end of the Christmas Season.

But in truth, every day could be a holiday. I remember on April of 1985, when I was 12, an “all grown up 12 year old man” as I used to see myself, that I had decided I would not go to school on the 16th of April, because Wednesday, April 15th, would be a holiday for me: that night, Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns would go to battle for us to celebrate. So I gave myself the present which has lasted a lifetime, that of having watched that fight live. Why do we have to wait for holidays and special presentations to make ourselves and the rest of the world happy? Happiness is a state that can be achieved every day, in many levels. Whether it be winning a world boxing championship, having a baby, getting that one thing you had to buy at the store, taking a vacation, doing a job well done at work, or unselfishly helping someone else attain a goal, you don’t need a holiday to experience happiness. Of course, as humans, I have to say that happiness is just like anything else. Like we have skies, we have water and the ground. Like we have weddings, we have divorces. We have cold and hot. God and The Devil. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. Happiness and Sadness.

So I’m not saying that we cannot be sad from time to time. But we should not look for sadness. What we should, and can do, is look for happiness, every day of our lives.

And, to all our readers, Happy New Year, and Happy New Decade!!!


Maybe we asked for it. Because celebrities can flip off their fans, scare the hell out of a simple autograph hunter, and act like divas or divos and yet we still keep buying their albums and going to their movies. So, many of us do certainly act from time to time as if we were dumb. But, how many times do celebrities have to treat us like they believe non celebs are all dumb? Sometimes, it seems that famous people do not know that we can tell what’s next for them, so they themselves or a friend of theirs have to inform us about it through the news.

The newest case of people confirming for us what we already knew about them concerns Tiger “Morning” Wood’s wife, the astoundingly beautiful Swede woman, Elin Nordegren. Her friend, Mia Parnevik, told US Weekly Magazine that Nordegren is considering her options and taking the time she needs, the magazine says. Hmmnn, let’s see what those options are: staying with an ugly husband who humiliated you publicly, or divorcing him and taking half of the quazillions he made?

Nordegren also recently bought herself a mansion worth $2 million Dollars in a private island off Vaxholm, Sweden, putting it under her name.

Here’s another option, Ellin: leave your husband for me, and let’s go to wax each other off at Vaxholm, leaving Tiger behind to handle us our share of his money the way Floyd Mayweather Jr. squanders his. Are you game, Ellin??

In other Tiger news, he was put on his butt-dumped-by golf magazine Golf Digest, where he had a column, according to

I will take this opportunity to ask out loud for another digest magazine, Boxing Digest, to be brought back to production. And my editors here at not to dump ME if I ever get caught in a marital controversy like Tiger’s! Hey at least I never hide anything from anyone!!

Legally Dumped

And in other break-up news, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon must be feeling a deya vu and so must we, because that couple, guess what?, that couple is breaking up too!

I once observed how many people have birthdays between August and October and was responded by someone that it owes to the fact that winter months are better for ‘doing the deed’, because it‘s so cold that everyone wants to ‘warm up‘ their bodies. All these couple that are breaking up these days, however, make it clear that the deed is not the only thing that these months are good for. It seems like the winter is the perfect time to break up too! Or maybe, Norgedren and Witherspoon were just dissatisfied ‘the last time’ and that’s why they are breaking away from their men? Who knows!

In Gyllentaal and Witherspoon’s case, according to US Weekly Magazine, the pair called it quits early in December, leaving Jake’s heart broken hearted. S many of you may remember Reese Witherspoon was married to Ryan Philippe for seven years until they divorced in 2006. The magazine’s sources indicate that Jake Gyllentaal was asking her to marry him but she was unsure about it since her marriage to Philippe had disintegrated.

To paraphrase Butthead of Beavis and Butthead fame: “Ellin and Reese, come to Antonio, babes”!

As far as Jake, relax, dude….at least you spent a couple of years with Reese Witherspoon and not a couple of rounds with Tim Witherspoon!!

Baby Kardashian!

Well, but not everything is bad (or good, depending on how you see it) news about people breaking up or breaking golf clubs on other’s heads these days, as much as that might seem to be the case. Just to prove that point, the stork made a visit to the home of one of the Kardashians, who, whether you or I like it or not (I don’t), have become celebrities, even without a talent.

Mason Dash Disick was born to daddy Scott Disick and mommy Kourtney Kardashian on December 14th in Los Angeles, California, according to US Weekly Magazine.

I wish Mason all the luck and God’s blessings in the world, but with that last name, I can imagine his high school years. If you take two letters from that last name, you’ll get the poor nickname the kid’s gonna have to live with, and I hint you, it will not be “sick”!

Anyways, good timing for the boy as far as the day he was born at! Two weeks later, he gets Santa Claus to visit him for the first time! Which mean double celebrations for the kid in December, at least for the next few years! And what a Christmas present for the parents he turned out to be! Mike Tyson, who timed his hooks perfectly some two decades ago, could have never timed anything better than this!!

Talking of Babies

My nephew John has been entered into a contest to win him $2,500 dollars, which likely will be spent by his mom and dad on clothes and items for the baby.

So, as the loving uncle I am, it is my duty to ask you to visit this page:, to vote for John and to help us win!!

Besides, you won’t be able to deny John’s a cutie, as they say in boxing!!

Grossing, not Gross

I like Lord of The Rings. Well, the movies anyway, not the books. They are great movies, and they were important in fast forwarding the career of BABE Emma Watson. Only thing is, the first couple of Lord of The Rings movies, Emma was like 11, so I waited for her to become an adult so I could include her in my fantasy women harem.

But now, hey guess what, now she’s 19! And I am absolutely, positively in love with the British girl, who is arguably the best looking English femme since The Spice Girls (don‘t get me started on THAT subject, I still can‘t make up my mind whether I “wannabe“ Baby or Scary Spice‘s lover!). And as of now, not only is Emma Watson the hottest woman since the five “spiced out” ones, but she is also the highest grossing movie star in the world! US Weekly says that the starlet’s movies earned about $5.4 billion dollars in the 00’s, making her the highest grossing female actress of the past decade, ahead of Meg Ryan, Sondra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank and all the others!

She also gave Lord of the Rings co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grinch, err, Grint, a box office beating that reminded them of the one Ricky Hatton took at the hands of Manny Pacquiao this last summer.

Samuel L. Jackson and Orlando Bloom head the money getters among actors for the decade. Now, if you look at Jackson in his role as a robber in 1988’s “Coming to America”, who could have told that same robber was gonna end up making someone billions???

Seen and On The Sceen

ESPN Classic had several great sporting events showcased on December 27th as the network had a “best of the decade” marathon. Matches like Sampras-Agassi at the 2001 US Open Tennis tournament, or the Boston Celtics’ 29 point comeback in the fourth quarter as they beat the New Jersey Nets in Game Three of the 2003 NBA Eastern Conference Finals (I remember that one, how could I not, as a lifelong Celtics fan??), and the first Hasim Rahman-Lennox Lewis bout.

Now, I need to call my friends at ESPN Classic and knock on their heads about this one. The first Rahman-Lewis fight was pretty good, but have they never heard about certain fights like, hmnn.., Barrera-Morales I, or Ward-Gatti I, or Trinidad-Vargas?? Those were certainly much better!!

Another knock on the head goes to Hasim Rahman. He needs to change his name to something easier for me to type! At least, Muhammad Ali and Dwight Muhammad Qawi never gave us sportswriters the hardships Raham gives me when I try to write his name. Every time I do, I have to look up the internet for the correct spelling!!

On December 31st, the Encore Channel will feature a Rocky marathon. Look out for real-life boxers Joe Frazier, Pedro Lovell, Roberto Duran, Tony and Frankie Baltazar, Tommy Morrison and Antonio Tarver on them!

Our Hearts are With

Urban Meyer. The 45 year old American Football coach, who is head coach of the Florida Gators NCAA Football team, announced his retirement due to stress and blood pressure health problems, he then retracted and will take a leave of absence from the team instead. Meyer has had high blood pressure which can be related to his job as a coach. According to, Steve Addazio will substitute him during his leave.

Brian Setzer. The Grammy winning rockabilly singer was in New Mexico during a concert when he collapsed and was taken to a local hospital on December 15th. Setzer is a former member of “The Stray Cats”, the group that rose to fame during the eighties with their hit “Rock This Town”. He has earned three Grammys and seven Grammy nominations, according to


Britanny Murphy, 32. The actress, remembered, among other things, for her portrayal of Tai in “Clueless” and Daisy Randone in “Girl, Interrupted”, died under mysterious circumstances on December 20th. According to, an autopsy was conducted on December 21st, but her death appears to be of natural causes.

Due to the circumstances, Murphy may yet become the James Dean of her generation.

May she rest in peace.

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