Boxing: Antonio’s Reliable Source on Haiti, Limbaugh, Tiger Woods ...and Yes, Boxing!
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 28, 2010)  
Recently, at this great boxing website, someone asked posters on our message boards whether they believed in God. That very question, my dear readers and friends, is one of those that has been made millions of times through history. Much like in boxing we debate who are the best pound for pounders, and much like medical scientists who are always trying to find out the ifs, how and why of disease and it’s potential cures, people have always wondered if there really is a God.

Even Australian comedian Jim Jeffries, namesake of world Heavyweight Champion boxer and International Boxing Hall of Fame member James J. Jeffries, brought his own skepticism about God existing to a recent stand-up comedy show he did for HBO.

I think that the more logical question would be not if there was a God or not, but, who is God?

We the believers have come to know God as a omnipotent, benevolent, courageous and fair God who can also be vengeful, angry and judgmental, but one who always means what it promises us.

Note how I used the word “it” and not He, or Himself, like most people do.

The reason for that, the usage of the word “it” by myself, is that I wonder if God is actually a man, like some say, or a woman. To me, God has to be both. Sure, the Bible says God made “man to His image”. But the Bible was written by men, who could err just like you and I can, about 1,950 years ago. It has also been edited over and over, so what we read in the current Bible may not have been what was written in the original ones. If God made men, in this case as we’d suppose Adam, “in His image”, then who did Eve look like when she was made??

Furthermore, only natural born females-trans gendered women here excluded-can give birth. And even if this planet had been created by a collision of other planets or material, how did THOSE get created themselves before the Earth did, and who created them??

But because only females can give birth, and God gave birth to all in Earth and to all these little stars and balls that surround us, which-the balls-we call planets. Then, as you can see, God could very conceivably be a woman, or a unisex being.

That, and also the fact that all the religions call God different names.

What’s your belief?

An Engaged Brand

Attention customers, attention customers, there is a new deal at the engagement department!

When it comes to engagements and divorces, the celebrity world seems to have their very own department concerning those matters. Every week or so, some famous couple is getting married and another one getting divorced. So, who is this week’s version of the newest couple about to tie the knot?

Actors Russell Brand and Katie Perry, that’s who!

The couple visited India’s Taj Majal, where they took photos that Perry posted on her Twitter account. Below the photo, she posted that “he built this for me”, accrding to US Weekly Magazine.

Dude, Russell Brand must be very strong! Have you seen a photo of the Taj Majal building? He’s very lucky too, because Kate Perry is one hot, 25 year old babe!!!

I think maybe the Heavyweights are lucky he’s not a boxer!

Tiger Sleeping Around

When it rains, it pours. When you’re against the ropes, the combinations sneak in. And when you’re Tiger Morning Woods, you sleep around.

Well, that and get wet from all the water Tiger must be feeling falling on his head because it has poured down on him ever since his affairs were discovered by “accident”. Tiger has yet to reappear on the PGA circuit, he has been estranged from knockout Elin Nordegren, and he has been sleeping on an air mattress!

According to US Weekly Magazine, Tiger slept for a night or two at fellow pro golfer and future Golf Hall of Famer Mark O’Meara’s home.

Hmmnn, imagine that: Had it been Muhammad Ali in his heyday instead of Tiger Woods, he may have had to camp out outside Joe Frazier’s house!!!

Then again, maybe not….

KK News

Oh, don’t be scared! Relax! I only titled it “KK News”, not “KKK News”. Those retards from the Aryan supremacy groups don’t make news anymore since the David “kick my ass” Duke era anyways, unless it is by trying to give themselves more importance at a show like Oprah’s or Jerry Springer’s! There is, however, another group of people whose initials have to do with more than one K and that seem to matter to SOME people: The Kardashian sisters.

As reported here not that long ago, Kourtney Kardashian had a son recently, naming him Mason Disick (Scott Disick is the kid’s dad). And, according to US Weekly Magazine, Kourtney and son have been seen around town lately, attending a family outing on January 10th. The weekly says that Kourtney Kardashian will work on regaining her figure after gaining 26 pounds during her pregnancy. I have to say, no knock to pregnant babes out there, specially the ones who need “a connection” with a young and intelligent man like me out there, besides her figure, Kourtney Kardashian does look pretty tempting these days!!!

Now (in my best Michael Buffer impersonation), ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?? Are you ready? Are you ready for more news about really important peopleeeee???

Good News!

Well, well, well, I do feel lucky! And joyous! And the reason why is that one of my fantasy babes has declared her love for me! Ok, ok, maybe not. But still, she is on the market as a single woman once again!

I am talking about Nicole Scherzinger, of course! The Pussycat Dolls member had been dating Formula 1 great Lewis Hamilton for two years. Now, according to US Weekly Magazine, the pair have seen the black flag come on, signaling the end of their relationship. A statement was released to the fact, stating that “Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton can confirm that they have decided to go their separate ways”.

Sometimes knockouts, particularly if they look like Nicole, can be the source of good news, I guess!

And Tragic News Too

As most of you may know now, an entire country is in chaos following the terrible, tragic events that unfolded there on Tuesday, January 12th. The nation of Haiti has dealt with oppression, poverty, disease and other malignancies. Already the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the entire world, now Haiti has to deal with the consequences of a deadly earthquake which left the country in even more shambles.

As we try to understand the tragedy that unfolded in Haiti that fateful day, more news arrive at our ears, our newspapers and our computers, most of them involving information about dead bodies piling up, about hungry children crying for parents they will never see anymore or parents looking for children they will never find. About hopelessness, and pain, and disease.

I want to exhort all of our readers to please put the people of Haiti in your hearts and remember them in your prayers. And, if you can, also bring them as much help as you can. If you want to help, you can visit the American Red Cross address at this webpage: Please keep in mind that some heartless groups or individuals will also try to profit from this crisis by sending you emails asking for donations. But pages like the Red Cross’, World Vision’s, Unicef’s, Fema’s and others lead you to reputable organizations that will deliver your money where you intend it to be delivered to.

Celebrities like Wyclef Jean and boxing’s own Andre Berto, who is Haitian by his parent’s side, are already doing their thing to help. It is up to the rest of us to bring a bit of hope to the desolated people of the great nation of Haiti, which, by the way, is only a one hour plane ride from my nation of Puerto Rico, and from Miami, in these very own United States.

And, as a side note, as I know this is not very important on the larger scale of the picture, I would also like to ask people with connections on the business side of boxing to donate not only money to help the survivors, but also the type of equipment that Haiti’s resident boxers, whether amateur or professional, will surely need to receive in order to restore boxing gyms in the Caribbean nation, where mostly everything has been lost. People like the Duva’s, who I personally know as very generous people, the Everlast and Reyes companies, and others who are in a position to help Haiti’s boxing go on after this enormous catastrophe.

To the people of Haiti as well as those who came from there or have loved ones there, our deepest condolences and our prayers are with you in this moment of need.

God bless Haiti!

And Now, To The Idiots

There are bad faith people in this world who just have to open their mouths to get new publicity at the expense of the victims of tragic disasters. This time around, the idiots include Rush The Loser Limbaugh and Pat The Satanist Robertson.

According to CBS News, Limbaugh attacked United States President Barack Obama for his pledging help to the nation of Haiti on the neighbor of $100 million Dollars. Limbaugh declared that he will stand by his statements. On his show on Saturday, he said that “I do believe that everything is political to the President. Everything this President sees is a political opportunity, including Haiti, and he will use it to burnish his credentials with minorities in this country and around the world, and to accuse Republicans of having no compassion”.

Geez Rush, don’t you know that there is, in fact, something terrible happening in Haiti?? You heartless, fat slob!!

Now the other idiot, Pat The Satanist Robertson, must be held even more accountable than Limbaugh because he is a so-called Christian. One of the ones who still cannot see further than one’s skin color. Yeah, right, Christian my butt!

Robertson is a former United States Marine, and even my father, himself a “Devil’s Dog” during the 1960’s, thinks Pat Robertson is an idiot for his remarks regarding Haiti, in which Robertson blames the people of Haiti for their tragedy!!

Robertson told his television audiences that people in Haiti were doomed thanks to a pact that allegedly took place in 1791 between Haitian slave leaders and the Devil, in which The Devil would grant Haiti’s independence from France.

Now, if he were really a Christian, as me, Robertson would save his fire-spitting tongue to raising prayers for the people of Haiti instead of talking stupidness!

Also, I must say something about certain companies, whose “help” to Haiti sounds more like an “I don’t care” than a show of goodwill. Coca Cola has promised all of one million dollars to help Haiti. I love Coca Cola products-in fact they are my favorite soda brand-and I know there are a lot of fine people who work within the Coca Cola company structure, but one million Dollars, when as a corporate entity, you make billions EVERY YEAR??? When the people in Haiti make you much more than that every time they buy your products??? Geez!

Then there is Fed Ex. The cargo airline and logistics company has pledged 400,000 dollars. Fed Ex, which benefits with the money given them by many Haitians around the world so they can provide their services every year. Fed Ex does not fly to Toussaint Lovertuore International Airport in Port Au Prince, but I bet that the money paid for their services by Haitians outside that country, like Berto for instance, doubles, every single year, over those measly $400,000 Dollars they will send.

Geez people, have some heart!!

Our Hearts Are With

Michael C. Hall. The actor, who is 39 years old, has announced he is battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of Cancer. According to, the Cancer is in remission. Hall is better known as Dexter Morgan in the Showtime series “Dexter”, a job for which he won the 2010 Golden Globe award for best actor in a television series.

Artie Lange. The man who is better known as Howard Stern’s sidekick was hospitalized for an unknown reason, according to Mr. Lange is 42 years old.


Miguel Cotto Sr., 57. Cotto was the father of professional boxers, multiple time world Champion Miguel Cotto and former world title challenger Jose Miguel Cotto. He passed away January 5th as he drove to a gas station owned by Miguel Cotto Jr. According to Puerto Rican newspaper, El Vocero, Cotto Sr. stopped at an Oscar Cash and Carry location in Caguas, Puerto Rico, and asked for help, after which one person called 911, but emergency medical services never arrived, calling for an investigation into the 911 system in the small Latin American nation. Cotto Sr. died as a consequence of a heart attack.

Jay Reatard, 29. Reatard was a rock star who was signed by Goner Records in Memphis, Tennessee. He was well known in the garage rock and punk genres. He was the leader of The Reatards and of The Lost Souls, and also performed with Angry Angles, The Final Solutions and Bad Times. In 2009, Reatard was assaulted during a tour stop in Austin, Texas.

According to, he was found dead at his house in Memphis, January 13th.
Casey Johnson, 30. Ms. Johnson was the Johnson and Johnson heiress and her father also owns the New York Jets of the NFL. She was engaged to former Porn actress and reality television star Tila Tequila. Johnson was the mother of a girl she adopted from Kazakhstan. According to, she was found dead at home on January 4th.

Gaines Adams, 26. Mr. Adams was a defensive end for the Chicago Bears of the NFL. He played in 47 games from 2007 in the NFL, recording 13.5 sacks. According to the AOL’s Fanhouse, he died on January 18th at a Greenwood, South Carolina hospital, of a heart attack caused by an enlarged heart.

May they all rest in peace.

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