Antonio’s Reliable Source on Hilary Duff, Dancing With The Stars, The Bachelor, Bode Miller... and Yes, Boxing!
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (March 16, 2010)  
I want to begin this week by apologizing to you, my readers, for the delay in the publishing of this column. Several problems prevented me from doing so.

I was hoping to get a photo of mine with the members of the most popular heavy metal band in Phoenix, Corvus, so that you could see both me and them, and I was also hoping to have a photo of mine standing next to Billy Clanton’s tomb. Clanton is the man that Wyatt Earp killed during the famous O.k. Corral gun battle, and I visited his town of Tombstone recently. The photo I took with Corvus which would have been posted here came out darkened and my brother in law thus refused to email it to me even as I insisted him to do it. Meanwhile, my friend has the photo of me next to Billy Clanton(s’ tomb) and he has yet to email it to me, so next week it will be.

My trip to Tombstone was something to talk about. As an aviation fan, I was looking forward to stopping at the Pima County Air and Space Museum in Tucson, but instead, we almost got ourselves arrested. You see, we drove straight to the Pima Air Park instead. The Pima Air Park is a private airport owned by Evergreen International Airlines, a cargo operator from Portland, Oregon. Many times, airlines from around the world send their aircraft there for Evergreen’s maintenance to renew them. Other times, airplanes sit there after being retired by an airline, awaiting for another company to buy them. In any case, the Pima Air Park was closed to the public after the September 11, 2001 attacks, but there are no signs anywhere indicating that the area is closed to the public. We were told by Evergreen’s security to head back to the freeway.

One suggestion to Evergreen: next time, have some signs posted where people know they cannot visit your private airport! On the other hand, I did get to see some Boeing 767’s of Dutch airline Martinair and a Boeing 747 of Polar Air Cargo from Long Beach, California, and which I had never had the pleasure of seeing in person!

Once at Tombstone, I found an old train car that used to belong to Southern Pacific Lines and one that belonged to Frisco. I wanted to check the train cars, but also I needed to pee. So I decided I’d do my best, non singing imitation of Ozzie Osbourne at The Alamo and I let the yellow rivers flow. Inside a historic SPL train car, no less!

Heading back from Tombstone, we finally got to the Pima County Air and Space Museum. The right one. We could only stop there for a minute or two because it was getting late, and the thing had closed at 5 PM, about two hours before we made it there, but we did see one of the Air Force One used by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, and the one used by Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. We plan on returning in the upcoming weeks with more time to see planes and I will inform you of our trip then too, of course.

So, let’s see, what else is up? Well, not much lately I guess. I do have a new “friend” in my life, her name is Ivonne. She’s a mechanic and a trucker and she and I have been talking constantly over the phone the last few days. I can also mention a couple other women I’ve met recently, like Holly, who works at a Safeway supermarket and whom I feel I’ve actually become real friends with, and Evelyn, a hot looking Salvadorian girl at the gym I am at who seems at least a bit interested in me. The closest one to having an actual relationship with me so far is Ivonne but we’ll see where that leads to.

Then there is Sarai. Sarai is the most beautiful Black girl I have ever seen. She is a head prettier than even Laila Ali. She works at the gym I attend. She is friendly, upbeat, and she tolerates all my bad, sexually explicit jokes! Holly and Sarai are the most beautiful girls I know. Just don’t tell them I said that!!

Before I forget, I would like to congratulate Danny “Little Red” Lopez on his recent induction to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He is one of the fighters I have long advocated to be instated there. Now, when are Alfredo Escalera, Santos Laciar, Jose Luis Ramirez, Carlos De Leon Sr., Hilario Zapata, Wilfredo Vazquez Sr., Dora and Cora Webber, Jiro Watanabe and Bennie Briscoe’s inductions coming??

Well, on to the news!

Here We Go Again!

One reason I get quickly bored of watching television series is they are so repetitive! Usually, and I do strictly mean usually, what was done ten years ago is still being done today. Hell, the “Dukes of Hazzard“, one of my favorite television series of all time, spent like five years trying to get rid of “Boss Hogg”!

So these days we have “American Idol” and “Dancing With The Stars”, shows which have not had many basic changes since they began many, many moons ago. And so it continues to be, this time, in “Dancing’s” case. But we have a new cast of stars and wannabe’s this time around! Shame on them for not including me among the wannabe’s!

According to, the show’s newest set of celebrities includes Buzz Aldrin, Pamela Anderson, Kate Gosselin, Shannen Doherty, sports newswoman Erin Andrews, Chad Ochocinco, Jake Pavelka, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, Niecy Nash and Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek.

I wish half of that cast could “dance” with me in bed! Ok, ok, I have to admit, even if I criticize her so much for being a no-talent celebrity, I include Gosselin in that half I fantasize about!

I think that with all the c-list celebrities being given a chance to shine on “Dancing”, the show is becoming too similar to…..boxing!

Hilary Duffwinski?

You know, you have to wonder what is it about the Disney Channel in that, it seems that each of their child stars, particularly the female ones, always get caught in “compromising positions”. First it was Lindsay Lohan, then Miley Cyrus, and now, Hilary Duff!

Duff is now engaged to NHL Hockey player Mike Comrie, who, according to, proposed to the “Lizzie McGuire” star recently, offering her a $1,000,000 dollar engagement ring.

So what did Duff do to show her appreciation of Comrie? Well…….the same website posted photos, allegedly taken by paparazzi, of Duff on her knees, giving Comrie “her best imitation of Monica Lewinski”!

In defense of Duff, at least she’s not with a married person like Monica was!

You know, I never wished I was an NHL player. When I was a kid I wanted to be Wilfredo Gomez, Wilfred Benitez, Larry Bird or Darryl Strawberry, but for some reason I never imagined myself being Wayne Gretzky or Brett Hull, I don’t know, hockey just wasn’t my sport, I guess. But now? Now, I wish I could be Mike Comrie!! When I see those photos of Duff “thanking” him, it’s not precisely my mouth that turns to water!!

News From Antonio’s (Future) Babes

You know, my mind has never had any shortage of fantasy women running around it. From Janet Jackson to Hillary Clinton, from Rihanna to Oprah, they have all spent time at Antonio’s fantasy harem, and lots of times at that.

So it should come to you as no surprise when I tell you that I have news from two of the members of that harem, two good news for me actually. The members I am talking about are Kelly Osbourne and Mary-Kate Olsen.

Osbourne came out on the cover of US Weekly Magazine looking finer than ever. In fact, she reminded me a bit of Marilyn Monroe with her new, blond dyed hair and a sexy pink skirt. And if I wanted to bone her when she was 160 pounds of sexiness, imagine how I feel now!!

Kelly has lost 42 pounds and is a svelte 118 pounds currently. Kelly Osbourne, marry me!!

By losing all that weight, she has also shown us that apart from being beautiful, she has the spirit of a lion and her resolve would make Micky Ward proud!

Meanwhile, one who never needed to lose pounds (rather if you ask me she’s needed to gain them) but who’s still a fantasy of mine is the knockout babe Mary-Kate Olsen (along with sister Ashley in my fantasy world, of course!). MK, for a very long time already, is not the little angel we remember from the “Full House” days, but now she is a 23 year old hot momma.

Well, Olsen has been dating Nate Lowman for a while. Until now, apparently, that is.

You see, according to The Daily News, the couple has split. Which is great to a guy like me, someone who dreams about dating a gorgeous young woman like that.


Maybe not so fast. See, a source cited by buzz says that Mary Kate was seen in London at the BAFTA party, kissing “Pearl Harbor” star Josh Hartnett.

Now, what does Hartnett have that I don’t???

I feel like Pernell Whitaker after the Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. fiasco. Knowing he won, but he didn’t.

Frankie Goes Heavy Metal

Now that we are just off the Hilary Duff topic, I might as well mention the person who co-starred with her in the “Agent Cody Banks” films. Remember little Frankie Muniz, the Puerto Rican-American star of “Malcolm In The Middle” and other acting gigs? Well, he’s grown up now, and he doesn’t want to be remembered barely as a Hollywood star.

After a prolonged hiatus, Muniz is returning to show business, but now, he apparently wants to make it as a rock star. So do I, actually, but unlike me, Frankie is actually in a music band. His is named You Hang Up, and, like Corvus, they are an Arizona based band. Muniz is the band’s drummer, according to

Well, I guess we all have to grow up. Now we’ll have to see if Frankie Muniz grows into a great drummer, or if his sound just grows old on our ears!

I bet Joshua Clottey beats Manny Pacquiao before the former happens!

Vienna Here He Comes!

If “Bachelor” star Jake Pavelka and I have something in common, it is we give a rat’s ass about people‘s opinions. It’s like this: live and let live! Pavelka wouldn’t have gone on the reality television series, subjecting himself to having his friends tell him he had to go on TV to find a wife for the rest of his life if he did!

Well, as you might know, Vienna is really beautiful. Only we aren’t talking about Vienna, the Austrian capital, here. We are talking about Vienna Girardi, who, as many of you may also know, was picked by Pavelka at the finale of The Bachelor as his wife to be. That is, Vienna Girardi-to-be-Pavelka. Hell, I’d love to put my “Vienna Sausage” inside that Vienna!

Talking to a television audience on “After the Final Rose”, a special that aired right after the show’s end, Pavelka declared that “People don’t understand why Vienna and I are together, and that’s ok. I do, and that’s the important thing”.

Well said, Jake. Now, it’s time to see if you could put your “Vienna Sausage” in Vienna as well as I could!

Or, as they say in boxing: “jab, jab, uppercut!”

On other, Jake and Vienna news, it has been reported that Pavelka is apparently seeing his ex-girlfriend, whose identity has been kept in secret.

The ex called a radio show in Panama City, Florida, and she said that Pavelka left his relationship with her on hold while he went off to record the television show, according to US Magazine. The alleged ex went on to say that, after the show wrapped filming this past November, he kept calling her and that he had been forced to propose to Girardi.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that this “ex” just graduated from the Joe Frazier school of never letting go!

Just Like...Me!

People in their 60’s, I’ve found out through many conversations with them, often do not understand life standards of younger generations. They question the morale and the intentions behind such things as orgies and open relationships.

Which is why many of you my readers who are either on or approaching the “golden years” shall pass this news tidbit I am about to tell you about or just pretend you are not reading it: has reported about eight Hollywood couples who allegedly live in so called Open Relationship Marriages. The couples mentioned were actress Monique (the hilarious “Blacktina” of the “Domino” film) and husband Sidney Hicks, Brangelina, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, Tilda Swinton and John Byrne, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, and Pink and Carey Hart.

Let’s see: Pinkett Smith, Biel, Hudgens, Pink….why can’t I live near half of these couples????

To tell you the truth, I have myself been in open relationships as well. To me, the more open, the better. But sometimes these types of relationships work and sometimes they don’t, it depends on the persons pursuing them.

It’s like having both Mike Tyson and Ivan Calderon pursuing knockouts: you know who will succeed, and who won’t!

Baby News!

Remember that old, abstinence-advocating old public television announcement that went like “oh baby! Oh baby! Oh…!!”? Well, the stars seem to be saying the same thing lately, because many of them have welcomed new little ones to their families these last few days!!

First, we have “Joshua”, the man who made Riggs’ life impossible in the first “Lethal Weapon”. Oh, wait, that is, actually, Gary Busey!! Busey, one of the greatest “bad guys” in Hollywood movie history, and his girlfriend Steffanie Sampson said hi for the first time to a son on February 23rd, according to Entertainment Tonight.

And no, the baby boy was not named Joshua Jr. But he will be named Samson! His full name is Luke Samson Busey. With that name, he’s already sounding like a future action film hero. But I have to admit, even with a middle name that evokes that of the Biblical giant, in these days where most stars call their kids Apple or whatever, it’s a miracle this kid wasn’t named Telephone Box Latrine Busey or something like that! Kudos to Gary and Steffanie for giving him a more or less normal name!

Singer and Actress Christina Millian gave birth to a baby girl in February, officially making her a MILF on my list! The little girl is Millian and The Dream’s first child, according to

Former teen idol, actor Joey Lawrence and his wife, Chandi Yawn-Nelson, welcomed a baby girl on March 4th. The newest member of the Lawrence family is named Liberty Grace Lawrence, according to A very patriotic name if ya’ ask me! But….but…but, the Lawrence’s won’t get any kudos from me this time. That name is still weird. Then again, with a mother whose first last name is Yawn, what did we expect?? Liberty is the second daughter for Joey and Chandi.

Last but certainly not least, actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart also had a visit by the stork. On Wednesday at Los Angeles, the couple welcomed a daughter, who is still to receive a name, according to With such a hot MILF for a momma, I bet that girl will be a babe in the future!

Continuing with baby news, Jenna Elfman was also the happy recipient of a new family member. Baby Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman became the second son of Elfman and husband Bodhi Elfman, on Tuesday, March 2nd. He joins two year old Story Elias Elfman at home.

I want to wish all the newborns all the luck and health in life and God’s blessings!!

Our Condolences

Once again, another Latin American country has been stricken with tragedy by way of an earthquake. One month after the destruction of the country-but not that of the morale of the people-of Haiti, people in Chile woke up to the hopelessness and desolation caused by seismic activity as dire in consequence as earthquakes are.

Chileans, apart from being avid soccer-futbol there-fans, are also big boxing fans. This despite the fact they have only produced one world Champion, Patricia Demick. Martin Vargas is a national hero in Chile, despite having lost four world title tries. The former Chilean and South American Flyweight Champion, Vargas has been the subject of a big screen docufilm and he is a large personality in the Andean country. Chile also produced Heavyweight great Arturo Godoy, who was once really close to dethroning Joe Louis as world Heavyweight Champion and become both the first Latino world Heavyweight Champion and the first Chilean world Champion.

The earthquake in Chile, it has been estimated, killed between 279 and more than 800 people.

Our condolences to the great people of Chile.

If you want to help them, please visit the International Red Cross’ webpage.

Thank You!

This week I have to thank a special (former) boxer and human being, Mr. Gene Hatcher of Ft. Worth, Texas. Hatcher was the WBA world Junior Welterweight Champion from 1984 to 1985 and he beat other luminaries like world Champions Alfredo Escalera, Johnny Bumphus and Ubaldo Sacco among others (he two split fights each with Escalera and with Sacco, both times winning the first one and losing the second one).

Hatcher also fought Lloyd Honeyghan for Honeyghan’s world Welterweight title.

Hatcher sent me two nicely autographed photos of himself after I contacted him through, where you can visit his Hatcher Ministries page (more on that on the Seen and on the Sceen section). Gene Hatcher is now a Christian pastor and has worked with other Christian world Champion boxers, such as Paulie Ayala, George Foreman and Troy Dorsey.

A great fighter and Champion who is, more importantly, a great human and person of God.

Olympic Sized Idiot

No wonder that kids in the United States are forgetting the meaning of the word sportsmanship and what’s it like to have the satisfaction of at least competing at sports events and activities! In this country, it has been taught these last few years that only one thing can make you happy in sports and that is winning at all costs. From the mother of that cheerleader in Texas, the one who murdered her daughter’s competitor, to basketball players saying that if they don’t win the NBA title, the entire season means nothing, and now this:

Kevin Blackistone of, blasted Bode Miller on his column for winning a Bronze medal at the Vancouver Olympics. Miller eventually shut Blackistone by winning a Gold medal in another event at the same games.

I have to ask Mr. Blackistone, if he ever won a Bronze medal even at his school’s field days? Funny how usually the ones who criticize are the ones who shouldn’t. If it was so easy to achieve medal status at the Olympics, Mr. Blackistone would not be behind a desk. Why, hey, everybody, we could all go and take home with us a prize for our efforts!

I guess Kevin Blackistone is just like one of those guys who says they can beat Lennox Lewis or Mike Tyson…that is, until they meet them in person!

Seen and On The Sceen

Gene Hatcher, the former WBA world Junior Welterweight Champion, is, as aforementioned, currently using to promote his Hatcher Ministries Christian organization. Hatcher is a very personable guy who can be contacted via his e-mail.

Seen on a far less positive light, also on videos, is former world Junior Welterweight and Welterweight Champion Zab Judah. A video of him involved in a street fight in Miami has been showing on the popular video website, where I myself go to see many of the old fights all the time.

Before we pass judgment on Judah for his appearance on said video, however, we must also understand that Judah is only human and that as a former boxer, he will occasionally meet idiots who will try to provoke him just so that they can feel they “beat the Champion” or, as in all likelihood would happen, get beaten badly and sue for few bucks from him or her after claiming they were hit without any reason.

I was at Club Red in Tempe recently to witness my friends at Corvus again have another excellent concert. I must insult the guys at Sony Records, RCA/Jive, BMG Records and such for not signing this band yet! The guys have been at it for many years already! These guys are super talented hard rockers who would make Metallica proud, yet they are out there, the Rocky Balboas of hard rock, playing in popular but small clubs when they should be rocking the halls of Madison Square Garden.

I went to the concert with my face painted like Gene Simmons from KISS and was hoping to have a photo of mine and the group taken and posted here. I had the photo taken but since it was at dark, it did not come out well. Needless to say, it was a wild, rocking night!!

Hey wasn’t it Gene Simmons who said, after all, that he wanted to “rock all night and every day”??!!

Oh yeah, before the concert started and since my brother in law, who was also attending, was late to pick me up, I had to put my KISS make up while still in my house. As we were speeding to Tempe, I got thirsty so when we stopped at a local Circle K store I forgot all about my make up and went in real fast for a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. Thanks to which I caused a security scare at the Circle K!!

Since those stores are targets of robbers many times, Circle K workers aren’t fond of masked customers. So, after they saw that I was just a client with a soda bottle on my hand, they let me know next time, I couldn’t enter the store with make up on!

But I was ok, because, #1, they were right, and #2, I love attention, and I certainly got it there!!!


Efren Torres, 66. Mr. Torres was Mexican world Champion boxer, who conquered the WBC world Flyweight title with an eighth round knockout of Chartchai Chionoi on February 23, 1969 at El Toreo Plaza in Mexico City, Mexico. His trilogy of bouts with Chionoi was a scintillating one. Torres had a record of 53-9-1, 35 wins by knockout. According to, he died on February 25th.

Mike Dietrich, 26. Mr. Dietrich was a professional Heavyweight boxer from Dundalk, Maryland. On his last fight, November 25th of 2009, he scored a first round knockout of Kevin Johnson.

Dietrich had a record of 12-1, 6 knockout wins.

According to, he died on March 2nd, of undisclosed causes.

Andrew Koenig, 41. Mr. Koenig was best known as Kirk Cameron’s side kick on the television series, “Growing Pains”. Koenig had been missing for a few days.

His disappearance triggered wide response by many of his show’s co-stars, including Cameron, a newborn Christian who begged him to call if he read Cameron’s note online.

Koenig was found dead at Vancouver, B.C.‘s Stanley Park on February 26th, of an apparent suicide, according to He had been suffering depression for some time.

Ashlynn Anderson Browning, 4. Ms. Browning was the daughter of television star Jesse Browning from “Ax Men”, a reality series about loggers. She was attacked by a Rottweiler dog on at Astoria, Oregon, Sunday, February 28th.

Anderson Browning was found lying on the floor by her mother, according to Jesse Browning called the 9-1-1 emergency service and the little girl was transported to the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The attacking dog was euthanized.

Michael Blosil, 18. Mr. Blosil was the son of Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond, and the nephew of Donny Osmond. He had battled depression for some time, and he had gone through rehabilitation in 2009. Blosil was a student at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

According to, Blosil jumped from his room located on the eighth floor of an apartment complex in Los Angeles on Friday, February 26th, committing suicide after being affected by depression his entire life.

May they all rest in peace

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