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By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (April 25, 2010)  
There is a thing in life called definition. It can apply to many things, such as high definition, or HD, or a sports moment in which the champion gets defined and the loser also. As humans, we all have the moments in life that define us and make what will be, when we are passed, the memories by which others will remember us.

Now, I never follow what others think about me because regardless of how good or how bad you are, you cannot control what others will think about you in the sense that if they want to see you as a moron or as a despot, they will no matter what you do to prove them otherwise, so why worry about that?

But you still will leave a legacy based on the acts you do. These acts are the ones that will define the way you are remembered in history. Like Dennis Rodman who will be remembered for his rebounds in the NBA and for wild hair colors and activities. Fidel Castro who will be remembered as an implacable dictator, albeit a valiant and stubborn one at that. Lisa Leslie will be remembered as a trail blazing conqueror in women’s sports, and Paris Hilton as a millionaire shopaholic who inspires much envy.

What will be the thing that you will be remembered for? Will you be remembered by history as being a great father or mother? A coward? A genuinely caring person? A dick or a bitch?

Myself as a Type One Diabetic, I have been told all my life that my chances of living a long life are not good but I listen to that as much as I listen to people’s opinions about me. The thing that being a Type-One Diabetic has given me, however, is a sense of how I want to make my mark in this world. I want my beautiful kids (my nieces Isa and Nina, my nephew John) to see me as a wonderful uncle and a person who impacted their lives positively. Those three are, by far, the three most important people in the world to me.

Think about it: the actions you take today and the way that tomorrow’s people will see you like, will have an effect in our future history!!

Oh yeah, last week I spoke to you about three girls I know, Ivonne, Holly and Sarai. Well I am very happy to say that in this short span I have both a new girlfriend and a new ex in Ivonne. She visited me the day after last column was posted at, the best boxing site in the universe! I asked her if she wanted to go “official” with me, and she said if I wanted to, sure. It was bang-bang-thank-you-ma’am as we “went forward” for that night and she then disappeared. That’s my type of relationship!!!!! I wish all women were as appreciating of male condition as Ivonne was! But no, y’all want long term relationships as opposed to one nighters. Hmmnn!

All the Ivonnes’ out there get my undying love!

Also last week, I was watching a documentary about Pancho Villa, the great Mexican revolutionary and independence advocate, and I thought to myself, if I had a time traveling machine and could go back and forth in time, and I could form a group of independentistas and take them to 1898’s Puerto Rico to help it become an independent nation, who would I choose?

I came to the conclusion that I would choose Puerto Rico’s own Pedro Albizu Campos, Venezuela’s Simon Bolivar, Chile’s Lautaro, Cuba’s Jose Marti, Argentina’s Ernesto Guevara and Villa himself from Mexico to join me. That would be the dream team of independence advocates!!! One thing about learning about other countries’ cultures and histories: as we find out about them, we also find out about our very own selves.

And I will take this opportunity to remind you, that there was another Pancho Villa: Francisco Guilledo from the Philippines, aka Pancho Villa, was perhaps one of the greatest fighters of all time. With a record of 92-8-4, 24 ko’s, he was World Flyweight Champion ad went 15 full rounds against future world Welterweight Champion Jimmy McLarnin on the same day he’d had a tooth taken out! And battling an ulcer in his mouth, pain and swelling none the less. In the end his bravery cost him his life as he died from Ludwig’s Angina 10 days after the fight, but what a heart and bravery!

It’s good to remember him specially these days that everyone considers Manny Pacquiao to be the greatest Filipino fighter of all times.

Also I would like to announce that from now on, you will be getting a shorter version of Reliable Source. This will benefit you greatly because you will get your column more times per month and at the same time, not be put to sleep by it! And it will benefit me too, as I can double my writing speediness while at the same time, keep doing what I enjoy most; informing you!

But, Didn’t You Know It?

Let’s see: He spoke with a gay accent. He was pictured in St. Bart’s with a man enjoying the beach. He donated his sperm so a woman could have his children. He supposedly had a relationship with Mexican entertainer Rebecca De Alba but we never saw them together. And he thought we didn’t know his secret??

Ricky Martin just admitted he’s gay. He told so in his website.

Dude, we knew you were already!!! Seriously, do you think that a heterosexual man would give his sperm to a woman so she can have his kids?? A hetero man would have done things “the old way”!! This is like Oscar De La Hoya when he tries to convince us he won against Tito Trinidad. Except that, at least Martin accepted what we all knew at the end.

Johnny Tapia is probably feeling lucky the only thing you two share, apart from being great examples of what a Latino can achieve, is your love for “La Vida Loca”!!

My Proposal

Unless you had been living in Venus for the last few weeks, you know already that Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, has apparently decided to follow in Tiger “Morning” Woods’ footsteps and mess around despite having a gorgeous wife at home.

Of course you also know Sandra Bullock has been in some of the best movies in modern movie history, like “Demolition Man”, “Speed” one and two, “Miss Congeniality” and “The Proposal”.

And thanks to the rumors surrounding her husband’s supposed infidelity, Sandra is now on the cover of National Enquirer and other newspapers.

I have to hand it to James. According to Wikipedia, he’ s been accused of having affairs with up to 11 women, and let’s face it, which of us men hasn’t fantasized of having that amount of women in bed??

On the other hand, Sandra, I always told, you, leave that loser and come to a real man; come to me!

If Hollywood did not accept your offer when you tried to be the original producer of “Million Dollar Baby”, then I sure will accept you and make you one “Million Dollar Baby” of our own!!

Stars Problems

For some reason, Kate Gosselin keeps being a celebrity and getting involved in celebrity and star events. Kinda like the old “Married With Children” episode where Al Bundy and his family go to a basketball game that is announced as “The game of Basketball’s All Stars and Danny Ainge!”!!!. If Gosselin is a star, then Fast Eddie Chambers is the greatest Heavyweight Champion of all times.

Well, but according to “Dancing With the Stars”, she is.

And according to US Weekly Magazine, “Dancing With The Stars” cast is having their problems.

Including Kate and her partner at DWTS, Tony Dovolani. It transcended that on Monday, during a rehearsal, Gosselin pointed out that she felt stressed and Dovolani said that “Nothing in Dancing is Natural to Kate”. Ouch! That must have hurt Kate more than an uppercut by Joe Louis!

On the other hand, maybe Dovolani would rather dance with Ricky Martin now…

On other news related to the dancing show, Simon Cowell of “American idol” tried his hand at creating yet more controversy by criticizing it’s prime-time rival program.

According also to US Weekly Magazine, Cowell told contestant Didi Benami that “You have no longer made yourself contemporary, everything is too old fashioned. If you listen to one of those dancing shows, they always have a singer murdering a song on it. If you’ve ever watched it, that’s what it sounds like”. Randy Jackson-who by the way, next time I run into him I will ask him what the hell was he doing on the new version of “We Are The World”, since he can’t sing-asked Cowell what show he was talking about, and Cowell answered with a grin.

I don’t know but to me that Cowell shouldn’t be talking much about dancing. After all, it was him who brought the Spice Girls together!!

Take that jab, Simon!!

Seen and On the Sceen

ESPN en Espanol’s “Noches de Combate” (Spanish version of Friday Night Fights) featured Welterweight contender Delvin Rodriguez. The Dominican will fight on April 2nd. His fight with Mike Arnautis will also be showcased on FNF’s and on NDC, both ESPN shows.

The night when Rodriguez was featured would have included a fight which was cancelled therefore there were no love fights, but the brutal fight between Antonio Escalante, 23-2, 14 ko’s, and Miguel Roman, 28-6, 20 ko’s, a fabulous ten round bout between Super Bantamweights that took place on February 26th was shown instead. Escalante won the fight by a ten round unanimous decision. Also included in the show was a live interview from Monterrey, Mexico, with former three time world Champion boxer and future international Boxing Hall of Fame member Erik Morales, one day before his comeback fight on March 27th against Nicaraguan Jose Alfaro, who is a former WBA Lightweight world Champion. Marco Antonio Barrera, who is as best friend of Morales as Joe Frazier is of Muhammad Ali, and who fought Morales three times, was also featured, giving his opinion of Morales’ comeback. Barrera was also featured on ESPN en Espanol’s following show, “Golpe a Golpe”.

ESPN Classic featured the third fight between Carlos Ortiz of Puerto Rico and Ismael Laguna of Panama, for the world Lightweight title in 1967. Ortiz won that fight by a 15 round decision.

Don Dunphy called that fight, talking of which…

Dull and Duller

Don Dunphy did many boxing fights as a commentator during the pre-HBO and Showtime era. Many people call him one of the greatest commentators of all time.

I call him Don Dorky.

The way he called the fights makes you sleepy. It was like this: “Ortiz throws a right…..(five minutes later)….a good uppercut by Laguna off the break…”

And they made a DVD collection of the fights this guy called!

Next to him, Jim Lampley’s calls deserve a full, feature length movie made about them!

Our Hearts Are With

Mexicano. The rap star, who is actually Puerto Rican, has been suffering from tongue and throat Cancer for a few months. He claims this experience has served as a way for him to reawaken and understand both God and life. Mexicano is now attempting a comeback into the Spanish Hip Hop world, despite still battling the disease. A real warrior he is!


Corey Haim, 38. Mr. Haim was a teen idol who gained Hollywood fame after the movie “Lucas” was released. He acted alongside Winona Ryder and Tom Cruise in it. In 1988, he and best friend Corey Feldman were featured in “License To Drive”, which was an unexpected major hit and classic. He also acted in another classic alongside Feldman, “The Lost Boys”. Haim and Feldman became known as “The Coreys”. Later, Haim battled drug addiction and reunited with Feldman for a reality show. According to, he died on March 10th, of a suspected overdose.

John Forsythe, 92. Mr. Forsythe was an actor who was well known for his roles in the 1970’s super-hit television series “Charlie’s Angels”, as well as “Dynasty”, “Bachelor Father”, “World of Survival” and others. Forsythe was also a thoroughbred racing horses owner and he won various horse racing awards. According to, he died on April 1st.

Jaime Escalante, 79. Mr. Escalante was a Science and Math professor whose life was showcased in 1988’s movie “Stand and Deliver”, in which the great Mexican actor, Edward James Olmos, played him. He was born in Bolivia. He lived in Puerto Rico for two years and taught at the University of Puerto Rico before moving to the United States. In 1974, Escalante was hired to teach at Garfield High School, a school for underperforming students, in California. In 1982, he came under suspicion when 18 of his students passed a calculus test with exactly the same results. In 1983, 33 students took the same test and 30 of them passed.

According to, Mr. Escalante passed on March 30th, of bladder Cancer.

May they all rest in peace.

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