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By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (May 16, 2010)  
Hey you, there! What’s up? How is everything going? How are you feeling today? But, most importantly, who are you?

That is the question that has me thinking over and over these days. Who are we? Have we taken the time at any moment in our lives to ask ourselves that question?

The thing about ourselves is that, if you are human, and I highly suspect you are if you are reading this-for the dog that reads has not been born or discovered as of yet-then you are good, you are bad, you are sexually aroused, you are asexual, you are shy, you are wild, you are happy, you are sad, you are intelligent, you are dumb, you are peaceful, you are a warrior, you are intense, you are cool, you are careless, you are compassionate, you are faithful, you are not, you are talkative, you are quiet, you are brave, you are a coward, you are an adventurer, you are a boring person. You are all that wrapped into one person, because we have all had our moments where we are one thing or the other.

I have, for example, moments where people say I am a chatterbox. But I have also had moments in which I am so quiet and aloof, that those same people get worried about me!

But the fact that we have all had all those types of moments is the reason we should all at least, try to find out who we are, and what we mean to the world. It is common knowledge, for example, that usually, the jail mate who is about to be released after 60 years in jail usually does not want to come out of jail, because in jail, that person felt like he or she was somebody important in jail.

Me, I don’t know who I am, and I am in a constant search for that identity that has so far, eluded me. It’s like the U2 song, “What I’m Looking For”…I still haven’t found it. Did you know that boxers, in that so violent of professions called boxing, are usually among the nicest people you can imagine? Look, I’ve met tens upon tens of famous boxers in person during the last 28 years in which I have been a fan of the sport. Among the classiest persons that I have met, I can mention Wilfredo Gomez, Wilfred Benitez, Yori Boy Campas, Muhammad Ali, Becky Garcia, Jesus Gonzales, Alberto Mercado, Juan Carazo, Michael Carbajal, Christy Martin, Mike Tyson, Fernando Vargas, and, specially, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard and Hector Camacho Sr.

Wait a minute, you say now: Carbajal?? Vargas?? TYSON??? Why, these are among the most controversial and troubled of famous fighters in the last 50 or so years!!

Well, yeah, but, those fighters are also human, just like you and me. And because they are, they are also a mix of characteristics that define the human condition.

Maybe that’s the answer to the question right there. Maybe we are all just that. A mix of characteristics.

Are you?

They Always Come in Twos

Last week, we were talking about Ricky Martin coming out as gay. Not like we needed confirmation anyways, but Martin had to come out of “The Birdcage” so to speak, and release that truth about himself, after famous Mexican singer Paquita La Del Barrio commented that gay couples should not adopt children (she shot herself on the foot, by the way, gays were one of her largest fanbases up until then). If you think about it, it is very commendable actually of Martin that he would do that.

Well, Paquita set a domino effect, so it seems. Now Anna Paquin has declared herself bisexual! The 27 year old Canadian actress, who plays Sookie Stackhouse in HBO’s “True Blood” series, came out as bisexual one day after Martin’s confession, as part of a campaign headed by Cyndi Lauper and her True Colors Foundation, named “Give a Damn”.

Okay, since Lauper once said that “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” anyways, here is a thought: Paquin, Lauper and Paquin’s “True Blood” co-star Rutina Wesley together with me, in bed. Boys just wanna have fun too!

A four punch combination would never feel better than THAT combination in bed!!

Open the Envelope, Please

Ahh, those award ceremonies. Events in which to pick up a trophy, be seen at, wear your best galas, maybe have a malfunction if you need to pick up your record or film ticket sales. The bad part about them is that, there are so many of them! The Oscars, the Grammy’s, the Ariels in Mexico, the Agueybana’s in Puerto Rico, the Billboard Awards, the Crybabies, the Losers, the… fact I’m surprised they still haven’t come up with an award for the entertainment world’s cuckold of the year! These awards are just like reality shows…..or boxing world championship bodies. There is always one at the next corner!

Well, this Sunday, it was the American Country Awards’ turn. The event was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, the-hopefully soon to be former-Mecca of boxing. Now, before I go on with the ACA’s event, let me explain why I hope Las Vegas loses their popularity among boxing promoters: I love Las Vegas, which has been, in fact, one of my favorite playgrounds over the last five years. It is a beautiful city and every time I go to the Caesar’s Palace, I feel honored to be at the place where fights like Larry Holmes-Ken Norton, Holmes-Gerry Cooney, Sugar Ray Leonard-Thomas Hearns I and II, Hearns-Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Salvador Sanchez-Wilfredo Gomez, among many all time great fights, took place at. But big time boxing needs to be taken away from Las Vegas and back to New York, to Dallas, to Phoenix, to Memphis, to Appleton, Kansas City, Bozeman, Missoula and Tampa if we want our favorite sport to once again have the same popularity it did across the United States in the days of Abe Attell, Kid Chocolate and Jack Dempsey.

Back to the awards ceremony, according to, Lady Antebellum led the list of nominees with seven nominations. Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood had six each.

Well, Antebellum took home three awards, including those for single and song of the year. Lambert was also a big winner, also with three awards.

And, unlike in so many of Sergio Martinez’s fights, in this case, the winners of the awards were not argued in controversy by fans afterward!!!

Sure You Didn’t….

You gotta like Michelle McGee. The tattoo model has found fame, not for her modeling, not for her tattoos, but for allegedly being the woman who stole Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James. Not only that but McGee is flaming hot, maybe not as hot as Bullock but still pretty damn fine and someone who makes dogs like me stick our tongues out in desire and hope to someday score a babe like that!

McGee, of course, thanks to her newly found fame, is on the cover of The Sun, National Enquirer, Star, etc, etc and even The Catholic News probably has her featured because of what is being said about her.

Things which, according to, she is denying.

“I am not a home wrecker”, McGee told E! News. She added that “I don’t believe I destroyed their marriage. Jesse destroyed his marriage. My message to Jesse would be ’if you were honest to me upfront, we wouldn’t be in this situation’”.

Okay, am I missing something there? This is just like if Mike Tyson came and said that he does not believe he beat Michael Spinks, that Spinks beat himself instead!! I have advice for McGee: girl, accept what you did, and go on!

I will still think you are hot when you do. And as for Bullock, hey babe, the offer is still standing: Come to me, and I will receive you with open arms!!!!

In other couple news, Melissa Etheridge and her wife Tammy have split up. They were married in 2003. The couple has twin children, Miller, a boy, and Rose, a girl.

I wish them the best and at the same time, also I will tell them, hey, the best might be to let a man join you two! As in: me!… hehe!

Whoever said one can’t have it all??

Double Tragedy

Once again, as aforementioned, it seems like everything comes in twos. Including tragedies.

First, it’s China, the newest in a growing list of countries that have befallen victims to earthquakes lately. According to website,, the April 13th catastrophe killed hundreds of people. Thousands others were injured. Millions of residents have been displaced. In it’s tragedy, China joins Haiti, Chile and Turkey among countries that have been affected by such a savage act of nature recently. Among the items most needed by Chinese are school supplies, clothing and food.

Keep in mind, that many organizations do profit from human tragedy. Because of that, if you want to help the Chinese, do so by using a trusted organization such as the Salvation Army or Doctors Without Frontiers, for example.

Second, it’s Poland. The Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and 96 others died when their airplane, a Russian built TU-154, crashed on approach at Smolensk, Russia on April 10th. They were on their way to activities dedicated to victims of the Katyn massacre of 1940, according to

Poland now wakes up to political uncertainty following the crash, and a special election must be held in the upcoming months to decide who will take over as President of the nation after a rather stable period during Kaczynski’s Presidency.

Several others who died in the plane crash included many important Polish politicians as well as family members from the families that lost people at said massacre 70 years ago. The plane involved, the TU-154, is a Tupolev airplane that has served airlines and governments around the world admirably, but because it is now only produced on a limited basis, many aircraft of this type are ageing and spare parts are not that easily accessible for these legends of the air. TU-154 are Russia’s answer to the American Boeing 727 jetliner.

Our condolences and prayers on these difficult times both to readers and the rest of people in China and Poland, and those who were affected by these two tragedies around the world.

Valero Shocker

Also with deep sadness I have to talk about the recent development from Venezuela, where world boxing Champion Edwin Valero confessed to police the murder of his wife, and later killed himself while in a cell at a Venezuelan jail.

Valero was 27-0, 27 knockouts, and just three weeks ago, I was discussing with family and friends how he was on his way to becoming the Arguello, Gomez, Duran, Chavez or Monzon of Venezuela. The country has really never had a boxer that can be considered an icon the way those other Latin American fighters were in their respective countries, and Valero looked like he was the it man to get Venezuela that national icon it still needs. In one moment, that chance snuffed away from his hands.

As sad as that sounds, the sadder part lays on the side of his wife and his children. Jennifer Carolina Viera was only 24 years old, and she should not have paid with her life for Valero’s mental problems. Further, their children, Roxy and Edwin Jr., did not deserve to be orphaned both ways so early in their life and in such a tragic and shocking way.

Edwin Valero was a person who needed help and did not get it.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased in this event.

Seen and on the Scene

Junior Middleweight world Champion Paul Williams was seen ringside at the recent Sergio Martinez-Kelly Pavlik classic. He may have been salivating an opportunity to fight Pavlik but Pavlik, as you may know by now, lost to the Argentine in a mild upset, in a fight that I am already calling a classic because that‘s what it will be looked at like 30 years from now. Nevertheless, while maybe less economically viable for Williams, a rematch fight against Martinez now looks better for him. He beat Martinez by a close, even somewhat dubious, decision last year.

Oscar De La Hoya will be seen on television soon announcing McDonald’s McNuggets.

HBO has been showing the 24/7 series again, this time with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sugar Shane Mosley featured as they show the public how a boxer leads a relatively normal life outside the ring while training for their upcoming clash. The two future International Boxing Hall of Fame members will face off May 1st.

HBO also showed a “Real Sports” documentary dedicated to boxing and the untimely deaths of world Champions and boxing legends Alexis Arguello, Arturo Gatti, and Vernon Forrest last year.

Last but not least, HBO once again showed the “Assault in the Ring” documentary about one of the most despicable acts in boxing history: the fraudulent 1983 fight between Luis Resto and Billy Collins Jr., where Resto’s gloves were arraigned so that he would have an unfair power advantage over Collins Jr., resulting in the end of both fighters’ careers, a suicide by Collins Jr. one year later and Resto going to jail for suspicion that he may have known that fight was not on the level from beforehand.


Edwin Valero, 28, and wife Jennifer Carolina Viera, 24. Valero was a world champion boxer who had a troubled life. In 2001, he suffered a motorcycle accident which left him with a brain injury. He began boxing professionally on 2002, despite several international boxing authorities not allowing him to box on their jurisdictions.

Valero accumulated the WBA world Junior Lightweight title with an eleventh round knockout of Vicente Mosquera on August 5th, 2006, in a war that saw both fighters hit the floor. On April 4th, 2009, Valero added the until then vacant WBC world Lightweight title with a second round knockout over Antonio Pitalua in the United States. A road warrior, apart from fighting in his native Venezuela, he also fought in the United States, Argentina, Panama, Japan, France and Mexico. With a record of 27-0, 27 knockouts, he will have the distinction f being the first world Champion in boxing history to win all of his professional fights by knockout.

According to, Valero and his wife were to take a flight to Cuba where he would start drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Valero and Viera missed the flight, and on April 19th, he was seen by Venezuelan police speeding. When stopped, he claimed he was being followed. Police asked him to drive to Intercontinental Hotel in Valencia, according to reports on other websites. Valero apparently drugged and drank himself. He woke up to find his wife dead next to him, and admitted the murder to hotel employees and to the police, later that night committing suicide.

Dorothy Height, 98. Height was known as the “Queen of Civil Rights Movements”. She was President of the National Council of Negro Women, and she was the only woman onstage when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his historic and nation changing “I Have A Dream” speech of 1963. She wanted to speak that day. President Bill Clinton gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994.

According to Mara Gay of AOL News, she died on April 20th, of undisclosed causes.

Keli McGregor, 48. McGregor was a former NFL football player who also was the Colorado Rockies MLB Baseball team’s President. He played eight years in the NFL, with the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks.

In 1993, he joined the Rockies organization right after Colorado was awarded a baseball franchise. He was named the team’s President on October 18th, 2001.

According to Salt Lake City, Utah, Police Detective Rick Wall, McGregor was found dead at a hotel room in that city without signs of anything suspicious around him.

Guru, 43. Guru was a rapper, born Keith Elam. He was half of the Gang Starr rapping duo of the 80’s. They recorded various critically and customer acclaimed albums until Guru went pursuing a solo career in 1993. Guru was also owner of two record labels and had a CD series, Jazzmatazz.

According to, Guru died after a lengthy battle with Cancer on Monday, April 19th. As recently as one month ago, Guru had survived a heart attack, which in turn helped deteriorate his Cancer condition.

May they all rest in peace.

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