Doghouse Boxing Interview with Fred Tukes: Looking to make an impact in Australia

Doghouse Boxing Interview with Fred Tukes: Looking to make an impact in Australia
By Daniel Smart, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 16, 2013)

Fred Tukes
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During the week I had the chance to catch up with US welterweight and now Australian resident Fred Tukes. We chatted about his wealth of experience sparring some of world boxing’s biggest names, his move to the land “Down Under” and how he was settling in, and his upcoming fight on February 21st against Samuel Colomban for the Australian welterweight title.

Fred Tukes is a man who is liked by many in the boxing fraternity. The man affectionately known as “Tukee” to the kids from East End Boxing Gym (where Tukes trains), is a friendly, humble, and respectful guy. However, don’t let this kind-hearted man fool you. In the ring this crafty southpaw is a slick, clever fighter who has shared the square circle with some of the biggest names in the sport.

Here is a who’s who Tukes has sparred over the years. Kostya Tszyu, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Miguel Cotto (Tukes worked with Cotto for the Manny Pacquiao fight), good friend Vernon Forrest, Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, and Billy Dib, the list goes on. For a man with that wealth of experience, Tukes is now intent on concentrating on his own career and is a healthy 11-1-1, 6KO heading into his Australian welterweight title fight at the Melbourne Pavilion in Victoria, Australia against Samuel Colomban (20-4, 10 KO) on February 21st.

Asked how he was settling into life in Australia with wife Heather and two children, Tukes said “Everything is going really well. We love it here in Australia, it’s a real blessing to be part of this whole process. The people are lovely, the beaches are beautiful, the food is great. I remember back in 2001, when Kostya Tszyu’s manager, Vlad Wharton called me to come and work with Kostya, I felt like I had an epiphany when I stepped off the plane, because when I as a kid, I was always listening to that song “Land Down Under” and my Mum was like can you please stop playing that song! I just always envisioned coming here.”

Tukes is currently in solid preparation for his title fight on the 21st February. Tukes says everything has been going well in the lead up under astute and well-known Melbourne-based trainer Brian Butler of East End Boxing in Croydon. Tukes has also been working with renowned strength and conditioning coach Mark Ottobre from Enterprise Fitness and Butler says preparations leading up to the fight could not be better. “Fred has been training very hard for this fight. He is a very slick southpaw, an excellent mover, and a very smart fighter. We are really looking forward to this opportunity to fight for the Australian title and hopefully this is a stepping stone to bigger things.”

Tukes admits that he has limited knowledge of his opponent but concedes that he respects all fighters and that all he can do is prepare himself the best way he can. “I know he (Colomban) likes to throw a lot of punches, likes to use his jab and stay on the outside. All I can do is prepare me the best way possible. I know that being around world champions and being around those camps you adopt a helper mentality, but I said to my wife last year, no more sparring, it’s got me nowhere and now this is my time and being around world championship camps gives me confidence, as I have seen what it takes day in and day out for the last ten years”.

With all the experience this man brings to the table, who could doubt him? I know I am one of many boxing fans in this country that are eagerly awaiting this fight.

Tukes is fighting on the undercard of “Resurrection” Michael Katsidis vs Weng Haya on February 21st at the Melbourne Pavilion, proudly brought to you by Brian Amatruda and Barry Michael Sports. For tickets contact Barry on PH: 0413 654999. Also LIVE and exclusive on FOX SPORTS Australia 7pm AEST.
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