"Wild" Will Tomlinson Interview: Ready to Make His Mark

"Wild" Will Tomlinson Interview: Ready to Make His Mark
By Daniel Smart, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 30, 2012)

"Wild" Will Tomlinson
"Wild" Will Tomlinson may be largely unknown at international level, but the popular Australian fighter is looking to make his mark on a world scale sooner rather than later. At 19-0-1 with 12 stoppages, the entertaining banger is looking to keep his winning streak alive when he faces slick Panamanian Irving Berry 22-3-2 (9) on the undercard of the Danny Green-Shane Cameron fight on 21st November in Melbourne, Australia. In this interview Tomlinson discusses his amateur career, his pro fights to date and a potential clash with IBF featherweight champion Billy Dib.

Daniel Smart: This is Daniel Smart reporting for DoghouseBoxing.com. I’m here with IBO super featherweight champion Will Tomlinson. Will, how are you today mate?

Will Tomlinson: I’m good thanks, mate.

DS: I’ll start out by welcoming you to DoghouseBoxing. You’re obviously well known to us in Australia, but for our international audience would you like to give us a bit of background on yourself, where you’re from and how you got into boxing?

WT: Basically I started boxing as a young fella, when I was about 12 years old I had my first fight as an amateur. I continued on to about 21 and represented Australia at the top international level, at the world amateurs and those types of things. In 2008 I turned professional. I’ve had 19 pro fights for 19 wins, 12 by knockout and I’m now the IBO super featherweight world champion.

DS: You’ve obviously made a very strong start to your career. What would you say has been your coming-of-age fight?

WT: I’ve had a couple of big step ups in my career, some early, some later in my career. There was a fight when I fought Verquan Kimbrough in my tenth fight, he had much more experience but I stepped it up and won that pretty convincingly. Since then I’ve had some more good fights against world rated opponents…

DS: Herrera?

WT: Rey Labao, I fought November 2010, he was number 5 in the WBO at the time and I took care of him pretty convincingly. Shortly after that I got the shot at the IBO title against [Alan] Herrera. Everyone who saw that vouched to me it was a pretty good fight to watch and I believe it was a pretty good performance on my behalf.

DS: Absolutely mate. Just for our international audience, jump on YouTube and punch in a search for will Tomlinson vs Alan Herrera, still to this day it’s one of the best fights I’ve seen. It was Australian fight of the year last year if I’m not mistaken…

WT: Yeah, a few sources named it the fight of the year.

DS: it was just an absolute war, two guys just pouring their hearts and souls into their professions. As I’ve said before it was by far one of the best fights I’ve seen for a very long time, so well done to you Will that was a helluva performance and one that sticks in my mind. Now Will, you train in Sydney at the Blacktown Hit Squad with one of Australia’s best trainers in Lincoln Hudson. What sort of influence is that on your career?

WT: I’ve been training in Sydney since I turned professional with Lincoln. We work together well, we haven’t had any major setbacks as of yet. We continue to get the job done and that’s all that matters, so everything’s going good.

DS: With your title defence coming up on 21st November in Melbourne on the undercard of Danny Green-Shane Cameron against Panama’s Irving Berry 22-3-2 (9), what can you tell us about him?

I can tell you he’s going to be a very different style of fight to my last couple of opponents I’ve faced. He’s a very slick, evasive style of a fighter, he’s a switch-hitter, he can box pretty well out of both the southpaw and orthodox stance. My last couple of fights have been against the tough, aggressive Mexican-style fighters and been pretty much in front of me the whole twelve rounds and been relatively easy to hit. This guy is going to give me a different style of fight. He’ll give me different angles and movement that I haven’t fought for a while. I’ll train accordingly and I’m sure on the 21st of November I’ll have him sussed out by them and I’ll be able to figure him out and catch up with him.

DS: I’ve seen a little bit of this guy and you’re right, he is quite slick. But I think this fight is tailor-made for you, I think you’re the type of bloke who’ll go forward and put it on him and if you do that, you’ll come away with a comfortable win. Now look, I’ve interviewed Australian IBF featherweight champion Billy Dib a couple of weeks ago for a radio show I did in the States. He basically said that after his next title defence he’ll be looking to move up to super featherweight. Mate I’ve got to ask you the question, any chance of you getting in the ring with Billy Dib and making it another Aussie blockbuster?

WT: I think that would be a good fight. I think he’ll want to make sure he’s eating his vegetables and getting some protein into him before he gets into the ring with someone bigger and stronger than him. But it’s the type of thing you need in boxing, a rivalry is always good to build up your career and to generate good interest in a fight. He would make perfect sense to try and build that with, so I’m all for it.

DS: I think it would be great for Australian boxing. In recent news we’ve heard that Daniel Geale will be taking on Anthony Mundine we think in January next year. I think this is the next best fight that can be made by two Australians, between yourself and Billy Dib. So further on down the track mate, there’s obviously a huge opportunity for you both to earn a good payday and it would be one helluva fight and one I definitely know I would pay to see. Last but not least Will, you’ve just released your new DVD. For our readers, how do they go about getting a copy of that mate?

WT: The best way to get a copy of it is to go to my fanpage Wild Will Tomlinson and order through there. Send a direct message and my missus will sort you out with a copy.
DS: For all your fans out there, where can they follow you on Twitter?

WT: It’s @WillTomlinsonAU

DS: Just to wrap it up, thanks for your time Will, I know you’ve got a pretty heavy workload and you do sound quite tired mate. I do really appreciate your time and I wish you all the best moving forward. I really hope you get the win on the 21st November in the co-main event of the Danny Green-Shane Cameron IBO cruiserweight title fight in Melbourne. If you can’t get tickets, make sure if you’ve got Foxtel, Austar, Optus around the country, get on to Main Event and watch these fights, they will be absolutely sensational. Again Will, thanks for your time and I hope to speak to you again soon.

WT: Thanks for having me.
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