"Bigtime" Timmy Tells it Like it is "Safety First Edition"
By Timmy Kudgis (June 24, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Tom Casino / SHOWTIME)  
I would like to welcome everyone to the "Bigtime" Timmy Tells it Like it is "Safety First Edition". With another big weekend of boxing gone by we are going to discuss last weekend's fight, this upcoming weekend's fights, and much, much more. Let's get this underway!

Allan Green, Andre Ward, and the Super Six

After some Super Six action this past weekend the boxing world has been in a tizzy over Jermaine Taylor's substitute Allan Green's performance against Andre Ward. Allen Green came into this fight talking the talk only to fail miserably walking the walk. Andre Ward took all of about 1 and 1/2 minutes to get a feel for him and took over landing at will and bullying the overwhelmed Green.

Allan Green told the fans after the fight that he was drained. He had 3 back to back to back training camps and that took a lot out of him. Claiming that if he was 100% he would have never came in at 166 pounds at the weigh-in. Also stating that he was so drained he had to stop running a few weeks before the end of training camp. This may be true, but maybe he should have brought this to light before his trouncing at the hands of Ward.

This fight has left many fans wondering if he was the right choice to replace Taylor in the Super Six. I say Yes and No. Yes because he was at the time one if not the top American Super Middleweight fighters. No because I felt he should have had to earn it, and no beating Travis Simms does not put you in the position to compete against the top Super Middleweights in the world.

Showtime should have put together a Fight-off for Taylor's spot. This could have opened other doors because lets be honest it was not fair to have Green takeover Taylor's 0 points. They should have matched up Green and Sakio Bika and awarded the tournament points to the winner. This may have pushed some fights back but it would have made the Super 6 even more interesting.

WBC super middleweight Titlist Mikkel Kessler is next for Allan Green and many do not believe he stands a chance. If Allen Green is able to recover mentally from the Ward bashing and has a proper training camp he should be able to make a fight of it. Remember Green has no way of advancing to the next round of the Super 6. All he has to mentally prepare for is winning his first title. Kessler, on the other hand, has to worry about defending his title and advancing in the tournament, so most of the pressure is on his shoulders. With that being said if Green comes prepared he should be able to give Kessler a run for his money, as long as he doesn't fight with a Safety First mentality again.

James Kirkland and Ann Wolfe's Relationship on the Rocks?

This past Sunday on the debut of BREATHE Boxing Radio I had the chance to speak to Cameron Dunkin co-manager of James Kirkland. He informed us that as of right now Kirkland and Wolfe are not speaking, things were said and feeling were hurt. He also said James may be looking to spend time with his family then leave Texas to train somewhere else without any of the distraction from his past. This leaves the question, "Would Ann Wolfe leave her home to train her top fighter?" Also Kirkland has worked with Ann Wolfe most of his career, at this point would it benefit him to leave the trainer who knows him best. There is a lot to be seen when he is released October 2nd.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs John Duddy

Even though for some reason it seems to be irrelevant that even though they both looked mediocre at best during their last performances, they are the Main Event of a PPV card at the Alamodome. The fact it that it is unbelievable that they are asking fans to pay $39.99 to watch this card on PPV.

Now with that being said because of how big of a fight this is for both fighters it could be a great fight. Honestly, it depends if the fighters decide to go all out or fight with a Safety First mentality.

Chavez Jr. comes packing his arsenal of hometown advantage, crowd favor, and elite trainer "International Player" Freddie Roach. He will also come with the gameplan to box Duddy and to not engage in a brawl with the "Derry Destroyer".

Duddy back with his old trainer Harry Keitt is in dire need of his old style for this battle. The gameplan should focus should be on taking away the heart of Chavez Jr. He need to press the action while bashing and bloodying his opponent. Not to mention he most likely needs to knock him out to receive a draw.

“Bigtime" Timmy's new 140 pound tournament proposal

Recently Gary Shaw let the world though he proposed a Super Six like tournament for the 140 pound division to HBO and they loved the idea. Too bad Golden Boy didn't and considering 3 of the potential fighters are Golden Boy fighters the tournament plans were scrapped. Shaw proposed the tournament consist of Timothy Bradley, Devon Alexander, Amir Khan, and either Juan Manuel Marquez or Marcos Mediana.

Well my Super Six like tournament would have the same rules as the Super Six but the winner is also not forced to retire. My combatants would be Jose Luis Castillo, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Nate Campbell, Joel Casamayor, and the loser of Marquez-Diaz. Why not? This gives the opportunity to make a true underdog story. Six fighters at the end of their career battling it out for the right to fight and to be in title contention one more time. This is a sure fire payday for HBO. Mr. Greenburg if you use my idea I will be expecting a % of profit made.


Mosley-Mora September 18th on PPV?

Khan may not return to the ring until a proposed December 11th fight date.

Nonito Donaire is debating on moving up in weight to get big fights possible with either Marquez or Juanma.


Antonio Tarver announced Saturday he will be making a return as a heavyweight!

Bert Cooper stopped Corey Winfield in the 7th round during his return last Friday.

Chad Dawson vs. Jean Pascal is now for the Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight Title.

Shawn Porter will be facing Ray Robinson on the 7/16 ShoBox card.

Questions or comments for “Bigtime” Timmy Kudgis he can be reached at TKudgis614@yahoo.com.

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