Fast Eddie Chambers: Looking to Conquer the Land of the Giants
By Joseph “The Mad Boxing Genius” Torres (Feb 8, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
There was a time (seems so very long ago) when boxing fans were looking for the next great American heavyweight to challenge the Brothers’ Klitschko and take the title back to America. At this stage of the game, fans are now simply looking for any heavyweight of any nationality that can legitimately challenge them and give us a good scrap. But, don’t tell that to top contender Eddie Chambers.

“Fast Eddie” as they call him, is one of the young and leading American heavyweight contenders at 28 years old. He wants to do great things and step one is to take the championship back to the United States.

If you recall, Eddie Chambers already had an opportunity almost one year ago in Germany to challenge the recognized heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko. Unfortunately, despite a game effort, Eddie was knocked out in the twelfth and final round. This Friday, after a 1-year hiatus from the sport, he goes straight into an IBF title eliminator against Derric Rossy, a man he’s already defeated once before.

You like many others are probably wondering, what will happen if the talented but undersized heavyweight gets another shot at Wladimir Klitschko, since he’s already tried and failed to climb that mountain once before?

I had the opportunity to speak with Eddie directly about some of these issues and he’s not talking like someone who had his shot and is ready to call it a day.

Eddie Chambers understands his dilemma and is not going to sit there and wait for things to happen, he’s taking action. Since his fight with Baby Brother Wlad, he has been in serious talks with Emanuel Steward to bring him on board as a consultant to the camp and to add a few things that will help him improve.

Emanuel Steward, having a reputation as a “hired gun” gets hired for a reason… he produces results! And what makes this pairing so interesting is that one year ago, it was his job to stop Eddie from winning the title from Wladimir. Now, in some small way, it’ll be his job to help him win it. However, according to Eddie, there will be no conflict of interest. He doesn’t believe by the time he’s earns another shot at the title that Wladimir Klitschko will be around. However, if the Ukrainian is still around, Eddie doesn’t care, he’d rather it be that way.

“I don’t want to be one of those guys where it just happens to be the greats retired and there’s a belt available and I fought a guy who wasn’t up to my standards and I got a belt so I’m the guy.”

But he does realize that in order to beat someone as big, strong and as talented as a Klitschko, some adjustments are in order and that is why Emanuel is coming in. But first things first, he has to take care of Derric Rossy and he plans to do just that this Friday.

Although he’s taken a shot at glory once already, his confidence makes it’s hard for one not to believe that he won’t one day covet the undisputed title, whether he has to take it from the Klitschko’s or not. A man for all intent purposes who should be in the cruiserweight division, not only has great talent but great ambition. He knows he can go down to the cruiserweight division and be “the man”. But, he feels that would be expected of him which is why he’s been a career heavyweight. He wants to do what’s not expected of him and be a great fighter not just another fighter. For a man who is willing to go into the fire yet again, where there are fighters in the land of the giants whom haven’t even had one go around with either Klitschko, he’s already not “just another fighter

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