Wladimir Klitschko vs Sam Peter Breakdown and Prediction
By Joseph “The Mad Boxing Genius” Torres (Sept 10, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)  
A little over six years ago, Wladimir Klitschko was only two fights removed from a possible career ending fight against Lamon Brewster when he stepped into the ring with Samuel Peter. On September 24, 2005, despite being decked three times, Klitschko won a controversial decision which became the foundation of his success over the last five years. For Samuel Peter, since that heartbreaker loss, he has had a mix of highs and lows. His biggest high came when he won the WBC title and lowest of the low came with a two fight losing streak that had him quit on his stool by none other than big brother Vitali Klitschko and then a decision loss to Eddie
Chambers right after.

Since then, Peter has been on a bit of a roll winning all of his last four fights. On September 11th, the rematch is upon us. Will this be a repeat performance for “Dr. Steelhammer” or will it be revenge for the “Nigerian Nightmare”.

Klitschko’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Size is an obvious given for the 6’6 1/2, 245 pound Ukrainian. However, he’s not just brawn and no brain. He’s matured as a fighter, a smart boxer and has momentum on his side. It also doesn’t hurt to have legendary trainer/manager Emmanuel Steward whispering in your ear in between rounds.

Despite all the dominating success he’s had lately, he’ll always have a less than cast ironed jaw. If you touch him, especially with the kind of power Samuel Peter possesses, the “punchers chance” rule will always be in effect.

Being so dominant for such a long period of time could hurt him more than help him if this ends up being a “tougher than expected” fight. He could very well go in thinking this is an easy fight. Even the normally modest Emmanuel Steward has gone on record saying that he believes his charge will lower the bomb and take Peter out within five or six rounds. If Klitschko finds himself in a dog fight, the type of fights he hasn’t faired too well in, we have to wonder if he’ll fold as he’s done many times before.

Klitschko’s best chance to win is to fight tall, keeping his jab in Peter’s face and sneak in a right hand on the outside and unload uppercuts if Peter manages to get inside. This could be a very easy win if he decides to fight smart and safe as he’s done for the last several years.

Samuel Peter Strengths and Weaknesses

Peter is big, strong and powerful. He too has a little bit of momentum on his side and a chip on his shoulder. Believing that he should have won the decision many years ago against Klitschko, he’s vowed a knockout victory and he looks like he means it!

Although Peter is on a roll as of late the quality of his opposition have been mediocre at best. Despite Klitschko’s domination over his opponents, they’ve been the best opponents the heavyweight division has to offer. The question is whether or not Peter is at the level where he can compete against a sharp fighter in Wladimir Klitschko.

It’s no secret what Peter has to do. He’s not going to outbox Klitschko so he’ll have to turn the fight into a brawl, again, the type of fight Klitschko has proven he can’t handle and catch him flush.

The Result

I would say that Emmanuel Steward’s prediction of a 5th or 6th round knockout is pretty accurate. Klitschko’s jab and footwork will keep slow plodding Peters at bay, sneaking in a right hand or powering it through is guard. At the end of the day, the point is Klitschko has become a better fighter since their first meeting. Peter on the other hand has not.

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