12 Rounds with Mike Silver - Mayweather, Pacquiao, Hopkins, Malignaggi and Much More
By David Tyler, DoghouseBoxing (May 14, 2010)  
Please welcome boxing historian Mike Silver back into the doghouse. Mike is the author of the best book ever published about boxing, "The Arc of Boxing" The Rise and Decline of the Sweet Science.

More about the book following the interview. Let's go twelve rounds with Mike Silver.

David Tyler - Your initial impression of the Mayweather/ Mosley bout?

Mike Silver -
Disappointment in both fighters.

DT - Do you think that Mayweather will ever fight Manny Pacquiao?

MS -
Only if Pacquiao is really not on the juice.

DT - The best fighter that you ever interviewed?

MS -
Archie Moore.

DT - The best fighter in the sport today?

MS -
The savviest fighter is Bernard Hopkins but he is way past his prime. Today the best is Mayweather.

DT - Your favorite boxer active today?

MS -
Paul Malignaggi.

DT - Through the long history of boxing, who would you consider the best trainer?

MS -
Jack Blackburn, Charley Goldman, or Hymie Cantor.

DT - The best fight that you have ever seen, live or on tape?

MS -
Kid Chocolate vs. Tony Canzoneri.

DT - The single best punch you have seen in a fight?

MS -
That's an easy one....The most perfect punch in the history of boxing is Sugar Ray Robinson's left hook that knocked out Gene Fullmer.

DT - If you could pick a fighter from today and match him against a fighter from the Glory Days, which fighters would you pick?

MS -
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Henry Armstrong.

DT - What rule change would you most want to see in boxing?

MS -
No fights go beyond ten rounds because fighters today are just not taught defense. Ten rounds would lower the amount punishment that fighters take today.

DT - What annoys you most about boxing today?

MS -
The lack of good trainers.

DT - The worse decision in a fight?

MS -
The first Evander Holyfield / Lennox Lewis fight.

DT - Other than your masterpiece "The Arc of Boxing" what boxing book would you recommend to our readers?

MS -
"Beyond Glory: Joe Louis versus Max Schmeling and a World on the Brink" by David Margolick. Like my book, it's a masterpiece!

DT - Will boxing ever make a comeback?

MS -
I never say never because it's wrong to give up hope. But I would say a comeback is not in the sports near future.

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David Tyler

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