12 Rounds with Justin Fortune on Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Much More!
Interview by David Tyler, DoghouseBoxing (May 26, 2010)  
Please welcome boxing trainer Justin Fortune into the doghouse. Justin owns Fortune's gym in Hollywood. A former Heavyweight contender who once fought Lennox Lewis for the championship. He has trained numerous boxing champions including a stint with Manny Pacquiao as his strength and conditioning coach. Let's go twelve rounds with Justin.

David Tyler - Your impression of the Mayweather/ Mosley fight?

Justin Fortune - Bad fight because Mosley never showed up.

DT - If that had been Manny Pacquiao who connected with those punches in the second round, would he have finished Mayweather?

JF -
Of course he would have tried but I don't think Manny can get a shot on Floyd that clean. That's the first time I have ever seen anyone drop a good shot on Mayweather. I still have never seen anyone land a combination on him.

DT - Did it surprise you that Mayweather recovered so quickly after round two that he was able to dominate the rest of the fight?

JF -
He actually recovered enough to dominate the last minute of the second round. I was not surprised because he is in great condition.

DT - The best fighter in the sport today?

JF -
It's got to be Mayweather or Manny and everyone's waiting to see who's best.

DT - The hardest working fighter you have ever trained?

JF -
Israel Vasquez.

DT - Who is the best trainer you have worked with in the sport?

JF -
George Bracken, another Australian trainer.

DT - The best punch you have ever seen in a boxing match?

JF -
When Mike Tyson hit Marvin Frazier who was on the way down and the punch, a left hook, stood him back up.

DT - Which boxing match can you watch over and over again?

JF -
I watched the Gatti/ Ward fights many times and also Vasquez/ Marquez fights often. Hard to pick just one.

DT - If you could take a present day fighter and match him up against a fighter from the glory days, what fighters would you pick?

JF -
Nobody from today. The fighters from the glory days would punish today's fighters. They fought so often...they had to be tough. I don't see that in today's fighters.

DT - If you had the power to change a rule in boxing what would you change?

JF -
Probably go back to 15 rounds for the championship. 15 rounds separates the men from the boys.

DT - What's the worse decision you have ever seen in a boxing match?

JF -
Tons of them. Probably Jeff Fenech vs. Azumah Nelson. That stands out and so does the first Holyfield/ Lewis fight.

DT - When you worked as Manny Pacquiao's strength and conditioning coach, what made him so special?

JF -
His recuperative power is absolutely amazing.

DT - Do you think we will ever have a Mayweather/ Pacquiao fight?

JF -
There is just too much to agree on for this to happen. There will always be money or blood testing or something else will surface. There is too much money in this fight and both camps are too greedy.

Readers: To learn more about Justin Fortune and his Hollywood gym, visit www.fortunegym.com.

David Tyler

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