12 Rounds with Bob Papa on Mayweather, Pacquiao, Khan, Ray Leonard, Frazier/ Ali and Much More!
Interview by David Tyler, DoghouseBoxing (May 28, 2010)  
Please welcome into the doghouse, boxing's best "Blow by Blow" announcer who just happens to work for the best television network overall.....HBO. Bob handles HBO's very popular "Boxing After Dark" matches. Let's go 12 rounds with Bob Papa.

David Tyler - Your overall impression of the Mayweather/ Mosley fight ?

Bob Papa - Predictable, it went the way I thought it would play out.

DT - Your overall impression of the Amir Khan/ Paulie Malignaggi fight ?

BP -
Predictable, it played out like I thought it would and the experts were correct about Khan being one of the best at 140 pounds.

DT - Will Mayweather and Pacquiao ever fight?

BP -
Too much money for it not to happen.

DT - The best fight you ever called?

BP -
Micky Ward and Emanuel Burton-----War in New Hampshire!

DT - The best fight you have ever seen?

BP -
Tough question....Let's go with the Frazier/ Ali first fight and a close second would be Ali/Norton at Yankee Stadium.

DT - Your favorite boxer working today?

BP -
Anybody at 140 pounds.

DT - The best punch you have ever seen?

BP -
The Holyfield/ Douglas fight. It would be the right hand by Holyfield that knocked out Douglas. Douglas had just missed a lead uppercut. The punch gave Holyfield the undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World. I may be partial because I called that fight in 1990.

DT - What current fight would you most want to see happen?

BP -
Everyone wants to see Mayweather and Pacquiao, same with me but I would also like to see a match between Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander.

DT - What fight have you seen on video that you could watch over and over again?

BP -
Hagler/ Hearns.

DT - If you could take a fighter from today and match him against a fighter from the glory days who would be the boxers?

I would like to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight Ray Leonard in his prime.

DT - Will boxing ever return to its glory days?

BP -
I don't think boxing has left the glory days, it's just more global.

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David Tyler

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