The Wizard of WildCard - Part II Interview with Freddie Roach (Freddie's All Time Top 10 P4P!)
By David Tyler, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 13, 2009)  
Renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach answered the reader’s questions in part one (see link provided below) of this interview. Previously Freddie had given us his P4P rankings among active boxers. Now he will let us have a peek at his all time P4P rankings.

David Tyler – Freddie, we had great success with your P4P list in a previous article. Would you be willing to give us your all time P4P list?

Freddie Roach –
Lets go for it. Write them down in case I change the order.

1.Joe Louis – Textbook fighter, combinations, short punches, if you wanted to go by the book, he was the perfect fighter.

2.Sugar Ray Robinson – Could do every thing, way ahead of his time. He invented the pound for pound ratings.

3.Henry Armstrong – Unstoppable, fought in four or five weight divisions, unbelievable challenger.

4.Ruben Oliveras - 81 – 0 at one time with 79 knockouts. The greatest finisher of all time. If he hurt you it was over.

5.Rocky Marciano – Greatest puncher of all time. Resilient, tough, very small heavyweight with lots of balls.

6.Muhammad Ali – Some may question this but he would have beat Joe Louis in a fight because of his natural ability this will usually take over a textbook fighter. He was just unbelievable, he did everything wrong but he got away with it.

7.Willie Pep – Willie the wiz could win a fight without throwing a punch, great head movement, just one of the purest boxers of all time.

8.Salvador Sanchez - One of the great Mexican fighters of all time. In the middle of his greatest could have been a multiple champion, could really fight. I just love watching him.

9.Mike Tyson – Could knock out a lot of guys in any era, great, exciting, the kind of fighter other fighters enjoyed watching.

10.Sugar Ray Leonard – Could fight in any era, five time world champion, gold medalist, big heart, a complete fighter.

Readers, agree or disagree with Freddie’s list of all time boxers? Please e-mail me at with your favorite fighters and I will get Freddie’s opinion of them.

I personally enjoy the e-mails from the doghouse boxing readers. Do you want to continue with the Freddie Roach interviews? Tell me what kind of boxing articles get your attention. What kind do you fall asleep reading? It’s your opinions that I’m after because you are the audience.

It’s been a lot of fun interviewing Freddie Roach and I can’t say enough how much I love talking boxing to the fans via e-mails.

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David Tyler

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