Interview with Freddie Roach: Freddie Is MAD!
By David Tyler, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 27, 2009)  
Trainer extraordinaire, Freddie Roach does train other prize fighters, not just Manny Pacquiao. One of his fighters is heavyweight prospect Brian Minto who recently beat Donnell Holmes on August 14, 2009 in Butler, PA. The fight was stopped after four rounds because of an accidental head butt as ruled by the referee. The Holmes camp challenges the referee’s decision and feels that the cut was caused by a punch. Let’s see what Freddie thinks:

David Tyler – Freddie have you seen the press release about the Minto/ Holmes fight?

Freddie Roach –
No, David can you read it to me?

I read the press release which you can find at the following link: Click Here (Opens in New Window)

FR: That’s all bullcrap. I’ve seen this poop before. The guy lost the fight now he has some lawyer put together a video clip trying to prove that the cut was caused by a punch.

DT: What happened?

FR: During the fourth round Brian suffered a cut above his left eye. Blood was dripping into the eye?

DT: It was not from a punch?

FR: No, the referee clearly told everyone involved that the cut was a result from an accidental head butt.

DT: What happen at the end of the fourth?

FR: I asked my fighter what happened. He told me the cut was from a head butt. Our cut man was having trouble stopping the bleeding which was dripping directly into Brian’s left eye. I then asked Brian how bad was it affecting his vision? He said he couldn’t see out of that eye. I then called the ring doctor and he concurred that the cut was bad enough to stop the fight.

DT: The press release said that Brian quit because he was taking a beating from Holmes.

FR: That’s total bull#$%^%!!!!!!! Brian won all four rounds easily. That’s a fact, not my opinion. Check the judges score cards.

DT: Did they review the tapes?

FR: Yes, that night and the next day the commission ruled that there was not conclusive evidence to overturn the referee’s decision. I have not seen the video evidence in the press release from Holmes but you can bet it was put together by professionals that skew the fight toward Holmes. Did the commission order this?

DT: No

FR: You take any fight out there and pull some highlights, make a video that would support any fighter. The whole round needs to be viewed from different angles. Sure, a punch could have opened the cut up after the head butt. This is not the NFL where you have different camera angles to view. The rules clearly state that the evidence must be conclusive beyond doubt before the ref’s decision can be overturned.

DT: Anything else?

FR: Yes, please run my response on doghouseboxing!!!!!

DT: You got it.

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