King Arthur Abraham Interview on SHOWTIME Super Six, Jermain Taylor, Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya and much More!
By David Tyler, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 15, 2009) Photo © Howard Schatz  
King Arthur Abraham is preparing for this Saturday’s first bout in the Showtime Supermiddle weight tournament against Jermain Taylor. He agreed to enter the doghouse for a brief interview. Many thanks to Michael Buffer and Johannes Berendt for making this happen.

David Tyler – Champ, tell us how you got interested in boxing?

Arthur Abraham –
I used to be a professional cyclist; I was even a junior champion in Germany. I really wanted to do something different. My hero was Mike Tyson and I wanted to be just like him, in the ring, not like him outside the ring. He inspired me to try my luck at boxing. That’s why I name all my pets, Mike Tyson, dogs and cats.

DT – Champ, how did you develop your unique defensive style or did you pattern it after another fighter.

AA –
No, I did not pattern the style after another fighter, I would just say that my style developed over time. I realized that I could protect myself and study my opponent at the same time. I challenge my opponent a little from this style. When I’m ready, then I start!

DT – Up to now the defining fight in your boxing career was the first Miranda fight. Describe your feelings & pain during the fight.

AA –
I don’t have very good memories of that fight. It was very painful the entire fight after my jaw was broken but a man has to be able to defy pain, especially a true champion. Many people wanted me to quit and they can’t understand why I continued to fight. I would never allow him to take my title away from me.

DT – Champ, how do you feel about the upcoming Showtime Super Middleweight tournament?

AA –
I think this is a great idea and I am thrilled just to be part of an event of this level of competition. I also say that it is an honor to open the tournament against such a great fighter like Jermain Taylor. This tournament is simply the best fight the best and I hope that by May 2011, I will be a star in America!

DT – Champ, you mentioned Jermain Taylor as your first opponent, your thoughts.

AA –
Jermain Taylor is a living legend, a very tough competitor and former world champion. He will be prepared and bring his best efforts but he will not be able to beat me.

DT – Is there anyone in this tournament that you will have problems beating?

AA –

DT – Champ, after winning this tournament what is the next accomplishment in your career?

AA –
I really want to fight big fights in America, like Mayweather or like De la Hoya before he retired. That’s why I wanted to be part of this tournament. The exposure, especially in America, will help me accomplish this goal.

DT – Who would you like to fight after this tournament?

AA –
I have not taken my thoughts past Jermain Taylor. Ask me again after the Super Middleweight tournament if finished.

DT – Oscar has not listed you in his top ten pound for pound ratings, does that bother you?

AA –
No, because I have not had the international exposure like some fighters on his magazine’s list. But as this tournament moves along, I will get more respect.

DT – So fight fans can look forward to seeing more of King Arthur Abraham in America.

AA –
Yes, that’s true.

DT – Champ, thank you very much for taking the time from you busy training schedule for this interview. I wish you the best of luck in this Saturday’s fight against Jermain Taylor and throughout the tournament!

AA –
Thank you very much and tell all my fans in America that I very much appreciate their support.

Readers: I once again ask you to e-mail me with your predictions about the Showtime Super Middleweight Tournament. I’m picking King Arthur all the way. Agree, disagree, I’m anxious to hear from you.

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